com and use my code dtdg for five percent off via the link in the description, ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to another fallout 76 video on the channel. In literally like two years now, we are getting the new steel ring update and in this video i’m, going to go over 11 changes all of title, the 10 and that are coming in, which are massive changes very like cool stuff, to look forward to i’m. Going to be covering all of it in this video, so stay tuned. If you enjoy make sure you hit that like button and of course, if you’re new around here, i want to keep up to date with everything fallout 76, whether it’s news camp builds whatever. It is make sure to subscribe now, let’s jump straight into today’s, video, so coming in with steel rain. One of the awesome new things is the new weapon called the pepper shake, and now, unfortunately, i don’t think this is actually gon na be straight in the game and we are gon na have to wait for meat week, but it is quite a fun weapon, as You can see to use it’s not as fantastic as we thought it was going to be, though, because they are taking away the explosive effect which i currently have running on this character, which you can say when i shoot and stuff you know, but yeah. So this awesome explosive effect will be no more once the update finally comes out because they realize it would be too overpowered.

Obviously, this is on a build that isn’t, optimized and stuff. Otherwise, these will be getting absolutely destruct right now, so yeah ignore that, but either way it’s an awesome, new weapon and exciting one to come out into the game, and that brings us to the next point as well. Since you know, since i’m, in the area, this is a new location which is getting added into the game, called the metal, dome and it’s right here, just north of where fort atlas is right there. This is meant to be a new event, that’s also coming into the game, um something to do with the brotherhood. I did a whole video on it if you want to go check that out, i’ll link it somewhere in this video or something like that, and you guys can go and check it out. But quick brief thing. Basically, you come here and these things spawn robots in them and you’ve got to defend certain people against it and yeah let’s say if you want to know more on that check out the video, but this is the cool new location, a bad thing about this location, Though is which is another point, and that is we’re going to be losing the location where people can put down their camps or possibly lose the location it’s not completely guaranteed yet because, as you can actually see, if i switch out to here and look, you can’t Build all the way up here where you used to be able to build, but once you get so far away from the metal dome hold on a minute, did it change this again? Oh no! There you go so you can get your camp here which is right below it, but, like i said in the video where i did uh announcing this we’re, not sure if this is going to be exactly the same, when the game gets released, uh where the update Gets released but for the moment in the pds, as you can see, you can still build here.

However, if you see a placed your camp down here and it’s right there, your calm is probably going to get destroyed, so be very careful and it’s completely up to you really. If you want to risk that now, along with that location, we’re also going to be possibly losing this way, we will be losing this location, which is down. Ah, where am i there? I am uh harper’s very right here on the bridge. Basically, you used to be able to build like a bunker style building here, but, as you can see over here, there is a new entrance which leads you to the harbors ferry tunnel now. For this reason, this bit is not going to be able to be buildable. As you can see, you cannot place your camp here. You used to be able to place it. Just all right. Man settle down i’m trying to record a bloody video. A lot two minutes guys there you go jesus right now that thing’s bloody dead. Where was i right? Yeah? Basically right, we were up there weren’t. We so you can’t place your camp here at all. Basically uh you can’t get it just up here, which literally gives you the barrier just there, which i don’t understand if there would like this is the thing that makes me feel like these aren’t permanently in place. I feel like when the update comes out. This is going to be pushed back, maybe to the bridge, because technically, if you wanted to be a griefer, you could literally place your campaign block up the entrance there and stop people from doing the steel ring quest lines so that’s.

Why? I feel like it’s, going to change and yeah we’re, just gon na have to wait and see until july, the seventh, when the update comes out. One big change. That i’m, particularly looking forward to, is finally gon na, be able to sell and drop these florida flame. A grenade, well, obviously, you can drop them, but you’re gon na be able to sell them to vendors and stuff and give them to players as well, whereas at the moment let’s say: if we wanted to drop it, it literally cannot be dropped. It just destroyed it. So, looking forward to that one nice little kind of simple change, but you know why i wasn’t here in the first place i haven’t got a clue but yeah never mind there’s, also a new way. The legendary vendor so wait not legendary vendor, but basically a gold bullion vendor, where the way this one’s called minerva and it can spawn over at the creator foundation and also for atlas, giving you discounts on gold, bullion and, i believe daily ops rewards as well. Let me double check all of that and go over what we would have said so here on bethesda’s website. This is what this year in the pbs update log new vendor minerva, a blue ridge caravan merchant near me, nerva just arrived in appalachia and she’s, ready to trade, a selection of coveted items in unplugged corporate item plans in exchange for your gold bullion. The items that minerva has available will rotate regularly so be sure to check in with her whenever she’s in town.

Her wares include gold bullion plans that are normally only available from other gold, bullion vendors or by completing daily ops. Minerva is no slouch, though, when it comes to making sales and she wants your business, so she’s offering a discount on gold bullion plans so that you’ll buy from her directly so she’s gon na be selling them cheaper than everyone else so definitely worth checking out. If you’re missing some plans or just want to see what she has available realistically minerva’s visits will last for a few days at a time, but she will return to appalachia each week to strike up new deals with any dwellers who want to buy her camp. Please note starting may 17th in the pds, uh it’ll be monday, wednesday, bloody blah. We don’t know that but yeah new vendor called minerva and while we’re on this, this takes us to our next point. So also in this update, we are getting a new change to currencies and in the currency, change cap’s limit is getting increased from 30 000 up to 40 000, as well as this gold bullion is getting changed from 200 a day to 400 a day and also The actual gold bullion budget type of thing, like the cup, where you can have up to 5 000 that’s, getting changed to 10 000.. Why there’s a limit i’m, not sure but there’s a limit? Also in this there’s also going to be script where your daily vendor cup has been increased from 150 to 300, and the total budget for this has been increased from 1 000 to 5, 000.

Very nice, indeed, going on to the next point as well. We have legendary weapon at review changes, so you will probably have seen this dot around somewhere. This has been a big kind of news, update for a lot of reasons, and here are some of the changes that are being made to legendary effects. So assassins is getting increased from a 10 bonus to humans to a plus 50 damage bonus, which is huge for the pvp community, and it is also a giant bloody bonus that is from 10 to 50 percent insane now, berserkers also has removed the damage debuff when Damage resistance is 80 or higher the damage buff, when damage resistance is between 1 and 60 has been slightly reduced, and now, if you’re like me and you’ve, just listened to me, say that you’re probably having a clue what that means, because neither do i never mind. Exterminates has been increased as well from 30 percent to 50 percent, still completely useless and scrap weapons script weapons even ghoul slayers has been increased from 30 to 50 percent, either girl slayer’s explosive handmade once, and that was a lot of fun, especially when you farm in Places like white springs, so not the worst. I suppose hunters has also been increased. From 30 to 50., mutants has been increased from plus five percent per um actual mutation rather than just a standard. I think plus five percent, which it was now it’s, plus five percent per mutation up to a maximum of 25 percent, make the mutants weapons a lot more powerful.

Also on top of this, we’ve got mutant slayers, which increases the damage to suit mutants from 30 to 50.. Nocturnal has been uh well had its deer time, debuff removed and nighttime damage. Buff has been increased, which is a really really big thing because, obviously before you could only use these for half of your game time, whereas now you can use these all the time and you get even bigger bonus, although they don’t say what bonus it gets, but It says their nighttime damage buff has been increased whatever. That means, whatever number they’ve come up with, i don’t know, but we’ll have to wait and see then going on suppresses damage. Reduction applied to the target has been buffed from twenty percent for three seconds to twenty. Five percent for five seconds troubleshooters has also been increased, which is really good, especially if you enjoy running silos and that’s gone from 30 to 50 and also it’s really good as well for the daily ops. So happy about that. Zealots has also been increased from 30 to 50 as well so there’s. Another awesome thing coming into the game now, on top of that, we also have some new legendary armor and power armor attributes that have been added into the game – and these are all of these ones listed here. So we’ve got aristocrats which is being added in which is energy and damage resistance increase, as your caps increase up to a maximum of plus 20 damage for each resistance.

Uh may not damage plus 20 resistance for each um resistance at 29, 000 caps. Sorry, i can’t read power armor maximum of plus 35 for each resistance when you have over 29 000 caps and heavy hang on what aristocrats, which increases that the more caps you have and on power, armor don’t, know they’ve done this terribly, but power armor you get Plus five plus 35 on each resistance when you’ve got 29 000 caps we’ll ignore these ones right here, the heavyweight one because they haven’t decided in a bit i’m looking at right now, i will double check and see if they finalized it, but there’s also overheaters, which Increases your damage reduction up to six percent, as you fill your hunger and first meters, there’s, also a couple of ones here, which is glutens, which hunger and first grows 10 percent slower. This affects stacks to a maximum of 50 percent complete waste of time. Fireproof has also been added as a two star, legendary effect, which is pretty fantastic to be fair, considering that is like a perk. Maybe that’ll save us using the perk if we have it on our armor and hardy is another one received 10 percent less damage from explosives, which is basically the fireproof perk and also warming, which is plus 25 cryo resistance good for daily ops to be fair, then Freestyle legendary attributes, we’ve got doctors, stim parks, runaways and red x are five percent, more effective burning, which is a five percent chance to deal 100 fire damage to melee attackers electrified, which is five percent chance to deal 100 energy damage to a melee attacker frozen, which Is the same but cryo damage and toxic, which is the same with poison and there’s another one called dissipating which slowly regenerates radiation damage when you’re out of combat now some of these are also effective on legendary weapon weapons, as you can see here, which is the Aristocrats damage increases as caps increase, so you get plus a maximum of plus 50 percent damage when you’re at 29 000 caps, which is a huge bonus, we’ve also got juggernauts, which is damage increases, as health increases, so it’s like the opposite of bloodied, which is insane Or it seems insane you imagine, a stealth juggernaut build like that would be mud um heavyweight.

This attribute is still working. Progress will ignore heavyweight, again goldman’s, which is damage increases, as you fill your hunger in first meters, so the more you’re full and non thirsty or hydrated, i should say that’s that makes sense the more damage you do. There’S also a couple here, which is a two star last shot. The final round in a magazine has a 25 chance to deal twice the amount of damage and single shots like black powder rifle cannot spawn with last shot. I had an accident there, so you know i accidentally pressed back on my mouse, so we’re going to try and carry on where we were um steady. You get a plus 25 damage, while standing still inertial, which replenishes 15 action points with each kill that you make and then on. Freestyle legendary attributes, a new one’s being added called ghost, which means attack that hits enemies. Each have a 10 chance to generate a stealth field, not really something i’m not bothered by, but we’ll ignore it there’s also in last week’s inside the vault. They also give us a little bit of an updated thing here. Some of them are the ones we’ve. Just read out, although there is one like the enhanced vats has been updated. I didn’t see this in the um list that we just read through, and this has increased the vat’s hit chance from plus 33 to plus 50 percent, so pretty nice one there and i think the rest we’ve just all read through just a minute ago.

So nothing crazy involved in them ones. Okay, another huge uh thing that has been added into the game is legendary weapon. Modding now, as you can see here, i’ve just crafted a standard war glove just to show how this works and you go on to modern, uh modifying it and there’s a new legendary mod added in here, as you can see, and jesus christ. I haven’t been on this account in a while look how many legendary calls and modules they’ll give me bloody hell right. So what you can do now is you can go if you want to craft a one star, two star free star, you select it obviously don’t waste. Your time. Excuse me on these two here just score three star and literally all you got ta do is do that and you get this cool animation on screen that they’ve added in as well, so we’ve got a junkies wall, glaive with limb damage and reduced weight, and now, If you want to do it because it did fix it as well, since i did a video on this now it doesn’t kick you off the workbench every time, so you can just keep doing this there. So we’ve got juggernauts warglib now, and this thing is just i love it. I love this animation on the left hand, side of the screen, and you can do this for like pretty much any weapon. So if we go back and switch to switch to craft – and we go – i don’t know that’s.

What can i craft tonight? What plans does this account go off, um machine guns? Can we go to fixer and just to prove it did i go past the fixer? Oh, is it not got the fix? I have a fixer right, so let’s go fix that level 50 craft one of them and then all we want to do is switch to modify, go to the legendary fixer and literally there you go get crafting away. We’Ve just made a nocturnal that’s critical hits do 50 damage and 15 faster reload fixer, just like that. Like boom, you want to change it, you do it again. Now we just got a vampire’s damage, while aiming them faster movement speed, while airmen and it’s literally as easy as that, like look, you just keep pressing it over and over again, we just got what’s up and aristocrats damage, while airman that’s critical meter fills faster, like It’S literally so easy to do so fast and it’s going to be awesome. Having this feature in the game, i think now, then so, if i switch over to modify this is another awesome feature that’s been added in, and this is legendary power armor. Something we’ve wanted in the game for so long and look it’s just as easy as the um one that we’ve just done on the weapons and it’s literally look bolstering boom. Just that we’ve got a bolstering piece. We go down to the left leg. We switch over the legendary mod boom.

Do it again. We go to vanguards. Yes, they don’t go together, but that’s not the point. The point is i’m, showing you how easy it is to do this like look at that boom, another one mutant, slayers and it’s. Just something that we’ve wanted for so long you can’t get unyielding, though they did remove unyielding. So you can’t have unyielding power armor, but you know it is what it is i’m not going to complain about that anymore, because i don’t really care it would have been nice, but it is what it is: it’s not worth sweating over it or getting upset over. So yeah that’s what it is, but yeah nice and easy lots of stuff to look forward to coming up in the next update of fallout 76 coming july. The 7th, i hope, you’re all excited i am and yeah another little note actually before we quickly end is when you actually go onto the scoreboard. So i don’t know if you can actually how you view it or if you’ve got a weight um but basically you’ve got all the tiers of the scoreboard goes all the way around and you complete it at level 100 right here and then once you actually complete Level 100: it keeps on going this time so for the first time ever, you’re not limited to 100 levels in the scoreboard. So after it goes past this point you’re meant to be able to unlock stuff like consumables.

They even said atoms, which is absolutely insane. I don’t know how often you’d earn atoms, but it is an amazing thing that they’re actually adding atoms like this brings back the tears. And how long have we all been asking for like when you complete it at level 100 we’ve been seeing, for god knows how long please give us like daily challenges, rewarding atoms like the old days, because it just it was horrendous when you completed it like there’s. No reason to play anymore when you’ve got a rank 100. So now there is, there is still a reason to play and it’s going to keep us all entertained for a long time. So there you go guys there’s a bunch of stuff. I don’t know how many points i just came up with added in, i will have missed some. I will have like not included all of the awesome stuff coming in this update, but it’s just basically give you an idea of some of the stuff that’s coming in with this update, because there is loads of stuff and it is awesome and obviously don’t forget the New steel, green dlc is coming in this update as well, so a new storyline enjoy a new scoreboard. Lots of new features, new weapons coming in, hopefully, when meat week comes about next month. I think it is when it comes in loads of stuff to come in so hope you guys enjoy if you enjoyed this video hit the like button for me and, of course guys if he’s new don’t forget to subscribe.

Thank you all for watching and i’ll see you later bye.