Our tale of the tape for this heavyweight fight four years, the difference in age between these two fighters, with some differences in height, but big differences in reach. Here once more. Ladies and gentlemen, this Music is of the evening and when the action begins, our referee in charge her dean and now this is the moment. Ufc fans around the world have been waiting for live from the sold out madison square garden arena in new york city five rounds in the usc heavyweight division fighting out of the blue corner. This man is a kickboxer making his professional debut here tonight. He stands six feet: three inches tall weighing in at 265 pounds fighting out of london, england, the king and now he’s raising his opponent fighting out of the red corner. This man is a mixed. Martial artist, holy professional record of 14 wins four losses. He stands five feet. Ten inches tall weigh in at 145 pounds fighting out of busan, south korea, you’ve been giving your instructions in the dressing room. Protect yourself at all times follow my instructions. You will have a clean fight touch gloves just make it efficient. They touch gloves and we are underweight well. There could be two better backdrops for a mixed. Martial arts live event than this madison square garden, the world’s most famous arena, as you remember, when we finally got here in 2016, we’ve been showing up strong ever since, because every time you go to msg, you should come with a big event.

This is a phenomenal whoa. Oh really using this reach advantage there with that punch dc, oh big, left and now he’s got that tie clinch we’ll see what he can do with it. Oh you wonder if the offensive fighter is going to start to get frustrated here. Most skipped on all these shots are getting blocked, they’re, getting blocked because he’s fighting one of the best defensive fighters in the ufc Applause; Music back to the jab. Now, no good single collar tie now. Oh, what a punch Music, the body Applause about his size advantage and he put it to good use there. Oh superman punch lands, big leg, kick land big punch land over the top how’s. He gon na. Follow this one. Oh blocks the shot, keep your hands up nice counter, jab up by the korean super bowl missed. With that right hand, oh man, look how quickly he gets that foot to the target. Applause. Beautiful leg, kick Applause! Oh, he might be out. He needs to start lifting the finish now, because he’s got his opponent, hurt very bad. He blocks the punch right, he’ll, engage in a single collar tie and they separate and that left hook landed on the button he’s, throwing every part of himself into these big leg. Kicks stuffs the tape down there, how good is his takedown defense? Oh spinning, back didn’t, see that one coming and look at. Oh, it was a good night if that landed, that strike will count.

Applause all right, single collar tie now back to the feet. Look at him whip his hip into that kick Applause 30 seconds now to go in the opening round. Applause first round winding down here: Applause, nice job by the bedroom, with a jab to the head, strong work on the feet by the korean all right. So he gets knocked down, but not out. Let’S. Look back at some of the highlights dc a huge round on the other side. He had him hurt very bad. He found the shot. He got exactly what he wanted when he saw the opening he jumped on it and he hurt his opponent very bad if he can get back to that one more time. He may end the night Applause good job, keeping that head off the center line slips to avoid the right hand, nice punch by the korean super bowl, oh and yet another knee finds the target. So a huge moment here now we’ll see if he can follow it up. Applause all right, so he’s landed some good shots. You hate to be overly critical, but nothing really in terms of combinations tonight. Well, the jab has been looking great, but how about jab jab right hand right, because eventually you’re gon na have to put something on your opponent. That’S gon na really make him pause. I believe the jab has been working so well. If he drops a big right hand after it, he may be able to finish his fight.

Oh, he landed a beautiful straight punch. There dc he’s got an edge in reach and certainly is making it count in this one. While confidence is all right, so he’s got the body locked down here dc, or so it appears. This is not a guy. You want anywhere near your back strong bottom work here. Staying busy operating inside the closed guard now all right. Well, both fighters pretty comfortable on the ground dc, but you got to be very careful hanging out here for too long. If you’re his opponent, oh reversal here, dc what a way to switch the position. Fantastic movement by the bottom, crazy accuracy and efficiency with these ground and pound strikes here and if you’re, the opponent you’ve got to intelligently, defend or the referee’s gon na stop and he landed the right hand there. Well, the body works starting to take its toll. Look at the redness starting to appear on his left side, starting to do some really significant damage to the body here. Another strike lands there. Applause, your back he’s, certainly doing so here, nice punch back to the feet now. Oh, he got him yeah. That was just a gorgeous shot to end the fight right. There i’m, not even sure the opponent really saw it coming so back to the drawing board for him, but for the winner, this is certainly exactly what he was looking for here tonight now, we’ll take a look back at the highlights.

You know we’re gon na find that nasty head kick somewhere in this highlight grip, just an incredible result for him here tonight. A very nice head kick to finish the fight, but don’t ignore all the work he did with his hands and give credit to the opponent. The opponent was in there every step of the way and in order to get a fight of the night like you got tonight, both guys have to be willing to participate. Ladies and gentlemen, referee herb dean is going to stop contests at two minutes 30 seconds of round number two declaring the winner, so the celebration is on with him and his team and rightfully so, a monumental result tonight as he gets the win by number. He spoke it into existence. He said over and over to anyone, that’ll listen. I am going to knock this man out.