I’Ve set some priorities in this video I’ve excluded those cars which have resale values Like cars from Hyundai and Maruti Suzuki Anyways. These brand’s cars don’t have good global NCAP ratings. Now, in this budget, you can easily find A segment. Cars Like Alto, Wagnon, R and kwid are easily available, But believe me, those cars are really compromised. On everything. From 3 cylinder vibrating engines to 3 lug nuts on wheels., you can find all price cutting Makeshifter technologies in these cars. I’ve only included only those cars in this list Which you can drive for at least next 5 to 8 years, Because we all know In India, a car can only be registered for 15years at most. and I’ve tried, add only those cars which have easily available parts and service Ford launched Figo in 2010, and this car belongs to the same category as swift. First of all, car’s driving dynamics are quite decent.. It is available with 1.2lt, petrol and 1.4lt diesel engines. Both engines are decently powerful enough. You can drive this car at high speeds with confidence. Another positive of this car is its built quality, where some cars can get dents by only standing with their support, whereas this car’s body is made up of a thick steel sheet. This results in fewer dents in small accidents. you won’t, find any rattling sounds from the interiors, too. and interior insulation of this car is also quite decent.. Car’S seats are comfortable with a good amount of support.

. This car’s width is 1680mm., which is really close to that of 2nd facelift swift.. So three people can sit behind with good comfort.. The mileage of this car is not that great. in petrol variant, assume the fuel economy of 10 12kmpl in the city and around 15kmpl on the highway.. This car is more suitable for those who are looking for performance in their vehicle. who don’t want to compromise on safety and dynamics and who are not bothered by its poor fuel economy.. These cars are replaced by Tata’s, newer models, Tiago and tigor., And i can bet these cars has better engines, then current tiago and tigor. How ill let you know further Now this car is here on this list, because I believe you cannot get a better deal than This. only in the budget of 3 hundred thousand rupees, you can find a 2016 model car. The best point of this car is its engines. It comes 1.2 lt, 89bhp revotron petrol engine, which is a turbocharged engine and its other engine is the same diesel engine because of which Maruti sold millions of cars. The 1.3lt multijet diesel engine.. Now its petrol engine is more refined than Tiago and tigor., Because this used to come with 4 cylinder units., whereas Tiago and tigor are pulled by 3 cylinders. and its power is also more than the current petrol engine. You can also find eco sports and city mods., Which even today, can only be found in more premium cars, and the most amazing thing is this: car has achieved 4 stars in adult safety ratings and for child safety.

It is 2 stars. Cars width is quite good. Hence accommodating three people at back won’t be an issue. The dashboard comes with a fresh look and there also is an infotainment touchscreen at the center. Not many people like its design and that could be a major reason for its bad sales figures.. Another con is TATA’s service, which is not the vehicle’s own issue, But most of the owners are not happy with TATA’s service. This car is really a good option for those who are looking for a car which is available at the budget of 2 to 3 lakhs rupees, and should also not be that old., Because under 3 lakh rupees, you can easily find the 2015 or 2016 year. Model.. Now this car is all about reliability. Toyota launched Etios and live as their entry level. Cars in India. Toyota launched this car in 4 other developing countries with India, it common for Toyota vehicles to retain their high resale values., but etios’ resale isn’t. That great – and this makes it a gem in the used cars market., because the concern of reliability issues are always attached with second hand cars, but this car can make your concern go. Away. Etios Liva is equipped with 1.2lt petrol and 1.4lt diesel engines and Etios also have a 1.5lt petrol engine. Option. All engines are really reliable. It is said that this car can reach 2.5 to 3 lakh kilometers with easy without much of a hassle.

. Its body is also decently solid, like previous cars on the list. This doesn’t hold too much damage in minor accidents and in global NCAP. Car has achieved 4 stars for adult’s safety and for the child’s safety it is 2 stars. it’s. Another plus point is its comfortable ride, quality which it archives because of its soft suspension and comfortable seats. Its width is also good, which makes rear seat passengers feel comfortable. There are some cons to this car like its design, which is not appreciated by much interiors. Also look outdated and bland and overall interior plastic quality is hard. The car also lacks features and its instrument cluster is at the center, which barely anyone likes.. This car is for those who don’t really care about features, but they are searching for a car which, even after being a user, can give reliability of a new one.. Punto is one of the most loved cars in the petrol heads’ community., as we all now fiat dosen’t opprate in India.. This has resulted in major drop in resale value of fiat vehicals in Indian market. So much that you can easily find 9 to 10 yo cars under 1 lakhs to 1.5 lakhs. But, as i said before, i want to disscuse about newer models in this video.. Now you can get 2 facelifts under 2 lakhs to 3 lakhs budget, the first gen and the punto evo. You should be able to get a pre facelift 2014 model in the 2 lakhs of budget and 2014 or 2015 punto Evo model should available at a price of 3 lakhs in good condition.

. I would only mention pro or cons of EVO, because it is a newer model and looks damn good. Specially in red car’s built qualtiy is really amezing. As a result, people started calling it tank., and there is another level of fan following for its design.. It’S driving dynamics are really good and high speed. Stability is also known to be good.. It comes with 1.2 lt petrol and its diesel engine is the same engine which comes in many cars of Maruti and TATA. Hence part reliability and part availability, shouldn’t be a concern. and FCA still operates in India.. You will love this car’s interior, and this is the case with both pre facelift and Evo.. The only con you can count is its mileage that too in petrol varient. That too, if you compare it with maruti cars., I don’t find any other con in this car. Driving enthusiasts will love this car and there is one positive that If you are looking for 10yo car, then you can easily find this in 1 lakhs to 1.5. Lakhs. Polo is all about perfomace, handeling and safety. I am not making this up. You can ask any polo owner. It was really important for polo to be present on this list, Because everyone knows how well this car performs. Now it’s, first positive, is obviously its performance handling its 1.2lt petrol engine gives the really good pickup. Also, i would advice you to buy this car in petrol.

Only this car has not received a proper facelift till date. car still looks the same as it used to look 10 years back., so it can be counted as its plus point. Car is really safe. Car has achived 4 stars in global ncap safety rating. You can see one example of this car’s safety in this video, where this car drops down from a flyover and its occupants are safe with injuries., but unfortunately, it drops on some lady who died at the location of the incident.. I request to everyone. Kindly drive their cars responsibly.. Usually this car is pretty much reliable For those who drive this car like a car, it doesn’t throw many tantrums on them, but if something went wrong with this car, then you will need to spend much more on its parts and service. In comparison to others in the same segment., it is a task to fit 3 grownups in the back seat and it also lacks rear legroom.. This is purely a driver focused car that lacks space inside, Hence for family. I would not consider this vehicle.. This car is more suitable for petrol heads Now. Here we have another tank in the house.. This car is one of my favorite cars on this list. This car is a looker. I don’t know about everyone, but you should agree with me that there is no other car in this list that looks this classic. There are quite many pros in this car.

First of all, car’s build quality is really amazing, like its sibling, punto car’s driving dynamics are again really good available. Engines are great performers, too. Car comes with the 1.4lt, petrol and 1.3lt diesel engine options. Car is spacious and comfortable too and it’s. The major plus point is, you are getting a full size C segment sedan for the price you cant even buy a proper car. Now I don’t find any major con of this, but if we nitpick, then there is only one fact that fiat has left India.. This is the best option for a family 5 people can accommodate in this car with easy, and there is an ample amount of space in the boot for luggage. Again, petrol heads choice in this list. Vento is really a drivers. Car with great built quality and looks are awesome too Now. This particular car has not been crash tested in India, But, as I mentioned before, polo has achieved 4 stars and we can consider it to be equivalent to that. In this car you will find 1.6lt petrol, 1.5lt diesel and a 1.2 lt petrol, engine. and performance of all engines are quite decent. Another pro of this car is its interior, ambiance and quality., which, even in this day and age, is better than other cars in this segment.. Everything inside this car feels premium another pro of this car. Is it doesn’t look outdated to date. It is because of 2 reasons 1st is Volkswagon, has not updated its design in last 10 years and 2nd is Volkswagon.

Keep the things geometrical in exterior design. Everything you will find in this car will have squarish and rectangular shapes.. Now there are some concerning problems in this car which one have to consider before buying., like its maintenance, is quite high, considered 12 to 15 thousand rupees of service charges on normal service. Its automatic DSG gearbox can also, through some problems., so consider buying a manual car. Only those who are looking for performance should buy this car One of the best looking cars you can find on the roads. Now this one could be a rear hunt, but I wanted to add this car because it excels everywhere weather it is design or drivability. This car started ford’s new design language in India, and today we can see it’s, Aston, martin, inspired grill in new Figo and aspire car again comes with the really solid built quality and by all means this car is a head turner, car’s interior looks really upmarket, even In this day and age, it is available with 1.5L petrol and 1.5L diesel engine. Its driving dynamics are really good, and if you compare it with other cars in this segment, you will love the handling and power of this car in 2013 Asian NCAP. This car has achieved full 5 stars in adult’s safety, but I don’t know whether it was of India, specification or not., but if in India ford can sell cars with international built quality, then they can keep the safety standards same.

As you know, this car was sold in India, very small amount and for a very short period of time, Because of this arranging its parts could be a time taking process. You have to pre order its parts from ford India. This car is especially for those who don’t want to compromise on driving dynamics and build quality. Now, definitely, this is car with multiple, As in the name, and this thing definitely justifies the company’s marketing campaign Driver bring the CAAAAAAAAR. This car is loaded with space and I believe this car offers one of the best value for your money. As a used car. The car has been tested in Asian NCAP, where it has achieved 4 stars for adult safety, but it could have poor results if tests were consulted in India., but still I am not quoting on that now. This car has no shortage of space. Rear legroom is really great and its total length is 4455mm. Its boot space is also quite decent, so I believe this is the best car for CNG installation. Even after installing the CNG cylinder, it is left with a good amount of space. The car used to comes with a 1.5 L petrol engine, which was able to return 17.3kmpl of ARAI claimed mileage and 1.5L DIESEL engine returns. 22.7Kmpl ARAI claimed mileage., which is good for its size.. Now, at which price point this used car is available. I don’t find any cons in this vehicle, but if you ask me one, it could be its design, but its solution is available.

You can search for Renault Scala, which is the same car with a different design from sunny. This is surely a family car. It is quite big in size, so please make sure there are no parking issues in your locality. Now this is the only D segment sedan on the list and that’s too. For a great reason. Usually, cars in this segment have poor resale value and its reason is expensive parts and service, but a story with corolla is a bit different. The corolla is a really reliable car and with nominal service cost and the best Toyota service. This car was able to make its way into this list, and the Toyota Corolla is also the most selling car in the world.. This car is so reliable that even in India, it can easily last for 3 lakh km without much of a hassle. Both petrol and diesel engines are reliable. So you can pick anyone without much of a hassle, but its 1.8L petrol engine should be your pick. If you are looking for performance, Its suspension setup is on the softer side, so there will be no issues regarding comfort. Last but not least, pride in owning a D segment. Sedan is just different. I can find only one con. You are only supposed to get 10 to 12kmpl of mileage in petrol, which is again justifiable for the segment of this car. This is for those who are looking for a luxury car which has nominal service charges and which is also re.

. Now, please, let me know in the comments which car you liked the most and which one you are thinking of buying and please, like this, video and don’t forget to hit the subscribe button and the bell icon.