It’S finally happened after years of hopes and fans wishing for them to get back together. Benifer is officially back and it seems this time they are here to stay. Both of them have been spotted together. Several times, but this time it’s different, they have been spotted on their first public day together since the rumors started. Insiders close to them reveal that ben is completely in love and extremely happy to be back with jennifer after 17 years of breaking out their engagement. But what exactly did ben have to say about getting back together with jlo? After all, these years being apart from each other, jennifer lopez had been together with ex baseball player, alex rodriguez and decided to end the relationship which left her fans completely stunned. To add even more salt to the wound, she was later spotted together with none other than her ex fiance ben affleck. The former couple first met way back in 2001, when they both starred in the romantic comedy giggly jennifer filed for divorce from her second husband. Chris judd in july 2002 and before the divorce was even finalized. She went public with ben. The tabloids went crazy over the newly formed power couple and started obsessively following their every move. However, in september just days before, they were scheduled to tie the knot, jlo and ben released a joint statement announcing they had postponed the wedding due to excessive media attention. The statement read due to the excessive media attention surrounding her wedding.

We have decided to postpone the date when we found ourselves seriously contemplating hiring three separate decoy brides at three different locations. We realized that something was sorry. We began to feel that the spirit of what should have been the happiest days of our lives could be compromised. We felt we should have been a joyful and sacred day could be spoiled for us, our families and our friends. This immediately caused breakup, rumors to appear, and it didn’t take long before the split was confirmed. On january 22nd, 2004 jlo announced through her spokesperson that she had called off the engagement in a statement that read, i am confirming the report that jennifer lopez has ended her engagement to ben affleck. At this difficult time. We ask that you respect her privacy, but in typical jlo fashion. Just a few months after her breakup was announced, she moved on with mark anthony, and the couple got married in june 2004 ben also moved on and started dating jennifer garner. However, it seems like these two never stop thinking about each other, in fact jennifer and mark just three years after the couple had children together, they officially split it took years for jlo to admit that getting back together with mark was their way of trying to deal With a heartbreak caused by a breakup with ben in her book, true love, jlo, wrote ben, and i split up at the moment when i thought we were committing to each other forever.

It was my first real heartbreak. It felt like my heart had been torn out of my chest. I sought out comfort in another person, tried to find someone who could make me feel loved and wanted in my loneliest hour mark came back into my life three days after i should have been at the altar saying i do to another man, but now in 2021 It looks like j lo might be actually saying. I do this time for real. On april 30th, page six reported that jennifer lopez and ben affleck were reportedly seen hanging out together, in los angeles after her split from alex rodriguez. The report read, the oscar winner has been spotted multiple times going to jlo’s california, home. During the day we hear after having been picked up in a white escalade suv that allegedly belongs to lopez and then taken to her nearby mansion. Another source said security, picks him up at a nearby location and drops him off after spending a few hours at her house, and although sources initially claimed that jen and ben were just friends, it now turns out things are way more than that roman’s rumors started at People magazine when they reported that ben and jen had spent several days together in montana the article read jennifer spent several days with ben out of town. They have a strong connection, it’s all been quick and intense, but jennifer is happy. The couple were also caught kissing in public in miami after rekindling the romance an eyewitness said they went to do their workouts with separate trainers, but were not trying to hide the relationship by any means weeks after the news broke of jen and ben reuniting after 17 Years of going their separate ways, a source who was present at the miami gym, where both of them trained gave a statement which read they want to do their workouts with separate trainers, but we’re not trying to hide the relationship by any means they stay close to Each other, while working out and we’re hugging being playful together and shared a kiss in between sets, it was clear to everyone that they have intense chemistry and were having fun together.

According to the eyewitness, they looked like two people who are super comfortable and familiar with each other, who are also in the honeymoon phase and in love another source, told page six, that the pair were very affectionate and looking very much in love when they left the Building and even though both of them have kept quiet about their status since they were first spotted together for the first time it seems now. We have definite proof that the power couple is officially back together. Jlo and ben were recently spotted sharing some romantic pda at the mura, restaurant on the rooftop of the pendry hotel in west hollywood. California. They also got photographed while leaving the place, and you can clearly see jennifer resting her head on ben’s chest, while wrapping his arm around her a source spoke to entertainment tonight and said they looked very happy throughout the evening and ben had his arm around jlo. For most of the night they arrived together and left together. He then went on to say ben left miami to spend more time with his kids and then j lo came to la they’re very happy and are having a blast spending time together. The source also revealed that jennifer has been talking non, stop to her friends about ben sharing, that both of them feel very comfortable around each other and are completely spitting and look like they’re in the first stages of love. Even after all. These years also, this looks like it’s going for real because, first of all, jlo isn’t one to do flings and second, she has been telling.

Basically everyone around her – that she and ben are officially a couple. A source said, jlo and ben are very much a couple and have been telling friends that they’re together when they first reconnected, they had to see if the spark was still there, because it had been a while it was so now they are both fully on it. The couple has also reportedly spoken about their past and reflected on why didn’t work out back then, but now they’re, both opal about the future and the relationship. This time, both of them are putting the effort needed to keep it afloat and they have both grown and learned from their past. Mistakes according to the insider ben is more traditional and low key in his values, and jen loves that she loves that they can go on dates and have fun, but also thinks ben is a very smart man and has a lot of great input for her on The other hand, fans are completely excited and happy for both of them. They love that the couple are finally working on things after so many years apart, one fan wrote on twitter so happy to know they are working things out after so many years, even when they split ben never stopped loving. Her and jlo never stopped loving him. Another one hinted at the possibility that jennifer left alex because ben got back into her life and she realized she still had feelings for him.

The fan wrote what, if jlo called out for engagement because ben reached out and was like don’t get married i’ve, never stopped loving you, but now i want to know what you think. Do you believe this time they are here to stay? Are you happy? The power couple is back together. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Please leave a like.