So what exactly did alex do to take revenge on jlo? We have all the juicy details, but before we get into it, don’t forget to subscribe to our channel, so you don’t, miss out on any other hot celeb gossip in case you’ve been wondering if benefit 2.0 is still a thing. Here’S an update from jlo herself. This superstar recently opened up about her reunion with ben and, yes, things are going great. In fact, j lo said she’s currently having the best time of her life. In her new interview with zane lowe, jennifer addressed her current situation with ben and said i’m super happy. I know people are always wondering: how are you what’s going on? Are you okay? This is it i’ve, never been better. Jlo also explained that she’s really gotten to a place in her life, where she’s great on her own and added, and i think once you get to that place that amazing things happen to you, that you never imagined in your life happening again. Well, she’s right about that, because we’re pretty sure no one imagined she would be getting back together with ben affleck just weeks after she ended her engagement with a rod. But what about alex? How does he feel about seeing jennifer this happy with ben when, just a few months ago, she claimed a rod, was the one well apparently alex was initially shocked to hear that jennifer moved on so fast with none other than her former fiance from 17 years ago.

A source close to the former mlb star told e news that a rod is shocked that j lo has moved on and added. He truly thought they would be able to make it work and reconnect. He has been reaching out to jlo trying to meet with her, and she has been very short with him. Another source claimed at the time that a rod was still hoping to make things work with jennifer. He is respecting her wishes right now, but has high hopes. They will get back together. The source said, adding that a rod is doing anything in his power to make jlo happy. However, a separate insider later told people magazine that alex is not thrilled about ben and that seeing jen move on with her ex definitely hurt his ego. Also after jlo and ben took a romantic trip to montana alex was asked by the paparazzi how he felt about the whole situation and all he had to say was in case you don’t know. Ben affleck is a huge red sox fan, so the fans interpreted this as alex throwing shade at jlo’s new boyfriend. So i think we can all agree that alex is definitely salty about jlo getting back with ben well too bad for a rod, because, judging by j, lo and ben’s recent loved up outings, the chances of her getting back together with alex are pretty much zero. At this point, and according to an insider who spoke to entertainment tonight, alex has finally started coming to terms with the fact that he missed his chance with jlo when they first split alex, wanted to work things out, and he still held on to the hope that He and jlo would get back together.

The source said, however, he’s, come to terms with the fact that it’s over now. The insider also explained that alex is very aware of all the attention over benefer’s reunion and that he’s trying to focus on himself and what’s in store for his future. But has alex really come to terms with the fact that jlo dumped him in front of the whole world just months before their wedding and got together with none other than her former fiancee? Well, we don’t think so. The fans are saying, alex is still very bitter about the split from jlo and they’re. Now, accusing him of being petty and immature a rod ain’t over her, and it shows you made your bed sir now lay in it. One fan commented. So what did alex really do to cause these kinds of reactions from fans? Well, for starters, he was recently spotted wearing the same exact outfit as ben affleck, and the fans are saying a rod is just being embarrassing at this point. A rod is also apparently determined to get back into the best shape of his life, and the fans are saying. Alex is doing a lot for someone who claims he isn’t bothered by his ex moving on shortly after his breakup from jlo was announced, alex posted a side by side photo of his revenge body on instagram and wrote in the caption left the dad bod in 2020.. But alex didn’t stop there, despite trying so hard to look unbothered by jlo and ben’s reunion.

Alex might not be okay with it just yet, because he’s recently been spotted hanging out with none other than ben’s ex girlfriend snl producer lindsay shookus in a video obtained by page six, a rod was spotted partying, with lindsay at her birthday party at the hamptons and The fans are convinced, this is a calculated move on alex’s part since he’s still bitter about being replaced by ben lindsay shookus first dated ben affleck from 2017 to 2018, and they had another brief fling in early 2019.. Lindsay was also ben’s first public romance after he separated from ex wife jennifer garner in 2015.. As for ben and lindsay’s breakup, apparently it was amicable and the two still get on well after ben and lindsay broke up for the second time. A source close to the former couple told us weekly that the main reason, ben and lindsay didn’t work out was because of their conflicting schedules. Lindsay has a kid and an ex husband and a job in new york and then has his family and a job in la and while they love and respect each other, they just realized it wasn’t going to work. The source said adding that they really gave it another solid. Try, however, according to the insider, despite deciding to go their separate ways, ben and lindsay will always have love for each other. Interestingly, in december 2019, lindsay was spotted having dinner with alex and j.lo, and the three of them went out for dinner, with snl cast members ahead of j.

lo’s hosting gig. So is this? Why alex is now getting close to lindsay of all people to take revenge on jlo to make her jealous the video of alex and lindsay partying at the hamptons was first spotted by magician and comedian josh beckerman on his instagram stories. Beckerman was also in attendance at lindsay’s, hamptons gathering, and he shared the video with the message happy b day lindsay. However, a rod’s rep told page six there’s nothing romantic going on between alex and lindsay and that the two of them are just friends who go way back. There is absolutely zero there. The insider said adding they’ve been friends for 15 years. So could this all just be a coincidence? Well, not, according to fans who are convinced, alex, is being messy on purpose, because he just can’t accept the fact j lo dumped him and moved on with ben. At the speed of light, poor, desperate a rod tried to cling to the headlines now that the only reason anyone really cared about him, aka j lo, has moved on. One fan commented: others pointed out how alex was the one who messed up the relationship with j? Lo by allegedly cheating on her, so he has no place being this petty. Oh please, dude! Just let it go! You cheated! One fan wrote these are the consequences of your behavior it’s obvious how petty and jelly you are. God, it’s like high school all over again. Another person also said alex always had a thing for tall blondes, which just proves he was with jennifer lopez for the spotlight.

So now i want to know how you feel about a rod hanging out with ben zax.