No, no! No! No! You don’t change the name of the enterprise. How dare you, the enterprise excelsior, never mind that is acceptable. That is acceptable once again, she’ll carry aorzia’s protectors into battle, all right all aboard. How could stormblood be a spoiler free, trailer, see you off with prayers for your safety and success yet know that wheresoever you may go. My son’s spirit goes with you. May the fury grant you strength, i want to kill this bastard so badly. Not not not not. All return to us all of you, don’t worry beam, rick i’ll be back. I need a crow jack, aimric fanfect, stat enterprise excelsior engage Music. Did you have to say, engage? Did he have to say, engage amorous armor is still the sickest Music. Ah, you can feel it it’s go time and they crash on the tower. Everyone dies in a flame of glory just kidding Music. My body is so ready, it’s hammer time. Thank you need hog eye of mine. Render unto me thy power. Did you have to say that come on insidion you can do it wow jeez he’s a battery now that’s. Quite the battering ram, dude full speed, baby let’s go come on Music yeah because his scream is gon na make the boat go faster, hey let’s, go Music we’re through is that that’s, the big boy, hey it’s the empire. They say what’s up Music. That ship looks like this is straight out of star trek when the big, the big ship and the con one comes out from behind and wants to swallow, the enterprise and stuff chief we’ve got an imperial battleship on our tail and it’s bleeding massive biggs.

Did you seriously have to say that i think we can all see it fire everything damn it? The bastards were waiting for us to open the door for them and you did a marvelous job i’m gon na try to shake them. Hang on to something you were all going to die. Oh she won’t take much more of this. That voice in that face man i don’t know the time has come to use heidling’s gift. Much blood has been spilled in my name and for what for a false cause that i created for want of the warmth of companionship, saint siva, praise felger prayf, give this fool, but even now i cannot let go of my dream. My dream of a tomorrow, in which no child need freeze alone in the snow, the way the music cut and so good come on. Oh god, i’m. Turning this up Music. What does she mean to Music for do? Last time, i beseech you fill this vessel with your light, still the hatred within our hearts and bless us with eternal grace, dude Music, what what what a boss and then she sends them back. Buddy no way Music that smirk Music, oh she’s, gon na – do something good here: Music, oh damn, farewell warrior of light and thank you for showing me the way. No, this ether – it was a crystal of light. She too was one of heidel’s chosen. Music fare. You well my lady Music, so this is where i’m usually uh supposed to say something hey.

This is where i give my thoughts. This is where i uh give my reaction. This is where i uh talk about what happened. I really don’t want to kind of happy to let the silence just say everything.