There’S a connection, closed reconnected, no idea what’s up with that, but it doesn’t seem to affect because it looks like every hour. Getting three readings seems what um. Here we only got two. This hour we missed one. Oh this disconnect see, it looks like we should have got one at 22 46, but there is a disconnect and here once again wait a minute. This is bizarre. Oh, this is where you put in the extra guy update collaborator, maybe that’s. Why i got fouled up a little bit right there yeah, because we got two at the exact same time: it’s the exact same data as well. Okay, here is the lsn 50.. Excuse me here is the lsn 50 that we’re trying to get working um here is the tag from that that i scanned the app ui. Is this right here that one’s easy device eui right here, it’s the same and then, if you go down here to app key that’s right here, that’s the same yeah we just need to under the application layer is where you enter um this app s key. This part right here, which is this, but we can’t add that because this button doesn’t work, so i don’t know i’ve tried deleting this thing and adding it like three times and it doesn’t work here’s the actual deal. This is the sensor. This is the um. This is the one we’ve been working on trying to get going. This is the leaf one i was telling you about.

I think you put that i don’t know if that has to touch the leaf i’m, not sure how that works. Yeah. This is the lsn 50.. Here, i’ll open it up. Oh interesting, i think this is the battery down here before there was a green light going on enough. This is how you turn the battery on and off it’s. This jumper see what happens if we turn it off for a second back on again that might be a reset button right there yeah there it goes my holy. I just disconnected the battery reconnected, it humidity, 50.3 temp csht 25.2 hallelujah bam. Well, i don’t know what this attempt join request is all about, but right here, what is this door status open? I don’t know what any of that is: 25 that’s a little bit off. My other thermostat says it’s 27.1 in here. That thing says: it’s 25.2 humidity. I believe at 50 percent. Let me see if i can get the camera to focus on this guy right there, but um. It is on the other side of the room. I don’t know 25.2.