It says offline i’m still well, i’m. In my lunch break at work, but the bloody raspberry pi is offline. There’S! No access to anything. Why is this coming up here? You go see there. It says last updated four hours ago i don’t know this was at 48.6 state of charge. I’M, not sure i don’t know what what’s going on. I cannot reach anything. Remote console turn screen. I’M, not sure if this works for you now on the screen, see it says, fail to connect, and i can log into my network to my server and everything, and i can see all the access points in my house and in the garage and all the other Devices connected to to this access point in the off track. Garage are working so there’s, no network issue, but the raspy is not responding anymore and i just hope it is just it has just tripped but it’s not dead. I really hope there’s nothing wrong with the raspy or the buck converter. I know a lot of people have said: don’t use a bug, converter it’s, not safe, they can go mad and then you’ve got 50 volts on your raspy and it fries it. Well. I just hope you are not right. Well, there’s, nothing i can do from here. I don’t want to hassle my wife with that. Having a look at the switchboard there on the electrical cabinet and figure out what lights are on and whatnot she’s got no idea.

What to look at so yeah? Well! This is a strange start to a video now right, um yeah. I have no idea what else to do. There’S, nothing see the off grid garage. These are all my devices here and everything is last seen and then it says: it’s 921 that’s, the gateway that’s, the raspy, nine, twenty one, twelve and that’s it. Okay, that’ll be a big surprise. When we come home right. I i haven’t got a camera with me. So i’m, just talking to the phone now you can see the screen and i don’t know if this is good or bad uh well, clearly, it’s bad. I just hope i restart the raspy and it’s good again. That would be the best outcome i can think about. Okay, i think that’s all for now and um yeah i’ll, see you again when i’m going home i’ll. Take you with me, then, okay, my friend, so before we start anything, i have to wear the shirt. Apparently there we go all right. Okay, i already know what is going on here. I did some testing from work on my mobile phone and, as i said, i could connect to the server inside the house. So internet connection was fine and i could connect to the little access point on the outside. Here, let me show you this one there, this one there there. This is a tp link, travel, router and it’s only connected to a 5 volt usb and the blue cord goes inside here, it’s all the way along there and goes to my router over there.

This is just a router, but it works only as an access point, so the blue cable comes in there and this one supplies here. The garage with internet it’s, actually pretty fast most of the time and the um. The internet is course inside the house, and this is just a wireless bridge setup for my internet connection, so i’m getting 35 megabit, so it’s, okay, it’s all right. So now the raspberry pi is totally fine, there’s, nothing wrong with it. I’Ll show you the blue light. Will be on and the red light on the front will be on and i need to open this one first here, i’ve got some cables hanging out i’m doing an experiment here, which i cannot show you at the moment. Yeah there you go, everything is online. Nothing has blown up, nothing gets warm here. There we go 23. 21 degrees. Has the buck. Converter 1915. So it’s only a little bit warm a little bit warmer over here, but yeah here, 28 30 degrees. It has on the coil that is all, and the raspy gets only 23 on the outside, so nothing traumatic. Everything is good. Everything is running, the raspy is collecting data as it should and it has reported back to the network a couple of times, so i could see it coming online after three. Four hours could see the data coming through and it was all good, but i couldn’t connect to it and then i could connect to the remote control from the website and could see that the wi fi is only one bar.

I said well that is strange because the access point is right over here and usually i get about 94 to 96 reception, but one bar said something is wrong with the access point here and then i said well, this one here has the same network name as The one inside the house, so what the raspy did it connected to the house network and because both roller doors are closed here, which are metal as well. The cabinet was closed. I got only one bar, so i could log into the remote console of the raspy and could go through the menu. It took me like an hour to scroll to a scroll through because it lost connection all the time and i could connect to the wi fi menu inside the raspy and could see it is connecting to the wi fi with one bar, and i could see all The other wi fi’s, the raspy, can see as well – and i said, hang on a moment. This is actually seeing a telstra 1c, whatever network – and this is an old telstra router here. So what happened? Is this one for some reason to this morning at 10 21? It reset itself it it factory resets itself for no particular reason. This one is running for the last three years in here since i’ve got this installation here done and 24 7 it never gets turned off unless the bms shuts off my system. Now here now it has factory reset itself for some reason, so i need to go in and reprogram.

The wi fi set this all up on the network again and then the raspy will connect to this access point here again and everything should be sweet. I i was, i was really i had the victron vrm running on my work computer this morning to check some numbers here because i’m running this experiment. At the moment i checked all this stuff and then all of a sudden i couldn’t connect anymore. I said well, hang on the numbers are not moving anymore, like last updated 36 minutes ago, i said: well, it is weird. Then i contacted my wife and said: is the internet not working? She said nah it’s working it’s, all good. So then, i logged into the server, and i could see everything else. I could ping the um travel router outside here, but i haven’t tried from there to log into this router here, because this one doesn’t doesn’t do anything apart from an access point for wi fi. Well and the big suspicion was the buck. Converter has blown up and has killed the raspy. I said well yep, the raspy is not responding anymore. Everything else seems to work on the network that’s it. I should have listened to these guys saying well, a buck converter is not a power supply, not a reliable power supply, at least for a computer. Well, it’s still working, it is still running, so nothing has happened. Everything is fine. Everything has worked out all right.

Let me log into this um telstra router here and set up the wi fi again, and then we should be sweet again and then here, while we are on this topic of giving you an update. Well, in the last video i showed you this battery rack, which it will be, and a lot of people have come in and say well these mdf compressed shelves here are not really reliable, so when they get wet, they can easily bend through and usually the shelf Comes only with two supports here per shelf, but i have double these supports now to four. So if you look underneath here, you can see the four supports, and now it is solid, there’s, no, bending anymore, you can see it here on the other side yeah. If i, if i push through here, see it’s bending but um, not not anymore, with four with four supports here – that is rock solid – now see that the battery is actually standing at exactly here on the support it. It really is a bit of a bad design. Here they should have made this rail here all the way around of this mdf shelf, to give it more support, but this is actually pretty good. Now, yeah and some people have suggested or have asked if i would put some wheels underneath to wheel this one around here. I am not confident that this is a good idea, because this rack is fairly is only 450 mil wide, and if i got another battery in here, it would be good but i’m afraid this one will be too top heavy.

Then, and if this one tips over hell breaks loose in the off grid garage, so the plan was actually to to screw this on the metal beam here when it sits here and then we’ve got access only from two sides. If i need to work on it, but once this is all busbod and cabled, there should be not too much need to get actually onto the single batteries here and do some more work there. It has totally reset to the factory default settings. It has a different ip address as well, and the network name is not the one i need here for the raspy. Ah, let me fix this okay. This is now back as it was let’s see. If our raspy has already noticed that his network is back his wi fi, no, he hasn’t yeah, i think it’s still connected to the house network nah. It is still three hours offline. I cannot reach the device at all advice list. Yeah last seen three hours ago. The raspy doesn’t connect to my new wi fi anymore. Here. I think it needs a restart and unplug the cable and begin red light yep starting up so eventually the raspy should choose the stronger network signal, but um it could take a while, oh yeah. We are online yeah, real time we are back, see and all the data is here even when the raspy was not connected to the network to the vrm network. So as long as the raspy is not online, it will store all the information on this little sd card and once it gets back online, it reports all the information back to the vrm network at electron here and then you’ve got all the information.

So nothing is lost and it uses only. I think, eight gigabyte per year – that’s, pretty amazing, yeah, see it now. You can see all my networks again and the signal is strong. So if we go into my wi fi 88, we have that’s all right. So what i have done now is: i have connected the raspy to both of my wi fi networks. The surveillance drone 4 is the wi fi network on top of my house, and this is the one here in the off grid garage. So whatever is available now, it will flip over and hopefully won’t connect to the weaker house connection anymore. So i wasn’t aware that you can actually connect to both networks at the same time and it just connects whatever is available or stronger connect to network. Yes, we have to ah there. It is now so it’s not connected to the one here in the off quick garage and the other one is still ticked, so it’s marked as available in case it fails. It should automatically go to the other one and we can actually test this yeah let’s turn this one off turn the wi fi off. If i refresh this page now now it’s unresponsive at the moment, so it says, failure now yeah. It has automatically connected to the other one on top of the house and the other one is failure. That’S, amazing, okay, turn this back on. This may take a while, at least this one is a lot stronger here than the one in the house.

Let’S see yeah it’s, some 47, not great, but at least the raspy is still available. Then then i can troubleshoot it from remote from externally. What a shock moment when i didn’t have access to my system anymore, everything could have happened. The whole garage could have burned down here. Oh no it’s i’m, not expecting something like this happens, but you know i hear it says. Connection seems offline now at the moment, yeah. It takes a moment to reactivate and reconnect to everything but that’s good it’s good. I learned something today because some people using victron gear they have this system as well with rust, p running, and i wasn’t aware that you can actually sign up to multiple wi fi networks and it just picks one which is available then so makes totally sense. The same in the mobile phone right, alright guys so far as always. Thank you so much for watching. Thanks for all your support here on the channel, stay charged, stay safe and we shall see us again in one of the next videos coming out very soon. I actually wanted to do something else tonight, but now it’s already too late, so it has to wait until tomorrow, but um yeah tomorrow. We will do something amazing with these batteries, something i always wanted to know, and i will test this tomorrow. We will have lots of amps flowing here, hopefully not too many, alright guys until tomorrow see you, then bye.

Bye, just hang on a second before you go. It is now the next day and i have experienced connection issues again this morning. I could not connect to the raspberry pi for some time just minutes, but then it reconnected. I thought what’s going on, so i had a look in the remote console and i think it’s connecting right now here so we’re going to the settings hey at least it’s responding again now. Is it wi fi and look at this? It is connected to the access point on top of the house again and the season one is not even there anymore, but instead we’ve got the telstra one again, so this stupid router has reset factory reset itself again somewhere this morning i don’t know what’s going on There, but it will go tonight, i’ve got five or six more of them and i will just replace it for some reason. It factory resets itself now every day, just not reliable anymore, well, it’s in the garage for three years now so, and it was a used device before and here if we go in the yeah, we still got 64 strength. So this is pretty good. Three bars out of four and this works actually clade. I configured the second network yesterday, just in case the other one fails again and bang it fails the next day. I don’t know why i didn’t think about this before, to connect it to several wi fi’s. Well, it’s, like a mobile phone and your tablet, you know your laptop, it can remember more than one wi fi and then it takes whatever is available.

Oh well, i guess this is all good now, as long as i know, what’s happening here and i can access the raspberry pi here from my mobile phone all right guys, the video is now um. You can uh turn off your your thanks for watching, see.