Second, you see we’ve been wanting to do a video for a while now on the relative strengths and weaknesses of bat compact plus games on the new wave of consoles, and the arrival of war zone demonstrates that, while there are still set limitations in place, saudi does Seem to be enhancing the abilities of last gen code support bringing playstation 5 closer into line with the feature set of xbox series x, 120 hertz warzone was previously an xbox series function only but not anymore. So in this video i’ll be talking about back compat plus viewed through the lens of war zone. I’Ll be looking at resolution. Performance differentials and trying to put the back compact capabilities of the machines into focus and yeah i’ll also be looking at 60 hertz too, because fundamentally on a content level. At least warzone has changed a lot since we first looked at it running on the new wave of consoles, but first up i’m pleased to say that this is the first mainline digital foundry video mastered at 120 frames per second, of course, right now youtube doesn’t support That and that’s a shame. But if you have joined up with the digital foundry supporter program and you have a 120 hertz screen or capable device, you can download a full frame rate version of this video and see it at full frame rate. And maybe one day when youtube catches up, this video will actually transcode into a 120 frames per second experience.

But for now before we kick off a warning, or rather i’d say a piece of advice. Yes, warzone now runs at 120hz on playstation 5, but there are a couple of issues that require highlighting first of all in activision’s patch notes. They say that hdmi 2.1 uh on your display. That is a requirement not so, however, hdmi 2.0 screens and indeed capture cards with 120 hertz support work too, but the limitation is that the output is only 1080p, or rather the 4k image downscaled to 1080p that’s. Why? This is a 1080p video. Unfortunately, now series x does have 1440p 120 support, which does work on some hdmi, 2.0 screens and capture cards as well, but for the sake of parity, this is a 1080p 120 video, so yeah ignore mentions of hdmi 2.1 in the patch notes. What 2.1 does give? You is 4k output, 120 hertz on the console, but the game isn’t rendering natively at 4k, as we shall discover. The second warning: slash advice to get warzone to run at 120hz on ps5. You need to disable hdi in the front end. This applies whether you’re running on a hdmi 2.0 screen or on an hdmi 2.1 display, and i used an lg cx for my testing hdr on you’re locked to 60hz hdr off it’s 120 frames per second party time. So let’s talk comparison methodology being a battle royale with a spectate function. We do have a great way of comparing performance and features, and this is how we do it.

We have two capture cards in a single pc running our customized capture tool connected to playstation 5 and series x simultaneously acquiring 1080p 120 footage from both of them. We then use cross play to buddy up as a duo in game then get capturing okay. First order of business is to get guns down as quickly as possible and then to lose in the gulag. What happens, then, is that both consoles will shift into spectator mode, usually spectating the same player and yeah that’s. It that’s how we can get entirely like for, like footage from both consoles for our testing here. Both ps5 and series x have all four of the high resolution. Texture, packs installed and graphical features. They’Re set to be exactly the same on both so we’ll talk about resolution shortly, but the graphics are indeed essentially the same, which is in common with our findings, both on the last comparison we did on ps5 and series x, but also with ps4 pro and 1x Back in the day resolution we’ll talk about that in a bit now that’s, not to say that there aren’t some variances, though in the graphical makeup, but this does seem to come down to dynamic elements. So, for example, the ring of green volumetric gas surrounding the play area that is generated differently for every player, and so it can be thicker and more difficult to see through for one player compared to what another player might be seeing.

But this is nothing to do with console specs or anything like that, simply a dynamic element for my spectating. I note that there are players who stick to the very edge of the play area and sometimes move into the gas temporarily, especially in the end game. In these scenarios, i’m fairly, confident in saying that visibility is not like for like, but it’s entirely random as to who might have an advantage level of detail. Lod also seems to be somewhat dynamic, which brings us on to how backcompat changes work between playstation 5 and series x. So we know from microsoft that their sdk allows developers to query the hardware. So they know what system the code is running on and they can open up features accordingly and we never quite knew how it was done on playstation but yeah. Basically, it’s the same based on developer, documentation, i’ve seen the sce kernel is prospero system call returns one. If the game is running on playstation, 5 or 0, if it’s not from there developers can do whatever they really want. So typically, why don’t we see much customization on the ps5 front, why not higher resolutions, for example? Well, the same documentation says that while you do get extra horsepower from cpu and gpu, you don’t get any extra ram. So what does that have to do with warzone? Well, in theory, quite a lot in practice. Not so much series x can address at least the same amount of memory as xbox one x, meaning nine gigs of ram up against 5.

5 on ps4 pro and thus ps5. When i visited infinity ward, they expected their streaming system to take advantage of one x’s extra ram, but in actuality we didn’t really see much gain in the final title. Ps5 versus series x is much. The same level of detail can favor one system or another, but on balance i actually found that model geometry and textures in the mid distance often seem to resolve to a higher level of detail on xbox series x, more often than they did on ps5 this isn’t. Any meaningful change to visual quality overall and certainly not in any way that makes gameplay any different. Warzone is scrupulously coded for fairness, even when stacked up against pc running on low spec, but any difference at all is curious. Nonetheless, i guess resolution, though that is a different matter, and here per our last testing. Xbox series x, has a notice support advantage. It renders, at a minimum of 1920 by 2160, reconstructing up to full 4k. Very rarely the presentation, i’d say, looks very clean overall. Thanks to that reconstruction, i can’t really show you the full resolution in motion owing to the fact that no hdmi 2.1 capture solutions exist. But what i can do is take a system level screenshot to show you. The clarity looks pretty clean in my opinion and here’s. The same scene on playstation 5., this renders in a dynamic resolution window that seems to be in the region of 1512p to 1566p, regardless it’s, visibly blurrier there’s.

No doubt in my mind that xbox gets more out of that hdmi. 2.1. 4K. 120 connection. Even if it’s not actual 4k, the tables turn when we look at performance where undoubtedly playstation 5 has a commanding advantage. Both versions of the game can drop frames dramatically so in the sequence before the initial drop, but actual gameplay is pretty one sided here. For the vast majority of the experience, ps5 is mostly locked to 120 fps with full v sync. So in common with quite a few back, compat plus titles you’re getting the same resolution as the ps4 pro game, but it is matched with a 2x performance multiplier. There can be small dips beneath, but it works for me as a really good 120hz experience. Clearly there are issues on xbox series x, it’s, rare, that the game locks to 120 frames per second and typically performance lingers in the 90 to 110 fps range. Now it is important to point out that the difference between 30 and 60 and 90 to 120 fps may well be the same 30 fps, but the experience is very different: 30 to 60, a 16.7 millisecond frame time differential 90 to 120. This reduces to just 2.8 milliseconds i’ll, explain why that’s important in a bit but here’s the thing it’s, not so much the frame rate. That is the issue with series x, more the stuttering and judder, which you can really feel in motion i’m, slowing down the footage here.

So you can see on the ps5 side, we’re, getting consistent, even frame delivery on the xbox series x, side, there’s stutter and even some screen tearing it’s not really ideal, but xbox’s secret weapon. If you can call it that a variable refresh rate support. If this is running and it works on your display, the judder is gone. You retain the extra clarity of the improved resolution and essentially the game is an absolute feat, assuming a 90 to 110 frames per second window that’s. Basically, a 9 to 11 millisecond frame time range versus 8.3 on playstation, 5., now, i’m sure hardened war zone players can tell the difference personally, i can’t. So if i had to choose i’d play series x with vrr as visually, it looks better and still delivers. Big response time improvements over 60 hertz and extra fluidity, but if vrr isn’t an option for your screen and high frame rate is a must ps5 doesn’t judder to anything like the same degree of series x and therefore is overall the better option in gameplay terms. From my perspective, if you’re on series x and vrr isn’t an option well to be honest, i’d stick with 60hz and it’s here, where the backcompat tech legacy shows a stark divide. Warzone may well have a 120 hertz performance advantage on playstation 5, but resolution is effectively unchanged at 60 hertz with the same kind of 15, 12p to 1566p drs range, which is pretty much the same as what we saw in 120.

Hertz mode performance is locked at 60 frames per. Second, though, as you would expect, series x, though, is seemingly native 4k, and the resolution differential delivers a significantly cleaner image, plus the same performance level as ps5 now it’s highly likely that the horizontal scaler could kick in. In the heaviest scenes, but by and large it’s a really nice crisp look why there is a clarity differential between ps5 and series x in 60 hertz mode. Well, i can’t say for sure, but the likelihood is that the constrained memory in ps4 pro is still an issue in back compact mode on ps5. The horsepower is there to do 4k, no doubt about it, but the technical legacy of the pro may suggest that the memory isn’t ram allocation was never a problem for xbox one x. It had a lot more of it. Therefore, it isn’t for series x either, but on the flip side, looking at those last gen consoles, the pro always ran smoother than one x. This seems to translate into the 120 hertz mode on the next gen systems, but even more so and yeah. Just a reminder here that the ps5 has a higher gpu multiplier versus ps4 pro than series x has versus one x, so it kind of stands to reason. The addition of 120 hertz support to a ps4 game running on ps5 does suggest that things are changing. On the sony side, though, but the extent to which we may see further changes remains unknown and in the case of warzone we’ve already had the announcement that ps5 and series consoles will be getting the full native application experience.

They’Ll have access to all the memory. The enhanced features of the various implementations of rdna 2, along with its ipc, boosts and, of course, all the advantages of those new advanced storage apis. The further we get into the generation proper, the less we’ll, see these legacy last gen apps being deployed on a new wave of consoles but that’s, where we’re at on this one. If your ps5, only warzone’s 120hz update, gives you twice the frame rate with no real downsides compared to the existing 60hz experience, just remember to turn off hdr to get it working properly. If somehow, you have the ability to choose between ps5 and series x, i personally go for series x if you’re limited to a 60hz screen series exit 120. If you have vrr but ps5 at 120, if no vr is available, but yeah that’s, pretty much where we’re going to leave things for now so yeah like subscribe, share, ring the bell for the wondrous bounty. That is instant notifications when new content drops and do consider. The df supporter program interact with a team in the df community, get access to a big bunch of bonus extras and, of course, pristine quality. Video downloads, including this very video available as a full 120 frames per second experience, but yeah that’s warzone, as it runs now on series x and ps5 hope you enjoyed the video and thanks for making it to the end of this one.