Oh that’s, a big whale man. What what the key disappears out of nowhere? Ah it’s crystal time that will unlock the fourth one. Why did the key appear out of thin air? Please don’t just say: magic chat, don’t, don’t, don’t, just blame aether, okay, a wizard didn’t. Do that two more to go to get my warrior of lightness back and will we be visited by our lovely uh baby dragon voice? I understand that he ate the key chat. Music is that the voice of highland here again been a while. It sounds like i’m being blocked from hydeland’s influence and hyland’s power, now there’s a buffer between me and highland and slowly but surely i’m breaking my way through the blockage and hearing more and more of heidel’s voice, she’s trying to help me when it feels like something’s In the way, i blame granddaddy dragon for that one. What just? Oh, the asians, you kidding me right now, hey so four’s, the lord of mists, as did all others before him. How many times does this make warrior of light? Ah, how much you have grown far beyond the limits of mere mortals, always suspected the priest, and he did mention dealings with aseans. He has what we seek. What is the archbishop after what is in this place of this unlocks that he does the key to azizla? The secrets of a log alec was the uh, the the the the the civilization that came before the massive impact that came before that we learned about in the crystal tower series.

They have so much power, these massive machines and all this energy and interesting yo yo. Some chill there, lady assian man, she’s, got no chill. I see you have regained the blessing of light i’m working on it all, be it a fraction of its former strength. I blame granddaddy dragon, damn archbishop every time, Music. I feel the archbishop is a pawn. My thanks to you asian and to you as well warrior of light for saving us the effort of slaying bismarck. The archbishop thinks he’s in control here by batteries, nothing more than a pawn that’s how these go that’s, how these go man now that the key is within our grasp. The path to the heavens shall at last be laid bare explaining the title explains the fact that your personal 12 um nights of the round i’ve ever figured out my brain are uh called heaven’s word. Heaven’S ward, when combined is heaven’s word is in the direction towards heaven. Somebody wants to ascend and become a god. Oh hello, oh that’s, cool. I want that as a necklace Music. Is it showing you the way? I think you know the way in before invisible island. That was the stereotypical laugh the laugh of the bad guy. You it. Oh you, son of a. I have a bone to pick with you about a bow, and i mean your femur. I want to rip it out of your body and stab you in the face with it i’m, not bitter.

I swear to god by our deeds. Shall the wrongs of antiquity be righted and man reclaim the reigns of history, it’s gon na be so satisfying to beat these guys? Excuse me, oh hello. That is definitely all gone technology, no wait! This is kind of giving me some empire vibes. What on earth? Maybe that is all gone technology, and this is heaven’s word where the key unlocks the direction to that.