Chad has been hyping this up. Let’S do this let’s go. That was fun. I love that the marching chess pieces with the aoes on the ground, such good design here we go smiles chat. Only smiles, no spoilers. Only smiles chat 700 of you, our power. How can this be hold back? I want to see his demon form. Is it demonic? Am i dropping the gun by saying that hello is that the helicopter coming to take the po boy that’s a lot of smiles chat? Not gon na lie that’s a lot of smiles, guys, no spoilers, only smiles, okay chat, no spoilers only smiles. Are we gon na make it inside look at the side eye there’s, a brick father. Please, oh yeah, he’s submitting it. We were not too late that camera move. Sorry just geeking out here: why must you do this? Father nidhogg is fallen. There is no need for further deception. Now is the time to renounce the lies which led us down this path to start anew. Oh, i think my feeling about the pope was correct from the get go: tear down the very pillars of our society, our history, our values, everything we have built over a thousand years, what’s, the what’s that nod what’s with the secret nod there Music. What look out? Oh, no, no! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! You go away. I’Ll play this game anymore. I can’t wait to kill him and you you are unharmed.

Forgive me. I could not bear the thought of love. Music. Oh, do not look at me! So, Music, a smile, better suits a hero, Music, Music, Music, so doesn’t anyone know healing magic or resurrection magic. Why why harsher font? Oh chat, what the hell man hit him with the phoenix down man, Music, chad. This is how i feel right now: i’m dead, i’m. Just so dead right now, everyone’s just dying around me Laughter, Music, oh man! Oh this game is an experience. Everything about it is an experience and i’m just glad i’m experiencing with you guys, i’m glad you’re here enjoying it with me and i’m. Glad that you guys can can live vicariously through me again to maybe recapture some of that experience again like as if you were here for the first time yeah i didn’t have a dog in this fight and then they killed harsh font. Now i want to kill everything: oh man, we got ta tell him don’t, please you suck a knight lives to serve to protect, to sacrifice. There is no greater calling. This is harder. This is worse than just a harsh chiffon, passing away like i’m, a dad now. I’M, a dad now my daughter’s three and i i can’t handle this. I can’t i can’t handle this right now. From this perspective, this gift chase for my son and for the nation he loved his sacrifice shall not be forgotten by son Music. I don’t even want to talk right now.

I feel you chat, it’s it’s fun, watching your um Music it’s fun, watching your comments right now, it’s fun, watching other people feeling what i’m feeling – and i think i think, it’s the emotional ties to the characters and the story that we all share that really cements. This game for people i mean a lot of people on the outside of final fantasy, 14. Don’T quite understand, everyone’s draw to the game. They don’t understand the almost fervent worship that players of this game feel and it’s our shared emotional attachment all the different characters that when, when i talk to you about the death of harsha font, we both feel the same thing and we can relate to each other. In that way, and that really helps to bind this community together and i’m really starting to see that now it only took about 100 hours of gameplay but i’m. Really starting to see that, now all the nbc dialogue at camp dragon had updates now to reflect what happened. That is fantastic. That is a fantastic little detail. There was a full shrine made up by the fan, face full of flowers fanart and his favorite drink hot cocoa.