This is it. This is the moment the stormblood trailer. Here we go dude that statue is massive, come on Music square, enix, nice, Music, look the size of this thing, the answer. I know you Laughter, dude let’s, go look. What cuts in the rock this is chocobo is still here too wow what a gorgeous place it’s like an oasis in the desert man, frankenstein Music. What is that? What is that? What was that an entirely new realm, doma Music? What i’m definitely playing the sound by this expansion? Absolutely playing the center of this expansion? Music, all the sheaths on that katana looked Music gorgeous. Who brings a gun to a katana fight? Do you know who you’re dealing with right now to cut in half cut in half cut in half cut it in half let’s go called it. Oh man that this is gorgeous. Look at that city Music! Oh, that music is great, hey you gary and brosetsu Music. Oh let’s go.