. We are live here in the international space station flight control room with this morning. We are bringing you live coverage of the autonomous undocking of dragon from the international space station for its return to earth with almost 5 300 pounds of research and return cargo affirmative yeah we’re. We are reviewing the photos right now, and so we just want to get it on the loop so everyone’s on the same page, we’re looking for confirmation that the mli blankets were pulled up and reattached to the velcros yep, the vector was attached all the way around. The circumference, and then they were out of the way. Okay, we copied that the blankets were attached to the velcro and that they were out of the way. Thank you originally planned for a tuesday july 6th uh undocking nasa and spacex waved undocking of cargo dragon due to tropical storm elsa after a series of weather briefings and assessing certain parameters like wind speeds and wave heights nasa and spacex concluded that parameters were good and Chose a new splashdown site off the coast of tallahassee florida today’s release is being controlled by ground controllers here in an international space station flight control room and in hawthorne. California, teams here are being led by flight director, paul kanya joined on console to his right by capcom leslie ringo you’ll, hear ringo talking to the station crew from time to time, as teams go through procedures for dragons released today and over in hawthorne california.

Spacex mission director kyra waldron is leading teams in the spacex flight control room teams. There will be talk taking over dragon’s operations once it departs the vicinity of an international space station all the way through it’s splashdown in the gulf of mexico tomorrow evening to accommodate for better lighting conditions. This morning, dragon’s departure was pushed back about 10 minutes, and the command for undock is now scheduled for 9 40 am central time shortly after dragon is released, it will conduct a series of undocking and departure burns or firings of its main engine to move to a Safe distance away from the station and exit the approach ellipsoid for its return back to earth ending in a parachute, assisted splashdown in the gulf of mexico off the coast of florida about 37 hours after its departure you’re, currently seeing a live view of dragon and it’s. Current and ready for undocking this morning, if you are just joining us, the spacex dragon is ready to depart the station. Having arrived on june 5th 2021, with over 7 300 pounds of cargo. Today, you are watching an autonomous undocking of a cargo dragon vehicle upon dragon’s departure today, scheduled for 9 40 a.m. Central time it will depart with just over 5 300 pounds of critical science and other hardware scheduled for a safe splashdown tomorrow in the gulf of mexico. Off the coast of tallahassee florida, around 10, 30 p.m, central time, 11, 30 p.m, eastern time, station, houston and two for dragon status, dragon’s journey to the international space station, all right in preparation for undock.

At this time, please perform step one of one decimal 602 dragon departure monitoring the undock sequence start time is one four: four: zero gmt p1440 and i’ll review step. One, okay and one additional item is we’re, just delaying 10 minutes to make sure that we have good con with the vehicle thanks and that was capcom leslie ringo relaying the message to shane kimbrough, who will be monitoring, dragon’s departure today that they pushed undocking about 10 Minutes it’s now scheduled for 9 40 am for undocking command to be sent it’ll, take about three minutes for dragon’s hooks to be unhooked, and then the release will be about two minutes later. Dragon’S journey to the international space station began on june 3rd, when the spacecraft launched on a falcon 9 rocket from the space launch complex ‘a at cape canaveral florida dragon is now in retreat mode and after a series of departure, burns will continue to pick up a Little more speed to move dragon out of the keep out sphere and then the approach ellipsoid this morning using the station and step four we’re showing source slot. Four iss thrusters enabled recovery we’re about two minutes out from that next burn. This burn will take dragon out of the keep out sphere that first invisible line with a 200 meter radius to get the cargo dragon away from the international space station station cuba on space ground two for a key at your convenience, happy and we’re about 30 seconds Out from the next burn station, houston on two departure burn, one complete after that looks like it’s right down the chute in the corner, copy leslie, ringo confirmed with shane kimbrough that the last burn was completed and it was nominal station.

Houston n2 dragon has exited the keep out sphere, that’s great news leslie, you want to say thanks to all the spacex team, the nasa team and all the scientists, engineers and researchers who had equipment and um on this vehicle. It was a great vehicle kept us busy for this past month, um doing a bunch of great science, hopefully the returns so that you get back on this vehicle here in a few days will prove to be some good insight for all the researchers there and uh. Obviously i brought up the solar rays as well that we got to install on our eba, so it kept us nice and busy. So thanks to everybody again – and it looks like a beautiful vehicle departing and that was capcom lazy, ringo, confirming that dragon is outside. Of the keep out sphere and a bid farewell to dragon by nasa astronaut, shane kimbrough and that same burn that helped dragon exit a keep out sphere will also help dragon exit the neighborhood or the vicinity of the international space station in a lunar we’re. Looking for dragon to exit the approach ellipsoid in a little under 10 minutes, if you are just joining us, we are live here in the international space station flight control room with a live view of the spacex dragon cargo craft, as it has undocked the international space Station and now is retreating. It has currently exited the keep out sphere and we’re. Looking for one more milestone this morning and that’s going to be the exiting the approach.

Ellipsoid cargo driving arrived on june 5th 2021, with over 7 300 pounds of cargo cargo dragon will return tomorrow, splashing down in the gulf of mexico off the coast of tallahassee florida. With about 5 300 pounds of research and returned cargo dragon had an on time. Departure of 9 45 am central time as the international space station and dragon flew 262 statute miles above the south atlantic ocean. Now just about four minutes away from dragon departing. The approach ellipsoid, which is the mythical cone around the station, referred to as the neighborhood of the space station, at which point integrated operations between flight control team here in houston and spacex flight control team in hawthorne california, will be complete at that point. Nasa’S test as part of the joint mission operations will be complete as flight controllers in the spacex mission control center in hawthorne california take over operations of the dragon cargo craft, just to recap some of the milestones from our coverage so far today, the command for undock Was sent at 9 40 a.m. Dragon had two sets of six hooks released and had a successful undocking at 9 45 a.m. Central time 10 45 a.m. Eastern. It then conducted a series of departure burns to move away from the space station flight controllers here in mission control, houston and spacex mission control worked with expedition 65 flight engineer, shane kimbrough monitoring in the cupola dragon has now exited the keep out sphere and we’re.

Just a few minutes away from dragon exiting the approach ellipsoid or the vicinity of the international space station.