So if you guys didn’t know, there was a situation yesterday, where a lot of the different people were banned for uh stream sniping your destination is currently congested. Oh there we go the lower deck, look at them all wait. These are all just new players because they have the green thing next to their name. Isn’T, it wait, look at them all. Thank you guys. Thank you for all the warm welcomes. I appreciate it. Thank you so much it’s, very nice. I do. I would like to play the game, though let’s be honest. Okay, all the other ads are dead here, there’s, no other there’s, no other ads for me to kill this is it. This is. This is all the ads that are left for me. Okay, let’s click on this. There we go okay and he sends a hostile presence. A cattle wait. Okay, somebody killed it great, so i’ll go to the next one, but i think that it’s very funny that that happened i’m going to say that i think that it’s very funny that that happened. I think stream sniping is ass, behavior and it. This is like you know, who scream sniped back whenever you guys were like uh kids, your stupid little brother, who would act like he’s, not looking on your screen whenever you’re playing, split screen and halo, and he would just magically throw a grenade behind the wall that You’Re standing in that that’s, so just keep that in mind.

That is the mentality that i have whenever i think about stream snipers, i think yeah screen looking when people call you a white knight for putting 30 plus reports, so that asmong can have a better final fantasy experience. When you realize that reports actually worked and people are being banned for stream sniping yes, so we do need to talk about that. I think that um, i think, there’s a lot of people. Oh there’s, another one, Music, now let’s talk about these little dick suckers. Let’S talk about these clowns, so yesterday there are people complaining on 4chan. They said bald man shut me down, bald man in his community deleted my account Music. Well, you know what you deleted. Your own account you running around behind me with a big old mouth like an obnoxious little and then you get upset that you get treated like one. You live like a you’re gon na die like a that’s. What happens? There’S some people that are upset they’re, crying about it they’re. Oh man, it’s preferential treatment, they’re treating these streamers differently. Well yeah! So are the stream snipers, that’s preferential treatment too? Do you think they’d be doing that if i like standing like like sitting on there on their mouth, but getting there right there? Well, okay, all right! All right! I got ta get. I got ta get my mouth all right! Where’S, my mouth where’s, my mouth! Oh there he’s right there, okay, all right so i’m gon na put it right here.

Okay, that way i i’m i’m, the biggest on the screen he can’t see. What’S going on he’s got my character on there, so listen stream sniping is preferential treatment. Banning people is making it to where i have a normal experience. It’S like stream sniping, is a negative one, and banning them is a plus one. That doesn’t mean that i go to plus one. It means i go to zero. All i wan na have is a normal experience like i think every game should do this and for all the people, oh well, what do you mean they’re just riding around behind you? What are you gon na? Do you can just say riding around on a mount it’s against the rules? Oh now we can’t cast his spells. Well, we can’t play his. He can’t play his guitar with the same note that goes over and over and over what so you’re telling me playing the guitar isn’t against the tell me that’s against the rules. These are the same kids. I said this yesterday on my second stream. These are the same kids that are running down the hallway and they get pulled aside by the vice principal vice principal said. Tell me your little timmy. I got ta talk to you and he’s like why you been running in the hallway and the kid said. Oh it’s, okay, mr robertson, i’m, not running i’m, just walking fast, and then the kid gets sent to detention.

Yeah, like everybody knows, oh they’re, just riding on their mount yeah, not for six hours like not for six hours like everybody knows what it is, and i i hate the intellectual dishonesty of it that’s. What i think really annoys me. It actually annoys me more than the the activity itself. The reason why it annoys me is because those people think that i’m to think that other people are stupid enough to to realize that to not realize that they’re they’re lying to them that’s about it. You sound more more text than whenever you’re angry yeah well that’s because of the whole revolution you know, but uh anyway, so yeah uh a lot of the people. They got back. I’Ll pull up the article about it, okay or not article about the information about it. Give me one second here: oh here we go here, we go yeah there. It is right here guys, take a look at it Music. I can’t believe the toxic bald man is playing final fantasy 14. off dumbass baldy. Take your community with you, oh my god, bald’s community got me banned, oh no! No! No! Oh! No! All right! So let me go back over here and i’ll see if i can find the actual post itself, because it got very, very popular and i’ve got to see it here. Okay, here we go apparently stream cyclers are actually getting banned by gm’s. Here we go guys. Let’S. Take a look at it, and so the best thing about it is that on 4chan now 4chan the only thing 4chan hates more than uh minorities is streamers.

Okay, like we are at the the lowest of the low on the totem pole like let’s, be honest. Sorry, not minorities, women right but like whatever you want to call it either way. What i’m trying to say is that 4chan, generally hates streamers, and i looked at the threats they were on my side. Everybody knows this is attention seeking behavior. This is a attention seeking behavior and this person got banned. The account got registered for harassment violations, so yeah people are getting banned for that, etc. Uh shouldn’t, uh beers reporting – you should have to report for yourself uh because it can’t be abused like it. Can’T be abused, etc. This is like the intellectual this. This is a dishonesty of it right. Like everybody knows, everybody knows what it is like you don’t need to have somebody compile a cia investigation to see that somebody that’s running after somebody else is clearly harassing them. Yeah they actually do an investigation. It’S not like this is blizzard right. So, whenever blizzard, whenever you report, somebody from blizzard blizzard has a dartboard okay and the what this dartboard has it’s like let’s go ahead. Actually i’ll make the dartboard um let’s go ahead. Let’S, look at the dartboard for blizzard reporting, okay, so let’s go ahead and let’s do okay, yeah! This is about right, Music, so that’s, basically, what the uh that’s, what the blizzard uh that’s, what the blizzard dartboard is. So what you guys have to understand is that this is what happens whenever uh whenever blizzard has a problem.

This is exactly what it is hairline. Yes, okay, all right, i have now. I have now read the message in chat. You guys could stop saying it shut. The up, i know that okay yeah very funny, so this is really what happens. Blizzard does not do investigations on these things. They allow these people to run wild in their game and those people ruin the game in the process. The fact is that, if you side with people that are being hostile that’s, definitely a problem – i am not happy with. I am not happy at all with the way that blizzard handles problems and wow. I think that blizzard does not give a so what i’m saying is i i’m actually very resentful of the way that blizzard handles screen sniping. I think that they are stupid. I think that they don’t know what they’re doing. I think that they in inherently foster and cultivate toxicity by allowing it. I think that it’s a very easy problem to solve, and i can guarantee you that it is because laura wrote a post about it four years ago on the thread about stream, sniping and uh pub g. I remember the exact post and he detailed ways that you could easily ban people for stream sniping. The reality is that those types of things are incredibly easy to deal with. They are super easy to deal with, and a company that doesn’t deal with them is only inviting toxicity, their game and creating people that have malicious intent and giving them the ability to harm people that are trying to promote and help their game.

There is your: not only, are you not helping somebody who’s trying to help you, but you are helping somebody who is hostile and abusive, so that’s what it comes down to so anyway, that’s all i’m, really trying to say is that everybody has this problem it’s. Definitely an issue and i’m glad that square is actually dealing with this, because uh it’s an annoying thing, and it just makes the game worse.