My name is Brian, and this is Ginger, Prime, if you’ve never been here before, but returning subscribers. You are freaking, LEGENDARY and incredibly attractive, if I do say so: myself. That’s what you get for, subscribing by the way, free random. Compliments about your attractiveness if you want to subscribe, but just for subscribers only. Today guys we’re talking about some serious news, a little bit of a PSA public service announcements in today’s case, especially with Asmongold coming and playing Final Fantasy 14. The bans have been issued and they are starting to roll out and that’s, not at Asmongold that’s, actually at the people who are harassing him in game.. One of the things that a lot of people said about him playing the game was the fact that he and his persona coming to play Final Fantasy was they were worried about the toxicity. Turns out. They really had nothing to worry about Square Enix, literally shuts that stuff down pretty quickly and with a really tough hammer and so we’re going to get into the tweet we’re actually going to read the information out so that everybody is at least on the same page. But at the end of the day, guys don’t harass anybody. It doesn’t mean if they’re like a streamer or not streamers, shouldn’t, be harassing uh, even just regular players. In fact, we’ve already seen bands from square enix, even though that didn’t even occur in game. So just note like there are some serious consequences when it comes to it, but let’s go and dive in, because i think this is really interesting and you guys aren’t, you guys aren’t aware um, one of the things that even asthma goal said on his dreams.

Like no nobody’s going to do that, who has the time to sit here and manage all of this he’s coming from world of warcraft and things are run a little bit differently over there and whether that’s, good or bad i’d love to know your opinion. You can always sound off and let me know we might weigh into it in a future player feedback. Video but let’s. Talk about this looks like square enix is actually banning the clowns who spent literally hours running after me and stream. Siping me blanking or bleeping awesome. It’S incredible how easy of a problem this is to solve when a company actually cares, throwing some shade uh at obviously blizzard in this case there’s a lot of videos that you guys have been sending my way to react. I think chris actually is going to be rocking some reactions here pretty soon. Uh just note that that’s on its way, but if you guys want to see me uh talk about any particular topics, you can always recommend them. You can always tweet at us uh in this case work to game or del monte b uh. If you want something to kind of get uh, you know just literally get in front of us, but let’s go ahead and dive into the actual post and look at what’s being said. What’S being communicated evaluate this to see if this is a legit, uh screenshot and more because, as always, you know, it’s the internet, things can be fake, but let’s go ahead and dive in.

Let me see if i can get a good look here on the reed, where you guys can see it also on screen um all right so uh, dear customer. This is a notice to inform you that we’ve suspended the final facing 14 service account registered this email for harassment violations uh every account issued is based off a conclusive evidence for a violation and is reviewed for accuracy based on the actions. The most recent incident and any prior record of the service account we have suspended. The final facing 14 service account registered this email. In accordance with your user agreement, the suspension will last a minimum of 216 hours uh, during which time you’ll be unable to access final fantasy 14.. You will immediately lose access to the service account for the duration of the suspension. However, the actual suspension countdown starts at 0 000 on the next day of the suspension being issued. Additionally, the service account will be investigated for consideration for termination. The suspension will remain in place until the completion of the investigation if this exceeds a 216 hour period. To best understand the penalties taken against the service account. Please review the account penalty policy at the link. The world of final fantasy 14 is much like the real world. It is popular with users of ages. Hailing from a variety of regions and social backgrounds, 14’s user agreement was created to ensure that all of those users could relax and enjoy themselves and therefore ask that all account holders to understand the and follow the final fantasy 14 user agreement and violations commits committed.

Under this fall under the user agreement 2.3 disruption, you may not in any way disrupt or interfere with the game. Experience of other players, including the disruption of square enix’s computers and servers, all accounts actions, are permitted recorded on the service account. So please be aware of the continued violations of final fantasy 14 user agreement. We may suspend 14 service account registered the email again or cancel it all together. We therefore ask that holders of the extra take extra care not to repeat violations under the user agreement. Now, here’s, where it gets uh, you know tricky here’s, where there is a problem that chris and i have called out multiple times – is that sometimes these bands um in this case, like it’s a 216 hour ban um, they they’re an indelible mark. They, like literally, will live on your account forever, and so some people have found that like they might do something wrong, they get a warning and then they do something like you know like years later and it’s like and then they get like a band and they Get like issues like a suspension in this case uh, and so ultimately, it just ends up just kind of like stacking up. So just be aware of that, be aware of the agreement that you’ve assigned squared x has it completely in their power to do this. They do not need to answer to anybody; they literally can just do this and go about their day happily, because this is what we agree to when we agree to play this game now right or wrong.

We can always have that debate on what is the best policy like the most accurate in terms of fairness and balance, and things like that and personally, it was speaking for me. I think there should be some forgiveness period in which that, like a warning or a suspension, falls off your account after a certain number of, i would say years, but you know again that time frame can always be up for debate anyway. So uh, if you suspect that this violation has actually resulted from somebody hacking, your account, which guys, if you didn’t know you can actually register. I like a one time password through, like google, authenticator or microsoft authenticator. So, even if you didn’t, like the little key fob thing that final fantasy 14 provides, there are alternate tools now that they weren’t there in place. So you can really kind of protect your account and, honestly, you should um anyway, so that you, where you can kind of appeal from there and they show that the service account has been blanked out. So i just want to make sure there’s no personal information, uh listed there, obviously it’s coming from anonymous. Obviously this is still coming from the internet, so we still will have to wait and see. I mean in the end, however, this isn’t essentially the core aspect, because i’ve already heard of this, this is just great to see that asthma gold’s recognizing it and then from a perspective, a contrast, wow versus 14 or 14 versus any other service based game out there.

On the internet, what is the difference? Uh maker now we’ve seen uh this isn’t a perfect situation, this isn’t a perfect solution. Unfortunately, people may not have known that this is going to result in the ban but that’s. Why? Hopefully, this video and other like tweets and information about that, gets out to the world, so they know that you don’t do this like you cannot disrupt. You cannot harass uh doesn’t matter who they are big or small. You have the power that you can report this stuff and from asman’s perspective coming into this game, seeing that a community actually like follows it that the gms are actively there. Uh, i think, is a really good thing. It’Ll be interesting to see how this affects his viewpoint of the game going forward uh, especially because he’s already seemingly enjoying the game and that’s exciting to see so, hopefully, this is some good information for you guys today. That way, you can kind of take this and either not harass people in game that you can protect your account with the authenticator or, if nothing else, you can just enjoy the incredible rise that Final Fantasy 14 is on right now, and thus you can continue to Preach and evangelize how amazing this game and community truly are now I’ve got another video we’re going to be talking about some other stuff that’s coming up uh here in a little bit, but we’ll go ahead and wrap up today.

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