Finally, gon na try final fantasy x. If, because all of my friends won’t shut the up about it so anyway, let’s just get right into it. Uh pay! No attention to the fact that i have a max level character that one is just for show. Okay. Here we go what kind of races we got here all right. We got a human, a giraffe, i don’t even know what that is: a bigger human, edgy, scaly human and a disgrace. Alright, i made this guy uh he’s max muscles, which is almost as much as i have in real life. Uh birthday, i don’t care uh don’t care. Well, this one will do. I guess strong guy, all right, let’s get it over with. Did you know that the critically acclaimed mmorpg final fantasy 14 has a free trial and includes the entirety of a romber born and the award winning heavensward expansion up to level 60 with no restrictions on play time? This video is sponsored by dungeon fighter online link in the description below dungeon fighter online is a 2d mmo with retro pixel, graphics, it’s got beautiful illustrations and animations for each class. That also add to the experience don’t forget to listen to the bgm i’m, telling you they have the hot summer festival going on right now, until august 10th, come spend a hot summer’s day with the dungeon fighter. Online events for leveling and gearing characters will be updated and making it easier for even new and returning users to get the best gear available and the female gunner character is gon na get her neo awakening update, which means she will have her third awakening to access.

Even more spectacular skills, so if dungeon fighter online looks interesting to you check it out in the links in the description below and now back to the video skip that one i don’t need to do that: uh, yeah i’m, playing with a mouse keyboard idiot. Of course. This, what do you mean this can’t be skip? Okay, stop it right! There did you catch what little billy did wrong let’s take another look: did you catch it that time? The answer is nothing billy did nothing wrong. People can play the game how they want to play. It now, let’s see what he does next leveled up all right: okay, i’m level. Two let’s go! Oh wait! I i forgot. I forgot the quest well there’s, actually a lot of people here, but but people play this game return learned, don’t know what that means, but i’m not gon na read about it. How do i get over there? Ah i’m lost huh looks like a nice pla. Oh, my god, he must be like super max level, flame, puppy, huh, all right flame puppy when one day i’m gon na look like you flame puppy. Have you the resolve to wield the lance? Yes, just like lubu from dynasty warriors. Thank you. Please. Can i now go, go, kill stuff. I would just like to kill things now. It has been a long time. Oh cool. I got ta. I got a quest to go, kill things. Uh let’s see what is it uh a little ladybug? I i have to kill a little ladybug it’s, just a squirrel, a mushroom, i i think people just eat those this game play is exhilarating.

Truly. Oh, i leveled up watch out everybody strong guy heading back to town way back to. Where is town. How do i get back over there? How do i get over there? Oh, a squirrel what’s this thing, white, joker, huh. What i don’t think dragoons are supposed to do that: okay, pause again! Did you see what billy did wrong that time? Oh yeah, by the way, so i recorded that first fantasia section after i already started, recording so i’m, just gon na leave the fantasia on for now. If that’s, okay with you got it okay, good anyway, so as i was saying, billy still did nothing wrong. He’S just playing the game, how he wants to i’m thinking what what other cool things can i show you, one of the first things that i like to do is get my hot bar in order i like to keep skills with the same purpose on the same Hotkeys it’s, like with white mage, i have cure and cure 2 here and then on scholar, it’s, physic and add low and then on astrologin, it’s, benefic and benefit 2. and with all of them i like to keep swift cast and rays on the same buttons as Much as i can and like with tanks, i have provoke all on the same button. So i always know where it is. My ranged attack is always on the same button. So i know where it is. The same cool down effects are on the same buttons.

You get the point here, it just helps, you remember things and not push things by accident and you can have different sets like when i go into healer mode. I like to move my party list in more towards the center, so i can look at it, but when i’m, a dps or tank that thing can go all the way out in egypt. Some other helpful settings let’s see here in character, configuration under character right here battle effect settings when you’re first starting the game. Maybe you want to have it on show off for everybody, but quickly it might get a little overbearing with how many abilities are showing on the screen. So, as you level i like to show limited for everybody else, you still see the important things you know like. Like like heal bubbles and stuff like that, but you don’t see all everything. Ah, yes, another one in character, configuration general tab skip playback of previously viewed cutscenes. So when you go into a dungeon again, you don’t got ta watch the cutscene again, and this is what i do for sounds i’m, very particular with how i want my game to sound. So if you want, you could just copy these settings and kind of tweak them to what you want to do. There’S a lot of the sounds in this game are unnecessarily loud. This is probably the most important one i don’t know if it’s by default anymore, but in character configuration ui settings hud tab all the way at the bottom turn on display target’s remaining hp percentage.

I don’t know if it’s default it might be, but it’s so helpful for knowing, if you’re about to kill the boss or not one of the absolute best things that i can tell you is just read your tool tips. If you learn how to read these guys enough, you can kind of put together your rotation just by reading them. Obviously, you know watching a guide or reading a guide helps you out a little bit and yes, so besides that you’ll be good.