What you’re watching in the background is footage of what i’m talking about you can refer to this as an aimbot. A cheat whatever i’m just going to call it a cheat. The goal of this video is to explain how the cheat works in depth not to promote it, but rather to spread awareness and to reduce misinformation, so anyways enjoy the video let’s get right into it. Now, when i first saw this gameplay it just looked fake, i called it clickbait garbage because it just looks like normal cold war, gameplay garbage, so it all starts with a console and a pc. Of course, the program gets loaded onto the pc and then the user would buy something called a titan ii. What this does is it allows the controller to have a connection between both the console and the pc, and then a program can be loaded onto the pc. That edits the controller’s movements so, for example, anti recoil. If you were to press the aim and shoot button, the script would then pull down on the right. Stick without you having to so anyways you pull up the program and then you can stream the gameplay to the program either over your internet or with a capture card. So the program takes your gameplay right and then it analyzes it using machine learning. It learns to look for enemies on the screen and then, as long as that, enemy is in the red rectangle, which you can increase or decrease the size of.

It will then know how far you have to move the stick to them and it will shoot and then not only that it detects what gun you’re using by looking at the name in the bottom right, and then it will assign an anti recoil profile to that Gun so you’ll pick up a gun, it reads a name and it knows how far to drag down the right stick. Whenever you go to shoot so that’s, basically how it works. It takes the information it sees on the screen downloads. It reads it whenever and then. Basically plays a game for you. The only thing that you really have to do is walk around and press the aim button that’s. All you need to do now before we get into the explanation. I have to clear two different things up, because i know if i don’t mention it early enough in the video i am guaranteed to get comments about it. The first thing is that, even though it looks like it, this is not a wall hack for a wall hack to work, it needs access to the games file and with consoles they’re, secure and up to date, just enough to where no one can break into the Game files and look at them second thing is that a lot of people think that this cheat works off of aim assist. There are cheats out there, such as the cronus, where it works off, of aim, assist and the way it does.

That is that it tries to detect the aim assist bubble and then once it detects that it will pull the controller stick towards that bubble. So when a user locks onto an enemy, it sticks and it’s much harder to miss shots i’m, just going to throw up a quick clip to explain it visually. A lot of these clips are low quality, so it’s kind of hard to see, but with this one, hopefully it should explain it. As you can see, this guy is loaded into a custom game with a bunch of teammate bots walking around and you’ll see whenever he goes to aim in the boxes come up and it looks for people moving around. It finds someone moving around and it tries to snap to them and, like i said before, you can customize it how you want so, for example, the red box that you see you can either make it larger smaller. The overlays that you see here like the blue squares and the lines you could turn that on and off – and this is only visible within the program it’s not going to put an overlay over your actual game. It just gives you a reference to see on the computer program itself and then in this clip here. This is the anti recoil stuff i was talking about. The program reads the name of the gun when it’s been taken out and then it assigns a profile to it. So you could basically pick up any gun in the game and the program knows how to control the recoil perfectly then there’s.

This part of the original video that i showed where it can detect enemies based on the image itself. The cdl scan is standing here in the corner completely still, but the program is able to detect it anyway when the program gets used on modern warfare, for example. In this clip, you could see that it thinks dead bodies are enemies because it’s analyzing the picture and it looks like a player even though it’s not moving so hopefully my explanation was good enough with this cheat and now you know what it’s about. But now we ask the real questions: is this going to affect war zone? Is war zone? Broken, are streamers, going to use this and not tell anyone? Is bad boy beaming gon na upload 15 videos about this now a reminder that you’re welcome to leave your take in the comments, whether it’s, positive or negative? But if you want my take, i don’t think it’s going to affect things very much when i look back at all these videos yesterday, i looked through them very slowly and i wanted to see how good this thing is and, to be honest, it doesn’t look very Good, for example, there’s this player behind the stairs who never gets acknowledged by the program there’s. Another part where the program thinks a dead body is an enemy and then there’s also parts where the program thinks that teammates are enemies. Aside from that, i’ve never seen gameplay of this in warzone the person who made this has never bothered to play warzone yet and instead is only playing hardcore game modes where you only need to land one shot and then, when it comes to warzone there’s.

A lot of things that i would imagine that work against the cheat. For example, the cheat looks for movement right, there’s, a bunch of seagulls in the air and i’m sure at least once you have mistaken this for a parachuting player. If you can make a mistake, like that i’m sure the program can too and then, if any teammates get into your line of sight, the program’s gon na try to snap to your teammate instead of the person that you’re shooting at and then lastly there’s a lot Of engagements in warzone that are long distance, meaning that the enemy takes up a lot less pixels on the screen. Most of these clips that you see here are multiplayer. These kills are no more than 20 meters away in war zones, sometimes you’re shooting at people like 80 meters away. So i don’t know we have yet to see its potential against long distance targets. Keep in mind in that range. You do have to account for velocity. So that would mean you do have to shoot in front of your enemy. Just a tiny bit. The cheat doesn’t show any of that and instead just shows people locking onto basically anything that moves in a hardcore match. But aside from that dude the anti recoil is still insane. I was able to read that off the screen and know exactly how to pull the stick down right now. I’M. Honestly, not worried about this cheap, but i’m, still, just so mind blown as to how it works.

However, what i am worried about is what this cheeto looked like in six months, it’s been in development for a very long time. This person has been working on this for months and months and months and with machine learning, i believe, it’s only going to get smarter and it’s only going to get better at tracking targets now. Hopefully this does put the pressure on sony, microsoft and also activision to help prevent this. So far, nothing has been done or said to anything revolving around strike, packs, cronuses or those anti recoil aim assist enhancing mods, literally none of that has been acknowledged by raven or activision at all in warzone’s lifespan, but i mean on the positive side, hopefully with this. We do get some acknowledgement and not only that, i hope they keep up with it daily, because companies like these and hack companies, they will usually get a patchwork around the same day. So, with all that explained, i’m gon na go ahead and wrap up the video generally, i don’t like doing this kind of stuff, especially after the netduma video, but still it was interesting enough and i really want you guys to know what’s out there.