My name is dave here with go gamers and today we’re going to be taking a look at this xbox series: s that’s having video output issues, so let’s go over to the upper cam and see what’s going on Music. So, as you can tell, we have a xbox series s and these things are actually pretty pretty tiny, um and they’re pretty crazy, but um customer brought it by to us saying that it’s having video output issues. So i wanted to go ahead and um check it out for myself to see exactly what’s going on now. I can almost guarantee it’s, definitely the issue of my port and we can go over to the upper cam and we can see why well the microscope, as you can see, hdmi port completely burnt out so um. What we’re going to do is we’re just going to go ahead and take this apart and actually go ahead and replace that asia. My port on that xbox series s now, if you guys haven’t seen my um one of my previous videos before i have done ps5s and xbox series x’s, the xbox series x, we actually had to do a retrofit, meaning we had to use a previous gen xbox Model hdmi port in order to get it to fit, which is a pain in a huge process to be able to get done, but they actually manufacture xbox series x and s um hdmi ports. So today we will not be doing any retrofits.

We will be putting on another official xbox series as hdmi port, so um let’s go ahead and get this thing taken apart, get it down to the motherboard and see what we can be able to get done on this one all right. We got it down to the motherboard, so now what we’re going to do is we’re going to go ahead and take this cap tom tape right here and this cap town tip. You can actually get it off of amazon if you just hop on amazon and type in caption tape, s k, a p t, o m tape and you should be able to purchase it. So what we’re going to do is we’re going to apply this around the asia, my port, to make sure we uh protect the components near that port. So once we heat it up, nothing gets destroyed around it, so let’s go ahead and start getting them on there. All right, so, when you have the cap on tape every way over top of your hdmi port, what we’re going to do is we’re going to take one of these clamps that you can get from amazon our home depot. If you just go down to your local home depot and grab it our depot, as some people will say, uh you could just go ahead and clamp your motherboard anywhere so i’m just going to find a safe spot to clamp it without having to break any components And we will move on to the next step all right, so it seems about right here – is a good and safe spot to put the clamp on, so i just brought the light a little bit to where you could be able to see it.

So now what i’m going to do is do a couple things we’re going to switch over to the microscope, so we can see over top all right. So, as you can see, we have our asia, my port right here so i’m, going to go ahead and take my heat gun and i will actually switch over to my upper cam. So you guys can see what type of heat gun that i’m using you guys. Can see, hopefully i should be able to show it a little bit closer that’s, exactly where i have it um. So, as you can see, i got the fan on high and i’m on i’m on this bar right here, so that’s, the bar that i’m on. So the second to the highest i’m gon na take some tweezers like so these are husky. Tweezers go back over to our microscope. Um and i’m gon na put my tweezers and i’ll, actually show you on the upper cam, so you can kind of hopefully see what it looks like through all this mess. So i take my tweezers i’m gon na set it like this and i’m gon na heat up underneath until the solder melts, and we can be able to get it off all right. So we have our old asia, my port, taking off. So now what we’re going to do is we’re going to take some of this um, no clean flux, paste that you can get from amazon um.

This is 8341, so we’re going to apply it over top of the hdmi header in the four anchor points and we’re going to take our solder iron and we’re just going to make sure our solder wire is heated up. We’Re going to take some of our um solder right here and we’re, going to apply it to every single anchor point and make sure we make make sure we get the solder on the entire hmi header, so let’s go ahead and get that done. Music all right. So we’re going to take our new hdmi port, as you can see right here and we’re, going to go ahead and apply it to um the hdmi header and anchor points. As you can see, everything is clean and looks good and we’re just going to take the hdmi port with the tweezers we’re gon na make sure we put it in there to hold it down and yeah we’re, just gon na first start off by heating up underneath The motherboard to make sure everything um is melted before we apply it on the bore or you will melt to plastic on the hdmi port, because i’ve seen people do that so many times so um let’s start by heating it up. Well, let me actually put my fume extractor next to the better keep them fumes away, all right, so we’re heating up the header right now and, as you can see, the anchor points are starting to melt it’s going a little bit longer all right.

We should be good all right, as you can tell. We have the new hdmi port in place and now here comes the tricky part we’re going to go ahead and take our solder iron and we’re gon na have to solder down every single pin individually onto the motherboard. So let’s get a good view of that and we can start working on that right now, Music, all right all pins, have been successfully soldered down. So now what we’re going to do is we’re going to move over this microscope so let’s take a toothbrush i’m going to take my 99 ipa i’m just going to dip my toothbrush in there and we’re just going to clean around it all right and now all We have to do is go ahead and put this motherboard back in our chassis hook it up and see if we can get it to work, all right, so, Music, all right. So we have video – and i just hooked up my controller so i’m – going to go ahead and log into their game. Console um we’re, going to go over to the video settings and we’re going to up the um video yeah, just scaled it up to 1080p. As you can see, everything seems to be working a hundred percent fine now. So this is a good hdmi port. Alright that’s it for today’s video on this xbox series s, video port issue – if you guys are interested in seeing more videos like this, make sure you guys go ahead and subscribe to our channel right here at go gamers.

We do a lot of repairs just like this, and if you want to see a specific repair or if you have any questions, make sure you go ahead and either make a comment below or reach out to us on our website at You can call us – or if you are interested in shipping in your repair to us, go ahead and shoot us a call and we will be able to go ahead and organize your repair and get your game console repaired. Just like how we did this customers right here, but besides that, you guys have a good day and i’ll catch you guys.