Fast charging tecno phantom x is the latest smartphone in the techno phantom series. So at the end of this video i’m going to be making the choice between both phones, with reasons so make sure you watch the end of this video to get it all. So without any further ado, let’s get started: Music down, Music, Music, so Music brothers, Music is Music, is Music, so, okay, guys here’s. My conclusion on both phones, though my conclusion is not based on personal sentiment, it’s based on technicalities, so, if i’m to choose between infinix, zero x and techno phantom x, i will go for techno phantom x. Here are my reasons: tecno phantom x has more ram. Tecno phantom x has about 3 percent, more ram than infinite 0x. More ram means small application can run at the same time, which makes the device faster. Secondly, techno phantom x has dual front camera. Multiple front cameras is useful for enhancing certain effects like lower zoom and wide angle. Surface tecno phantom x has more storage capacity. It has about 100 percent more in built memory than infinite 0x. More memory allows you to store messages, songs, videos, photos and install more applications, and, lastly, tecnophantomx has a bigger battery and a bigger battery means your phone will. Last long, though, this doesn’t necessarily mean that it will last longer than expected, it all depends on the user’s preference. There are only few reasons why one want to go for, if misery x over techno phantom x – and these are one it is slimmer and slimmer.

Phones are easily carried about in the pocket. Secondly, it has a better camera resolution, which means that you’re going to have a better quality pictures and videos and, lastly, it supports memory card. Okay, guys i’ve come to the end of this video and i believe we’ve got value from it.