Techno phantom x was announced on the 24th of june 2021. The phone is a premium offering from the company’s phantom brand tecno phantom x comes with a 6.7 inches touchscreen curved display with a resolution of 1080 x, 2340 pixels and a density of 385 ppi. It has an aspect. Ratio of 19.5 is to nine, and it also has a refresh rate of 90 hairs. The unique feature of techno phantom x is the curved amoled display it has. This gives you a good view when watching videos on your phone and when reading text on your phone because of its curved amoled display, i would say, techno phantom x, is a rebranded samsung notes. Talking about the processor techno phantom x is powered by an octa core mediatek’s helio, g59 processor and assisted by mali, g76 mc4 gpu, mediatek’s, hello, g95 processor is designed to deliver increased performance across board of superior gameplay that’s to say, tecno phantom x has an excellent game. Processor tecno camon x runs on android 11 with higher os 7.6 out of the box. There are just two colors available in the market, and these are the monet summer and the starry night blue. Talking about the memory and storage capacity. Tecno phantom x comes with 8 gig of ram and packs 256 gig of internal storage that can be further expanded via micro sd card techno common x has a big ram more and means small application can run at the same time, which means that techno phantom x Is a fast device talking about the body dimension, tecno phantom x measures about 163.

50 millimeter in height 73.7 millimeter in width and 8.7 millimeter in thickness. It is neither heavy nor light. Talking about the body build. It comes with a glass front and a glass back tecno phantom x is powered by a non removable, 5000 mah battery. It supports fast charging. It has a fast charging of 33 watts on the front side of techno phantom x. You find a horizontal notch at the top left center, which houses two cameras: it sports, a megapixel camera with an f8 aperture and the 8 megapixel camera for selfies. Video recording quality from the front camera is at a resolution of 1080 pixel at 30 frames per second on the back side of techno phantom x. You find a centered vertical camera island at the top which houses triple lenses camera type. These are the 50 megapixel primary camera, with an f 1.85 aperture and its mega pixel camera and, lastly, a 13 megapixel camera. It also features a quad led. Flash video recording quality from the rev camera is at a resolution of 40k at 30 frames per seconds or 60 frames per second. It also records video with a resolution of 1080 at 30 frames per second, also at the back. You’Ll find the tecno phantom branding at the bottom of techno phantom x. You find the speaker, the micro, usb type c, the microphone and a headphone jack of 3.5 millimeter. On the left side. You find nothing on the right side.

You find the volume button and the power button at the top of techno phantom x. You find the sim tray which houses the two nano sim card and a micro sd card. This is also a unique feature of develop phantom x, as other smartphone has their sim tray located at the sides. Another unique feature of techno phantom x is the in display fingerprint it has. It has an in display fingerprint, unlike its counterpart, which is either a side. One or a rare fingerprint talking about the sensors on this phone, it includes the accelerometer, the ambient light sensor, the gyroscope the proximity sensor and the in display fingerprint talking about the connectivity and the network connectivity options on the techno phantom x include wi fi, gps, usb Otg usb type c and the fm radio – okay guys, i will conclude with this tecno phantom x – is a budget phone that has it all. It has features that are synonymous to most of the smart phone that we have in samsung brands. Techno phantom x comes in a fashionable style. It has most of the trending and latest features that we’re all looking for in a smartphone, so guys i’ve come to the end of this video, and i believe you got value from it. If you did make sure you like subscribe and leave a comment, and also, if you’re new to our youtube channel don’t, forget to subscribe and hit the bell notification so that whenever i release a new video you’re gon na get notified, see you in our next upload.