You know uh yeah. He look first of all he’s a great interview. I mean if you’re the beautiful i mean he just spits it. You know, and so i think you know that that his he would he was critical of players, and you know he didn’t have a roster. You know the young guys to be. You know that way towards. You know it’s a different game and i’m, not critical of today’s player. In that sense, i mean look, you know, you feel how you feel and if you got an issue with how a coach is talking about your team and that’s fine, you know no worries there. I mean you got ta you’re entitled to feel the way you feel. The thing is that willie green has been around mega eagles. You know draymond green, you know he saw that you know so you know and and you know, kevin durant and and and you know, stephan clement – you got ta, you got ta, you got, ta, have confidence to play at that level and even even even here i Mean chris paul and devin booker i mean those guys, you know they they they they’re, like hey, i’m, that guy too you know so they’re, not you know, but but to be able to be talking about holding accountable. Devin booker was not the defender all right, let’s. Just keep it honest, i mean when it was time it was. It was blow by with him earlier in his career and willie.

Green was and monty williams is a huge part of this, but willie green also challenged him. Hey. You want to be a complete player. You got to be a better defender and devin. Booker is not a liability on the defensive end when he was one earlier and i know devon’s talked about, you know it’s a five man, five man, defense and he is correct, but every man’s got a job and sometimes it didn’t look like devin was even thinking About it in terms of giving the max effort consistently now devin booker does chase down blocks. He didn’t do that three years ago. You know, part of that is, is being held accountable and that’s part of it and give you a quick story when i think it was game. Six against the lakers. Now willie, green and chris paul have a special relationship. They play together in new orleans. They play together with the clippers, so willie green might be one of the few people that can tell chris paul this, but they’re they’re they’re talking during the game and willie green, tells chris paul in the fourth quarter. Hey you got ta do something, you know you got ta, you got ta put your imprint on this game and chris paul was saying: hey man, hey i’m trying and really we’re like no. You have to do something to help us win this game, and chris paul had a stretch in that fourth quarter, where he helped put the sons over the top now you’re talking about get the relationship.

But this is during the heat of a game, a close out game and willie green says: hey chris paul. We i i know you and all in his head thinking, oh you’re, an all time great you’re, going to be a first ball hall of famer you’re, going to do this you’re going to do that. You’Ve done so much in your career. But as of this exact moment, i need you to do something to help us win, because at this point you haven’t been doing that or at the level. We need you to do that that’s huge and for chris paul to respond to that and then do what he does that right. There it’s really green having relationship with god. I’Ve talked to players about him and they’re like hey, he has a sense of humor. You know he jokes around with us, but he’s very intense. You know he’s serious about his job like he understands the dynamic and of being one way with the guys, but then being another way that they feel comfortable with him. I mean this guy steals practices with the guy, like i think i can remember last season him and devin booker playing one on one after practice and it’s like you know – and i asked coach about that so you’re still doing that this year, he’s, like yeah yeah, Still still do it every once in a while, you know, you know we’re, basically, it’s not like one on one it’s like i mean it’s one on one but it’s more of okay devin.

You had the ball on offense i’m on defense, it’s. That kind of deal let’s work on your post up, let’s work on this work on those situations, but this guy is still doing that. Now i get it he’s ‘, but you go out here and ask an average ‘ year old if he would be up to guarding devin booker after that practice. Just just just go out let’s see and see how many answers, how many no answers you get or see how many yes answers you get and you would be like come on man really, so this guy is still engaged. He still got that competitive and that’s what he was as a player. You know, billy gray was bulldog out there. You know, so he can relate to these guys on multiple levels. That would earn respect immediately, and so, if he can also you know, i get, he would be inheriting a young team, but there’s probably guys on that team. That know who he is or know who we play with. So it looks like he’s coming in and like who is this guy? So you know he has a lot of things intangible things that would benefit and help in terms of him making the transition. So i mean again willie green’s, a guy that i wouldn’t put it past him to be able to do anything he’s you know from detroit. Then they came up. You know through it and to be able to be where he’s at right.

Now, in such a short time, where now you’re talking about him, possibly being an nba head coach, that just speaks to who he is as a person and he would be ideal there in new orleans, but he would. It would also not be a problem if he, you know didn’t take a job or wasn’t hired and then you know kept building his building the skills uh for for for another position in the future, because every year somebody’s getting fired so the job’s open every year. So and i ain’t like he got ta take one now, but you know you know, the opportunity is, is, is there in terms of talking to people and talking to interviews, he’s been he’s, been in enough situations to to make the adjustment um and that the fact That he’s, you know, he’s he’s, been around a lot of people. Uh he’s been at a certain level he’s made to come up and that you know when you’re around who he’s been around whether it’s iverson as a player chris paul as a player, i mean you know, and so the things that he’s done over the course of Just this short time frame for him to be right here speaks a lot to who he is and, and you know, monty williams as a saying everything is on the other side of heart and willie green has seen that you know playing for him and coaching with Him so you know this guy is not immune to work, and he, if he, if he was if he was to take the job he would if he was to be offered the job first and then he was to take it.

He knows the work that would need to be required to get that going in new orleans. It’S not exactly like you know, pelicans have had success, hornets pelicans have had success, but not consistently, and so you know in order to make that happen, you know he’d have to really figure some things out and again. When you see the coach that, like van gundy, get fired after one year that that actually the trepidation to even consider it, but you know if he does, and he knows going in okay, this is how it is, and um he’s experienced a lot and he’s a He’S, a he’s, a darn, good coach, you can just see it the impact on the defensive end and getting guys to understand how to play on that side of the ball and and uh. You know for mikhail bridges and deandre hayden and jay crowder, who, who we know is you know, was a good defender but to get that as far as a team concept for other guys. But, like i said, i look at bench guys when the bench guys are able to come in and keep that level of defensive intensity and that’s what the sons have went on. I mean the the glitz of booker hidden, hidden shots, chris paul going between his legs and fadeaways and and aiden duncan and crowder, and mikhail and cam john’s, hitting threes and transition up and down.