Hopefully you guys are having a great day today, i’m gon na give you guys five seconds to drop a like for all the beautiful Music. Ladies and gentlemen, bowl gang member of the day goes to my boy. Super he says: 2k is literally at the make or break for his franchise. 2K 22 has to be the best basketball game of all time. It does guys listen. 2K. 14. 15. 16. 17. W2K is right, then you got 2k18 took at 19 and 2k 20 and 2k 21 is down here in the slums. Okay, now, 2k 22. They have to make a great comeback. If it’s terrible, i’m retiring i’m uploading minecraft i’m going bro i’m playing golf daily i’m done with 2k bro if 2k 22 is bad, so you better tell beluga and and ronnie the game better, be good! Okay, hey man! If you guys want to be bold gang member of the day, all you guys got to do is drop a like on the video subscribe. The channel comment something funny something positive down below that’ll put a smile on this young man’s face quick interruption; man, if you guys need some cheap, nba, jerseys and shorts man make sure you check out pristine jerseys. I just copped a few and they’re actually like really fire super good quality. So if you guys are interested man make sure you check out the first link in the description and use code. Cole, ladies and gentlemen, we’re back with another nba, 2k 21 current gen video and today i got a pretty funny challenge and something i’ve been wanting to do uh for years now and i’ve never really thought about it.

First of all, i want to give credit where credit is due. My boy brother jones is a really good content creator on 2k uploads 2k videos, and he came up with this series called like fat, dribble god, and he creates an over an overweight point guard and today, we’re gon na be doing that on nba 2k 21, and This is gon na be pretty funny, so uh yeah let’s hop into it. First of all, i want to say shout out to my boy, hoodie bax, for letting me use his uh. His legend account, and this is his player. Okay, guys i’m gon na. Let him slide. You know what i’m saying, because he’s been grinding, he’s been working hard, but this player got ta go. I know you see the tar. I know you see the drippy face scan today. Cole, the man is gon na, be using the drippy face skin. All right boys let’s go ahead and create this player. Man we’ll go with a point. Guard left handed jersey number. You all already know the vibes all right, we’re gon na make a play shot. Of course, um yeah we’re gon na make a play shot all right guys. I went ahead and maxed out the player, and now we are at the body type and i’m gon na go with the burly body type. Look at that look at him. He looks so drippy with that drippy face yo, the uh, the owner of this account backs.

You need to take off this drippy face game man. This is unacceptable, bro all right and for lolz we’re gon na go five, seven, almost quizzy’s height almost and of course we got ta go with the spot up shooter. We have to go with that and, ladies and gentlemen, we have a 500 pound playmaking shot creator. All right, it’s gon na be a lot of fun. I know this. The intro took a little long, i’m. Sorry uh, but yeah let’s get into some gameplay with the fat dribble god himself, let’s go crazy. All right! Quizzy i’m joining up watch me fly in bro, don’t care bro. I got the swag baby. I don’t care. I got the drip care less about your legend blimp on this game. Just watch me fly in bro i’m, like 400 pounds. I’M big burly yeah. This is if this is real life. I shoot that blimp crash down one thing: we’re not gon na talk about today is: i do have a drippy face scan on and i do have tar, but that is not me. That is the uh owner’s appearance. Not me. Okay, look. Look at me, am i uh. Am i cute no Laughter but i’m, a big bodybull baby you’re one of two jokes out now: okay, quizzy i’m gon na go ahead, get my jokes out all right. My first joke uh! This is your body type irl. Okay uh, my second joke is you can’t even create create your real life, build on a current gen buddy you’re, three inches too short, all right, that’s, all i needed to say i’m good enough.

You know the comment section is going to go crazy. That was hilarious. Man, i said these little kids are eating it up too. I smacked them. Could i ever see one of them if they’re over 18. yo, hey, look at me, man, i’m bad dripped out bro, stop playing with me. Look at me, tough! Am i cute. I ain’t gon na lie. Bro that nose looks crazy, come on artifact j. I guarantee you. His name is not even jay. I promise you. His name is that’s stuff, curry, with a redneck, no bullets, no starting it all strong baby hit him with that hit him with that, hey i’m moving to be like 400 pounds, man, i might be thick, but i can move baby stop playing with me getting green, But it’s that’s mine, oh wait! I have no mini. I forgot the 74 overall bro custom, slack bro. Oh my god! Please! I got a drum. I get the christmas takeover now! Bro christmas tape. Yes, sir, look at me, i’m moving i’m bopping and moving homer hit him with that. Hey nobody can stop the weed man i’m, going crazy out here, come on, not even at 500 pounds. I can’t stop that i’m too. Juicy boy! If you don’t spray it with my big body, oh god, see look at my big body bro. I said the big screen i’m fat hit up with that bro. I think i’ve only laid it up.

I don’t think i’ve made it three. I haven’t i’m, taking all the layups out here, maybe yo. We need to get a stop. Come on. Oh, i love you quizzy you’re. So hot let’s go. Oh, my god. We need to stop no threes, no threes that’s off get up. Give me the ball. Give me the ball. Give me the ball. I’Ll get another turnover on purpose, no i’m, not let’s go. I got it all right. Please drop me. The corner i’m greeting that’s, where i’m grinding bro i’m greeting bro, i swear. What are you doing? That was a mean. Curry slide is my drippy face scan cute? No, you don’t, like my drippy, face, scan let’s go to a new chord bro. This quarter, unlucky, bro we’re, going to the bottom right bottom left one yeah low key! You want to take off my shirt, real quick hold on oh bro. Oh my god. All right let’s go i’m looking drippy, especially with the face scan. What did you put on me? Bro, nah, that’s, a disgrace. Bro! Take that off yeah beat the drop it’s a drop, oh god you’re. Trying to humiliate me man, that’s crazy. Do you guys, like my drippy, face scan yeah? What caught a minute? This is called the man yeah? It is bro shout out to all the beautifuls he’s, not og. Doesn’T know never mind left, leave that okay. 20. on the left. Look ghost! Oh, that oh yeah, that face game was cringe too.

Honestly. I don’t mind that one this new one i just want to slap anyone who uses that i should slap myself ow that hurt it’s like your butt. You want me to hold on hold on yeah. Look at anything. Look at me, Music, Music. That is true. I need your diamond. No cap got me. Oh my god that was that was broke. Lizzy i’m, not gon na lie. You like that. Give me some lessons. Turn me on a little bit. Oh my. Let me pop you out and push it up. That was a bop guys with that drippy face. I was moving. I was totally moving and bopping and glocking and so moving she loving cold drippy face gaming. If you guys use any of those psns, you have a face. Drippy face. Can you can literally kick rocks and i would not care hope, the worst for you in life buddy, please yeah that’s, a three pointer. I can’t time this jumper. Is it faster on five sevens? Oh, maybe i just been playing nba live too much. Lately, guys haven’t been having a blast on that game. Yeah i got the faith yeah yeah don’t be using my account yeah i got. I got the the fade script. Bro yeah don’t be using that, on my account, buddy nah man, i’m gon na keep using it so you get banned. Let me ask you: let’s play come here: quizzy poo! Ah, you won’t be getting the ball you’re good, though.

What did i do? Watch rebound chaser. Give me the ball, give me the ball. Yes, my daddy, oh yeah, oh yeah, just when in doubt hit him with the wii ready yo. We did not hit him with this whoa. Did you block? Did you block me? I don’t think so: daddy yeah yeah yeah. What you gon na do about this week, you gon na do nothing Music. If you can spell balloon spell balloon: i’ll, add you back wrong Music, all right, guys, that’s going to wrap it up for the video man. Listen if you guys want more big burly body. Bull 400. Point guard uh videos. Let me know down below in the comment section. I had a lot of fun with this uh shout out to my boy. Quizzy and tough. Both of the links will be down below in the description quizzy.