One san antonio man now suing that officer and they say it’s not about the money, correction, accountability. The financial recompense is is secondary to the idea that this police officer has not been charged. Not anything has happened to him and accountability for other officers who he says failed to step in they didn’t look at them. They didn’t offer medical care. They did nothing, they hustled this cop out of there and left him laying on the ground bleeding the protest. Last summer in san antonio erupted, following the death of george floyd at the hands of a minneapolis police officer now convicted in his death. Hundreds in san antonio marched in protest for several nights. Police were called to enforce a curfew. Maloney says there are several videos from witnesses there that night that showed this was a clear civil rights violation. The idea that it did happen here – and it did happen here in this town and instead of fixing the problem it was swept away against the city of san antonio and san antonio police, now k set, did reach out to the city for comment. We are still waiting to hear from them. Thank you. Patty a toddler left paralyzed along one side of her body an 80 year old man killed tonight. Two people are now indicted. In that case, danielle diaz and selena hernandez were driving down rigsby avenue near covington road. When 80 year old antonio martinez was hit and killed back in march investigators, say they were driving at nearly 90 miles per hour before the crash and also had hernandez’s two year old daughter in the car, the district attorney’s office says the child was not properly restrained.

In the car leaving her with several spinal fractures, we now know the name of a man who police say was murdered on the city’s south side. This past weekend, the bexar county medical examiner’s office says 40 year. Old, adam hernandez was killed overnight saturday into sunday. A driver passing by found him lying on the ground. In the 1800 block of east south cross police say he had been shot several times and was pronounced dead at the scene. At that time, police say there were no witnesses to the shooting so far, no reports of any arrests. We also have a few more details tonight surrounding the communication problems during a house fire in fair oaks branch. Yesterday, the radio project manager says fair oaks branches outside the coverage area’s existing system. The plan is to incorporate fair oaks ranch by adding a new radio site within one and a half miles of the area. We began asking questions about this after firefighters had trouble communicating by radio while trying to fight thursday’s fire. There, no injuries were reported, but a cause is still unknown tonight. It’S also unclear when that new radio site will be built to improve communications. We have another drowning to report as we head into the fourth of july weekend. The latest case happening today on the kamau river 62 year old albert aranda from farmington new mexico was pronounced dead after going under the water near a tube shoot in new braunfels.

This comes after a tragic incident earlier this week when a san antonio father and son drowned while visiting the beach in port aransas boaters are also reminded to stay safe in the water that includes not boating, while under the influence, texas game wardens also advise you to Keep life jackets on board for all passengers and make sure you have your registration game. Wardens can stop you to do a safety water check at any time in the water communications giant at t has decided to hang up on the spurs when it comes to their corporate dollars, starting in the fall of 2022. The spurs home arena will no longer be known as the at t center with more on this breaking story. This holiday weekend let’s head over to our greg simmons, and this does not come as a shock to the spurs by the way at all now, that’s. Not all that’s going to happen here, att also sold its minority stake in the spurs, as part of the investors shake up that occurred just last week. This is all according to front office sports tonight that reports att decided not to renew their naming rights contract that pay this first two million dollars a year considered to be on the low end of such sponsorships. They also saw their seven percent share the team in the recent ownership shakeup that now involves michael dell out of austin 6th street, a private equity firm based in san francisco as new investors of about 30 percent of the team.

This was considered a high probability when an at t merged with sbc back in 2005 and they moved their corporate headquarters from san antonio to dallas. By comparison, a t pays a cowboys 20 million dollars a season for the naming rights for the dallas cowboys home stadium. In arlington spurs did not respond for our request for a comment, and there also may be another factor in the at t’s decision to cut off the spurs got the very coming up in sports tim, big changes tonight. Thank you. Greg. Take a look at this. An underwater pipeline leak led to a portion of the gulf of mexico actually catching on fire. Some people who saw the viral video called it the eye of fire, something like out of the movie lord of the rings. Pemex. The mexican oil company says that fire originated from a gas leak in a submarine pipeline early this morning, no one was hurt, pemex claims, there was no oil spill associated with that fire and it was brought under control three big stories to know tonight. There are more questions than answers in a shooting outside a bar. This morning a man was found shot in his arm and chest outside morales ice house on frio city, road, police still don’t, know who shot him or why someone tipped off police to the shooting. Just before 5 this morning and then hung up investigators hope, surveillance. Video will help in the case a big shift in the middle east tonight, the u.

s army closing bagram airfield the facility serving as the base for u.s military operations in afghanistan for the past 20 years. This is the biden: administration tries to withdraw the remaining 2500 american troops by september 11th. There are also concerns about what happens to thousands of afghan citizens who are now targets for retaliation by the taliban. After working alongside u.s troops, the u.s is reportedly in talks with three central asia countries to temporarily house those afghans. While they await u.s visas, more people are heading back into the workforce as the pandemic subsides, but more positions are still available. Places like hometown burger are still looking for half a dozen employees at each of their locations. They’Ve bumped up the starting pay to 13 an hour workforce solutions. Alamo also says more than 20 thousand unemployment claims are still being filed monthly to the latest tonight. On the condo collapse in surf side, florida 22 people now confirmed dead. More than 100 people still unaccounted for. The search and rescue mission could now be complicated by hurricane elsa. The national weather service is on site, as crews evacuate items that could be unsafe in a storm and just south of surf side. A condo building in north miami beach was evacuated after the city deemed it was unsafe. Still ahead on the nightbeat one. San antonio student gets crafty and competitive the competition that has him showing off his shoes coming up plus 4th of july travel is ramping up.

The experienced travelers at the san antonio airport are sharing and the new proposal airlines could face when it comes to check bags. Next, on the nightbeat, a busy travel day, cancellations and delays at the san antonio international airport and airports across the nation, as the busy independence weekend gets underway, many getting out of town for the first time since last year’s lockdown, the night team’s jonathan kotto, spoke with Airport officials and travelers, who say they’re prepared to wait it out. The san antonio international airport, public relations manager says the number of passengers this time around is expected to be sky high. This weekend we are expecting between 14 and 15 000 passengers a day, and so it feels like excitement, because i know a lot of people have gotten their vaccinations and they feel comfortable with traveling flightaware. A flight tracking service shows 61 delays today and 15 cancellations. One passenger trying to get back home to ohio after military training, well we’ve kind of heard that it’s been weather and the weekend coming up and so essentially we’re just kind of dealing with what it is. Travel plans becoming more of a headache for one passenger who says it’s been a rough start since her departure to san antonio from baltimore. We had to be in san antonio about 9 30 in the morning for our funeral, so we had to switch, buy a new plane ticket for southwest five of us. In my family run.

I had to go back to baggage claim uncheck. My bag go back through security. Again then board with southwest with airlines reporting a staffing shortage, a product of the pandemic, some travelers say they’re, prepared to deal with the inconveniences. Oh yeah, i’m, fully prepared. I got my computer, i got some books. I got some good podcasts to go with so i’m. All ready hope says: it’s always important to arrive early to the airport, a reminder you’re still recording this neighborhood’s been very supportive. They check in on my husband and my stepdaughter, while i’m gone so it’s been fun to have them as part of the journey and just have them. Cheering me on, as i practice whether it’s in the driveway or running around the neighborhood kat ostroven, gets an olympic send off of her neighbors as she comes out of retirement. Looking for redemption in tokyo in big board sports. But first, as we told you, the top of our newscaster san antonio spurs lost a t as a naming rights sponsor for the home arena, starting the fall of 2022 that’s when their contract with the silver and black runs out and will no longer be known. As att center that’s according to front off sports tonight, that says at t decided not to renew their naming rights contract that paid the spurs two million dollars a year and they are also sold their seven percent share of the team in the recent ownership shakeup that Now involves michael dell out of austin 6th street, a private equity firm based in san francisco as new investors of about 30 percent of the team.

One reason we gave you at the top of the broadcast was 18t’s decision to move their corporate headquarters to dallas back in 2005, the other according to front office sports is a cost cutting measure to help in their merger of warner media with discovery. Pro football coverage powered by davis law firm, the dallas cowboys returning to training camp at oxnard california, at the same time, returning to hard knocks as according to hbo, made that announcement today. As a result, the cowboys become the first nfl team to be featured for a third time, and it comes on the 20th anniversary of the very popular behind the scenes show cowboys like the rest of the nfl, miss training camps outside of their team facilities. Due to the covet 19 pandemic last season now get to return to camp in california, it’s also a chance to document the cowboys recovering from a six and ten finish in mike mccarthy’s first season as head coach and dak prescott’s return to the field after suffering. His catastrophic ankle injury, forcing him to miss most of last season, hard knocks, will start airing on august 10th after the cowboys have already played their first preseason game against the steelers at the pro football hall of fame in canton ohio on august, the 5th also another. First, the heisen trust confirming today that former usc running back reggie bush could have his heisman return to him, but only at the ncaa reinstates his season all these statistics in which he won the heisman.

This comes after bush himself called for the trophy to return to him and his college statistics reinstated. In light of the fact college athletes can now profit off of their names, images and likenesses bush had to return the highest award in college football after investigation determined that bush and members of his family accepted cash travel expenses and even a house rent free along with Money to furnish the home as of today, his 2005 records remain vacated by the ncaa Applause. The milwaukee bucks have taken a three game to two lead in the eastern conference finals over the atlanta hawks only need one more win to advance to the nba finals. Both teams missing their stars, janasana decupo out with a hyper extended knee and the hawks trey young sidelined with a bro bone bruise in his right foot. Someone else would have to step up, but they did milwaukee jumped out to a 30 to 10 lead. Never looked back bobby porter’s got the start in place of giannis lineup scoring a career playoff high of 22, but it was a play of brook lopez who led milwaukee with a career playoff high of his own, with 33 points that stood out, but he also had A lot of help for four starters, with 22 points or more chris middleton was one of them with 26 drew holiday, adding 25 the 123 112 win. How much did last night’s game feel like a throwback to the days when the post position dominated i’m just trying to go out there and help my team, however possible? You know whether it’s you know uh playing that new modern, three ball game, four stretch game or being inside and what was great about today is we were really all just basketball players playing together both on offense on defense.

You know we were playing off one another making plays making extra passes. It was a lot of fun tonight all right game. Six by the way, is tomorrow night, an olympic softball player looking for redemption, given a send off in new bravo’s as she heads to tokyo. Next neighbors lined up on the street in this gated community in new braunfels to give olympian kat ostermann a send off today to the delayed 2020 olympics that begin july 23rd in japan, she’s only one of two holdovers from the 2018 that was upset by japan, 3 1, to make it even more frustrating osterman was a starting pitcher. That day the lefty has been waiting for redemption for this long after softball was actually eliminated at his olympic competition. Until now, now, it’s back and kat has come out of retirement hopes to make the most of her chance at getting back to goal that she won in 2004. Obviously, the olympic stage is the biggest stage in sports, so it’s. Obviously, a great excitement to be headed over there more than anything just finally excited that the time has come, it’s been a long wait. You know it’s extremely special. I think in 2008 softball was voted out, and so i didn’t know if i’d ever have this chance. Again so it’s been quite a journey to get back there, osterman coaches softball for texas state, her husband is the golf coach also for the bobcats and how about that practicing in her driveway in new braunfels before she goes to the olympics.

That is awesome, and this has been 13 years in the making for this redemption opportunity, the olympian next door, pretty cool, pretty very cool. Thank you. Greg we’ll be right back. Finally, tonight check this out. The statue of liberty’s, so called little sister, has arrived in new york city. The replica statue from france weighs in a thousand pounds and stands about nine feet. Tall it’s made from the same plaster mold as the original 1878 original statue of liberty it’ll, be on display at ellis island over the independence day holiday weekend before heading to washington, d.c for france’s bastille day on july 14th, and i want to point out. We have hurricane elsa, that’s, moved into the caribbean category, one storm likely to be a category one as it head towards heads toward cuba toward the end of the weekend and then somewhere near florida likely as a tropical storm, maybe low end hurricane early next week. That does it for the night beat don’t forget good morning.