Three and flying stance. Talk to me about grounding dive, clumsy yep, so grounding dive is a movement ability and a mechanism to go in switching between stances. So tiamat goes between flying stance and ground stance grounding dive. All it really does is actually transition to her with a leap dealing damage when she hits the ground and bringing her to her ground stance. It also provides teemot one hardened scale, which is a part of our passive which i’ll get into in just a second, but the opposite of grounding dive, which you can now use, as the third ability of the stance is rising flights. Yes, so rising flight is also pretty simple, it’s, a blast of energy that deals damage to energies and it sends herself backwards. Returning her to her flying stance using a grounding dive and rising flight is the only way to switch between these two different stances. Yeah super unique, so definitely all right, so let’s talk about the flying stance, abilities here and we’ll start off with primordial onslaught. Her ability won in flying stance, what’s going on with this one clumsy yeah, primarily on slot pawn. If you don’t mind me being an annoying one, do can you uh set level just so you have the ranks wanted to uh. Then we’ll go on from there because primarily onslaught well tmod gains power allowing her to fire orbs of energy at the end of the channel. Each orb stops uh stops on gods, but damages minions and enemies all the way through going through walls and, as you can see, as she charges up, she gains from one to two projectiles at ranks three and five that actually increases so at rank three.

She goes from one two to four projectiles and then finally, finally, at rank five she’ll gain all six projectiles. If you continue through the entire channel – and you can see her like beautiful, uniform flips like around her back kind of filling in as she channels, i think he did a lot of work actually to get that feeling right. Yes, this one looks great and i’m gon na ask pond to kind of uh charge up and kind of do a sweep as you fire. So we can see how the projectiles kind of interact with this one, because it’s kind of unique, oh yeah, you can definitely change your mind to mid fire and switch targets. If you hit the same god with multiple ones, you are going to be doing less damage per successful shot. This is still her primary range poke. This is going to do a lot of damage if you walk into this and take all six shots in the late game, you’re going to feel it right, it’s going to feel like it’s still crashed. Oh yeah, and one thing that’s important as well. Is that because the amount of projectiles increases as you rank up, that ability her early game even though she’s a stand, switcher isn’t actually the strongest, but we can get into that a little bit later. As we talk about her and now we can get to the second ability all right. Yeah let’s talk about ruination, so ruination team up creates an energy field.

That’S gon na be a what we call a double rounded triangle: um, where it deals loading enemies in the entire area and then a larger amount in the inner area after another time to deploy the inner area will then also stun enemies that are inside of it. So low damage and then high damage in the stun for enemies inside the center. I love the effects on this one and, of course i called it out a little bit, but new shape i’m sure people are hyped about that always and both of these abilities are really exploring the sort of like primordial creation magic that team at wheels it’s, not Just like something that would burn you or destroy you it’s, like imagine that tiamat just undoes things that you want to destroy right, it’s, really cool we’re, talking about kind of her undoing things, but let’s talk about her, creating things it’s time to talk about the ultimate That was fantastic. I appreciate it. I’Ve been practicing. You know people were wondering how is team going to be summoning all these different creatures, and how does she have all these abilities well that’s in the fourth, her ultimate in the flying stance? If you can see right here, she’s actually gon na be toggling in to another uh. Another stance really another posture where she can now use three completely different abilities in this stance. They all will share a cooldown. The first one here is summoned serpents, where tima will play as a pit of creation which spawns serpents of teemo that uh travel down the mid the minion lanes, just like minions, just like lane minions, they attack nearby enemies.

If you do them in the jungle, they’ll try and attack things nearby before finding a nearby lane. Two serpents spawn every 10 seconds and the deployable in general will create three waves before disappearing. Um. Also, any enemies that are hit by the surface will have their damage done reduced. These guys are really a new mechanism that we haven’t really tried before, which is lame like passive lane. Uh pushers, yes, a little bit of other health as well as that they take one hp from god, hits including abilities of per unique ability, as well as three hits from minions. So they are a little bit tankier to minions and, like i said they apply, that damage reduction debuff as well to gods and minions. You can do some really interesting lane pushing and xp farming tricks with disability, too um and it’s a very unique ultimate in that you can choose which one you want. So if um, if it wasn’t clear you can, this is used by pressing two different buttons to activate the ultimate and then pressing another one to choose the creature i’m similar that’s kind of the way you would do. Merwin’S stance, switch choice, yep enemies also can actually stand on that pit of creation deployable that the circle where they spawn from to actually destroy it early as well that’s if they can find it if they can get to it, but in general these minions will, if You actually see they have don’t have a lifetime, they will keep traveling until they’re, killed eventually by towers.

I was going to bring that up. I was going to say so. These uh serpents are persistent. They will push and then attack them. He will wait guard to protect and protect locations, so you can see he’s just waiting there, but if there’s, a god nearby, he will immediately start attacking them and slowing them extremely heavily for 80, but only for one. Second, all of these uh children were spawning here from t. Man are also based specifically on ancient babylonian texts and they have their uh ancient babylonian names, which clumsy is doing a pretty good job of production yeah. I know i hope, i’m doing. Okay, there yeah so yeah. He deserves a completely different purpose and he can get to him a little bit more detail, um and with his purpose. But i think we can go on to the third one of tma’s children, which is a little bit less of the normal kind of uh monster challenges you’d see, but it is the violent storm and um or summoning storm um. When tmod creates this uh, this deployable, it actually follows enemies before knocking them upwards and dissipating. So would you brute the violent storms is actually still one of those children? Yes, if you guys caught on social media at the uh, you know we love our distracted boyfriend. Meme here at highres and uh, this was one that we were thinking about here, so it’s kind of like cuckoo tornado, but not really, but it follows around.

But again the three other spoiler tweets were actually the references to her three children that she could spawn yeah. So those ones that were in the kind of more ancient uh runic style. Those were meant to just hint to me, which was a really cool concept and then, like i mentioned a few times earlier, and i can get to a game later, each one of those ultimate children really provide a different purpose to her gameplay remember. I said they all share a cool down, so you can only use one at a time um. So if you want to use those basilisks to spawn and push down the lane that’s fine, but that means you won’t. Have your minutes. Are your bulwark there who might help root down a single target if you’re being ganked, which also means you might not have um to there for when team fights break out, and you might want that aoe destruction right! Well, that wraps it up! We’Ve gone through everything! In flying stance, so let’s transition, it yeah let’s transition and switch things up uh and talk about uh, grounded stance and the first ability uh, probably the biggest talking point on social media. After the closer look is uh consume, uh let’s talk about consume, clumsy what’s, going on with this one. So i love introducing this one to people because it’s i just go it’s a simple cone right. You consume you just look at it, it’s a simple cone.

It deals damage and it slows enemies, but wait there’s more um. We really want to try something different here: uh consume in the ground and stand sema can actually use this on in minions on large muscles and buff holders, as we’re about to see to execute them. Underneath the health thresholds, so you can see the little fx mark we have on those enemies. It’Ll instantly kill those enemies now, as you might have seen with this kind of a mechanic before. If teemo actually does this to a buff holder, while things get a little bit interesting – and i think i love seeing all the different ideas that people had when we said she duplicates buffs but there’s, actually a little bit more to it as well. So tiamat is able to consume and immediately gain one of these buffs as we’re about to see bang. She dropped a red buff in the world and she gained a red buff as well, but there’s a little bit more to it too. If tiamat kills another jungle, buff holder without using well not actually without using consume, if she already has consumed uh a consumed buff so go ahead and kill that she can then actually walk over and pick up a second buff. So not only does i wish, i could see, chat right now, wait a second what so she actually is able to the first god who will be able to utilize two different buffs.

They all have the maximum duration, and i know people are going to be thinking. This is just insane but there’s a lot of different things. We did to make sure that this feels balanced. In fact, we actually started out with the consumed buff having like 20 percent of the duration or 30 or 50, but we noticed that trying to force this kind of gameplay and even if you’re, playing her in the jungle it’s. Not the easiest to make use of this now in other game modes like arena or joust. It might actually be a lot easier, but um in conquest. If you’re playing in the mid lane or the solo lane, it may not actually be that easy uh to get this going. But, like people said, if you want to drop a red buff pick that up for yourself and let the support go ahead and grab that. Well, you’re feeling pretty happy it’s generally just difficult. You can’t be everywhere at once, and you don’t want to disrupt all of your lanes, starting positions and their normal jungle flow. Just so, you can get an extra jungle buff, especially not necessarily in the early game, but which i’m i’m very excited to see how the pros use this and when they do coordinate themselves in that way, and if they do try a completely different start. When it’s a tmat in the game um because then we’ll really see the pinnacle of this power, yeah and i’m, definitely uh anticipating.

If a team mod is on your team, you’re, definitely going to wanting to prioritize the greater scorpion to get those enhanced jungle. Pops yup pawn’s got a good point here. Another thing that you can see is that just like in the stories tiamat can actually consume her actual pets, so they will immediately be executable by concealed. You can see those little points and what that does, if you remember from the passive, is that she can actually gain hardened scales, which is what allows her to have the extra mitigations when her pets die around her. So if she summons minions in the flying stands for pets and then goes into the ground sense immediately consumes them. She will be even tankier. She gets five stacks of heart and scales. I know it sounds like a lot guys, but believe me uh. So much all right! Well, that was consumed. Let’S talk about outburst, uh gon na be the second ability in grounded stance, outburst a lot more simple: tiamat slams the ground, creating sizes of seismic rifts that erupt in succession in front of her damaging and knocking events. That’S. All it does, i promise that’s it yeah. I was waiting. I was like wait. Is there more rolling damage and cece yeah we’ve already talked about the third ability which allows her to switch stances, but then she’s finally got her ultimate in ground stances. Yes, tempest of undoing her ultimate in grounded stance. What does this one do? So tempest have been doing? It causes an outburst around here, dealing damage um in that circle around her, that you see, and also a small dot effect to any enemies that are hit by this gods and minions.

Now. The other thing to note just one smaller the caveat is that when timon uses and hits enemy gods, she also gains one hardened scale per enemy. God hit. This ability is our main way of generating hardened scales outside of just stance switching. So we assume that you’re not going to be using her pets and consuming them or people dying nearby. So you use this right after you’ve dived in on as many gods as you can to gain many uh stacks of mitigation man.