We are turning our minds finally to harnessing that power, whether it be through solar, wind or hydroelectric. There is, however, one piece of nature which we’re not quite harnessing properly yet, and that is how to power the biomechanical machines that we live in our bodies. What on earth am i doing on a boat? I hear you ask i’m here to bring you to the birthplace of number one rosemary water, a small town called achiaroli, just south of naples in italy, Music number one rosemary water are tapping into the power of herbs. Herbs have the ability to make our bodies stronger, smarter, more efficient and powerful versions of ourselves, hi erin hi welcome to arturoli. This is my village. Thank you. Very much. Actuary in chilento is very famous because the people live along, but the the most important thing is not only long well right. Yes, they live long and they live well. One on eight people live more than 19 years old, more than 90 yeah Music. Okay, now does that have anything to do with this. Yes, the rosemary is one of the most important reason for live long and well. Uh is one of the most important herbs in all diet: okay, so it’s it’s in the food it’s in the diet here yeah. Thank you so much see you next time, it’s been Music i’m, now going to introduce you to the founder of number one rosary water and see what else we can find out.

So just a quick introduction. I was looking for an environmentally responsible water and david had a water. What is rosemary water, my wife and i bonita um for reading an article in newspaper, okay, it said fairly sensational article. No, not the newspaper want to live 200., okay eat rosemary yeah, and we looked at the article and we said wow note to self let’s eat more rosemary, okay, it’s awfully difficult to eat in the sort of amount that these wonderful villagers are eating. So we thought let’s drink it did you just stick some rosemary in a glass of water and leave it overnight. Okay, okay, let’s, sit down, let’s grab some food let’s. Do that and meet bonita. Okay we’ll talk about some more stuff cool there. She is hello. So what is special about achiroli is that they actually use. Are they actually in a chiroli? I quite like that yeah i quite like it too. They they actually use rosemary in all the food and the cooking, yep it’s clean, it’s, pure and that’s. What we wanted to recreate, we know about people here, one in eight live uh, the age of 19 plus health healthily, and what is it in rosemary? That is good for us. The real really heavyweight one is rosemary acid, which is a really powerful, anti inflammatory where people live to um sort of you know old age, quite healthily right there tends to be some kind of anti inflammatory in their diet.

The scientists identified a couple of compounds actually so cinema, one eight rhodomeric acid um, some form of glucosamine that’s. What what is? What is glucosamine? Well, if you have arthritis right, you should try to take glucosamine, okay, um and the people in the village. According to the scientists, they they didn’t suffer from a lot of arthritis. Okay, so it has an anti inflammatory effect, which is also good for arthritis, but great for living longer and living. Well. Yes, it also increases one’s, cognitive ability, yeah and how it does. That is because it oxygenates the blood to the brain right. You have two arteries here: pushing blood up to the brain, yeah it’s like a turbocharger for the brain it’s it’s it’s, the rosemary. Thank you very much good to see you it’s time to leave the little village with the big idea.