Today we are breaking down the second teaser for the witcher season. Two, this teaser focuses on geralt of rivia, but like the first teaser that focused on siri, there is not a whole lot of context, but i was still able to get some info from the teaser. The first set of pictures we see is of geralt. He is in a manner and he has his sword drawn. We can see that it is snowing as well from the window. In the background, this is from the novellan story from the script they released during the witch miss promotion. We know that novelland’s mansion is set in a snowy area. Geralt has his sword drawn as well, meaning that there must be a threat. So i do not think this is caramorn. All of these teasers so far seem to be linked to the nevadan story. The reason behind this is because novellan’s story is not linked to the main story. It is a one off. It would be a filler episode in an anime, for example, so they can afford to show tidbits of this because it’s not going to move the main story along it’s, just a really awesome short story in the second book. So for those who don’t know what the new melon story is, it is pretty much a darker version of beauty and the beast. Novellan was cursed for unjust deeds and he is described to look like a giant bear. He also has magical powers and can conjure up things and make his house and things in it.

Animate novella has someone living with him named varina. She appears human, but is actually something much worse. A braxa which is a powerful type of vampire in the next set of photos. We see geralt in a snowy courtyard. This is still from the melon story. This is when he and the bruxa face off. You can see that his left leg is bandaged up. Just like the first photo of him in the manor, so i think it’s safe to say this is the same place. It is going to be an epic battle. It will feel very reminiscent of the betrayer moon episode from last season where geralt hunted astriga. The next photo is of geralt holding a knife. To be honest, this could be from the novella story just earlier in the day when he first arrives there, the knife looks a little small, but i suppose it will do the trick. The next photo is of siri at caramorn with a hooded individual. I don’t believe the hooded individual is geralt, it is probably another witcher, maybe lambert or cohen. The courtyard looks a lot like the courtyard siri was training in and the teaser pick they released for season. Two, a couple of months ago, caramorn is in old, keep where the witchers of the school, the wolf used to be trained, so geralt and all who have a wolf medallion were trained here. The keep is in ruin due to the fact fanatics attacked the keep a long time ago.

They believed witchers were an abomination. Their attack destroyed some of the keep, as you can see in the photo, and it also reduced the number of witchers significantly. It is not a school anymore, but geralt and other witchers use it as a place of refuge and a place to stay during the winter. The next set of photos we see is of a person in handcuffs. Now these could be made out of dim iridium, which suppresses magical ability. We did see this in season one when mouseak was captured by nilfgaard, but who this person probably is is here who was the nilfgaard soldier who was hunting siri in season one? We know this from a leaked photo. He is in the same clothes in both pictures. The next photo is of somebody holding a witcher medallion witcher medallions do a couple of things for witchers: they symbolize what school they were trained for. So, for instance, geralt wears a wolf medallion, signifying that he was taught at the school of the wolf. If someone wore a bear medallion, then he was taught at the school of the bear and so on. The medallion also has a functional purpose. When magic is being used, it vibrates, so it gives witchers the ability to detect magic. The medallion has a wolf on it. I also believe those are girls hands and the person looks to be wearing something green. I believe this is tris. Marigold triss is known for wearing green and she will be at karamorin.

This season. Geralt actually invites her there to help him with siri the next photo. We see is of a foot leaving a bathtub. This is a complete challenge, but i think it’s jennifer’s foot – and this comes from the shard of ice story in the second book, which is pretty much a love triangle between geralt, istred and yennefer. The next photo is of a lamp that rotates and shows shadows. We did see this in series teaser as well i’m, not sure what the significance could be to this it’s, not karen morton, because it’s far too nice of a place. I think it could be cintra. They have confirmed that there will be a cintra flashback this year and if you bring up a photo of cintra from season one, there seems to be a similar decor. So this is probably the castle where siri grew up, and this is the flashback of sintra before it was destroyed by nilfgaard. The next photo is of some flowers. Now some people believe these are fin weed flowers, fin weed flowers only grow where the elder blood has been spilled or in dal bilantha, which we saw in season. One people who have elder blood are people who have great magical abilities and are descendants of lauren. Doran siri, for instance, is one of those descendants, but this also could be from the novellas story as well. In the book, gerald comes across a remarkable rose bush with indigo flowers on it.

Those look like indigo flowers to me, and there also is snow, so this could still be from the melon story. Next photo is of a loot. This is yaskirs, it does not look like it’s in the greatest condition, but he does travel a lot so i’ll give him a pass. I think this is the only thing we’ve seen of the bard so far i honestly wouldn’t mind a teaser of him. To be honest, next photo is of two people standing in front of a table. Many people believe this is that karen warren and one of the many witchers who are staying there, so this could be vesemir, eskel, lambert or cohen. Next photo is a shot from above. There is clearly a woman sitting on a chair and a bald man in front of her. This could be dykstra and philippa islehart. It somewhat matches the description of those characters but it’s hard to say with it being a top down shot. We then see three ruins like in the first teaser for siri the ruins translated are another winter ties some more to do with the prophecy. If knee predicted the end of the world, the white shell, all that what this has to do with season two specifically, i have no idea the next shot once again is from above, and we see two men with swords drawn to me. The top one looks like geralt: he has the same hairstyle and has grayish white hair.

Then the one on the bottom has long white hair. I believe this is vesimir. Vesamir is the oldest witcher alive at this point, so the white hair would make sense and he seems to be wearing similar clothes to his video game counterpart. The next photo is of triss marigold. The green, which is a favorite of triss’s, gives this way, but the other person is a mystery to me. It could be geralt and this could be a caramorn, as i said before, geralt invited trist to karen morin to help him with siri. But this person looks like they got small forearms and henry cavill is pretty jacked, so i don’t know if this could be him. I suppose it could be another witcher at caramorn as well, but it’s hard to say right now. The next shot we see is of istrid and he is casting a spell on this hooded man it’s hard, because the pitcher is blurry. But if you put a photo up of him next to it, it’s hard to say that’s, not him, the man in the hood could be geralt, and this could be from the shard of ice story, which i mentioned before we get another photo of caramorn and we Get to see some more of the medallions, the witchers wear in the background we see geralt, who has his back to us and another witcher. I would say this is vesemir. This person looks like they have long, hair and they’re just throwing off some vesamir vibes to me.

This teaser was informative, but once again so many blurry image and close up shots, which makes it hard to tell who’s who and what’s happening. But i think i was still able to break it down enough and get some valuable info from it.