I don’t know maybe 20 minutes: okay, let’s start with the geralt teaser. So first we see geralt walking down a dark hallway. He has his sword out, so obviously he’s facing some kind of danger, you’ll also notice that he has the bandage around his leg. He had this bandage around his leg, from an injury at the end of season one, so this scene could be taking place shortly after he meets siri, which is healed pretty fast. So if he still has this injury and he’s still walking a little stiffly, it could mean that this is maybe a few days afterwards, and i would assume this is during their journey through forest woods to get to carmorgan, geralt’s old witcher school i’d. Also guess that this scene is from them adapting a grain of truth, which you can find in the witcher prequel book. The last wish i actually covered all the chapters in the last wish. They are up on roars.com under the patreon tab for people that support me on patreon and if you need help doing that, i have posts on patreon that explain it. So i would really go and read that chapter and then go through my breakdown, because we’re definitely going to see that short story or flashback story uh in season two of the witcher. Next, we see geralt and siri walking through a courtyard most likely a keep a castle, and we actually see them through what looks like the rib cage of a skeleton given the snow and bones i’m.

Assuming this is them arriving at carmorgen, geralt told witcher school. We know in the books that they end up wintering at the keep, and also that they never buried all the skeletons around carmorgen as a constant reminder, something that really disturbs siri and you can actually see in this teaser she’s a bit like. So this makes sense that we’re actually seeing carmorgen next there’s a shot of a man in chains. The best guess, given that it looks like the underclothing of uh under nilfgaardian armor, is that it may be kahir. We know that he is taken captive after the battle of sodom hill, the failed battle of sodom hill, so him being in chains isn’t a surprise. The next scene is geralt outside standing in the snow. We see actually a lot of little tiny flashes of geralts in the woods it’s snowing. He has his sword out. Roach is in the background of this particular scene and so help me god. If this is where roach dies, i’m gon na die a little bit inside, but also you know, geralt goes through a lot of horses, dangerous line of work plus the first season, uh spanned a lot of decades. So if you think that was the same horse, every single time bless your heart. So all these flashes to geralt in the woods and also siri in the woods could be them encountering monsters or people, sometimes the same thing as they’re traveling through woods and such to get to carmorgen.

This next shot actually looks like a continuation of him walking through the dark hallway. We saw in the first shot of this teaser kind of weird that they never give him the proper pupils that he should have while going through the dark, but it’s fine, i mean rarely do – shows get eyes right, they’re pretty hard to do. This looks straight out of a horror scene, so a lantern is dropped. We see a man running in the background, so this could be an attack by maybe elves, because elves are going to be a huge problem in season two rightfully so humans have been them over. For quite a while – or this could just be a random monster attacking and something that geralt has to deal with here, someone else is holding geralt’s, witcher medallion it’s kind of hard to tell if it’s, male or female, but given the sleeve and the coloration of it And the fact that we see sari wearing a similar, colored and designed sleeve later on in this teaser i’m guessing it’s siri holding his medallion. We also know that geralt has given his medallion to people before when he’s trying to figure out if they are a magical creature or not or a danger to him, so he could be giving it to anyone to hold to see. Okay. This next scene is really really racy. I just want to warn some of you because i know a lot of people have meltdowns over my cleavage, so if you’re easily offended by women – and you know seeing their skin just close your eyes for about 20 seconds, okay, okay, we see a naked lady’s leg.

Stepping out of a bath and there’s bubbles running down it – and i i’d say this – is from a a sexy woman because it’s a sexy, woman’s leg and i’m an expert on such things. This could be jennifer. She does love her baths, it could be siri. She probably really really needs a bath after traveling, so long after the fall of sintra and not being able to properly scrub down. But if we take anything from this scene, it just lets us know that we are going to get more bath scenes, which i am just so excited for and for the people that you know are going to be offended by it again. You can just close your eyes, he’ll be all right. This is a sword being sharpened kind of obvious it’s, not a witcher silver sword. It doesn’t have the runes on it, so it could still be a witcher sword, just maybe an iron sword that they carry with them, but i’m i’m guessing a lot of people are gon na, be sharpening their swords in season two there’s a lot of stuff going On a lot of dangers in general, without even wars and stuff starting, so this could be anything. This lantern is creating creepy silhouettes of two people dancing a man and woman, and i am not liking it later on. We learned that they’re little dolls, i think it’s in series, a teaser, so they’re just little wooden figures and it’s being projected onto the wall still kind of creepy.

These blue flowers are interesting because they could be the show’s version of a certain flower that only grows in certain locations or where elder blood is spilled. We see drops of blood in the snow, so it could be that maybe ceres blood was spilled or someone else with elder blood was spilled and the flowers are growing, not really related, but i’m hoping we see, nevelen’s special flowers when geralt confronts him. I doubt this is jasper’s loot, so if you saw this and you were freaking out and going oh, my god jasper’s dead or he abandoned his loot or whatever it’s, probably just a random musical instrument, may be found in nevelen’s castle. That geralt’s is exploring. It does. If you look at the pattern of the jacket, does look like geralt, but you know it’s it’s very dark geralt is engaging in close combat in this scene. If i were to guess, i would say a monster that he needs to get close to because being further back or range attacks are better for the monster than it is for him, based on clothing and weaponry i’m guessing this is carmorgen we’re, seeing some of the New witchers that we are going to see in season two, including a brand new witcher, which i’m not super excited with, because of something that happens from the top. We see a woman sitting on a throne from just the top of her head. It looks like yennefer, but we have a couple black haired beauties in season two, so it could be someone else.

I doubt it’s a queen or anything because that’s a really sad throne, the bald man on the edge of the room is most likely our spymaster, which we are being introduced to this season. This scene, i find interesting it’s a hand reaching out to fire and it’s, causing the fire to become more intense. We know in the books that siri is shown an example of using signs and by making a fire more intense, that’s one of her lessons. So it could be that a witcher doing it at carl morgan or it could be navellen showing that oh hey, i control every single thing in this house. After my curse and ooh, look i can make the fire brighter. Geralt is fighting back to back with someone. I would say it’s another witcher. It looks like they’re in carmorgen, so something bad happens at carmorgen. Oh, hey, look, it’s, triss, being a predator and forcing herself on geralt’s even after he said no and i’m sure, because this has been in my comment section before someone’s going to go: oh no! That’S! Fine! You know! I’Ve met plenty of women that that do that that’s, that’s that’s, alright cause sexual harassment from women is cool. Tris does end up at carl morgan to help geralt with siri and her abilities. So i kind of wondering, given that we didn’t show a sexual relationship between tris and geralt in season one. If the sexual relationship happens at car morgan, they have a moment.

Geralt regrets it and goes hey. I don’t want to do this anymore, but unfortunately tris can’t. Let it go and she becomes the psycho predator. We see in the books which are medallions are hanging in carmorhend it’s, not you know anything super ominous like someone’s collecting them, though you will meet a character. Eventually that does uh collect. Witcher medallions, it looks like geralt. Is talking to vesimir, who is a witcher and a a father figure to him? Now these we saw them before in the monster mash thing for the witcher way back last year. I i say way back well, you know we’re halfway through the year, i can say way back last year, so i’m guessing these are the crones and maybe they’re luring siri away or got her away somehow, because we do see a lot of panicked, geralt flashes in The woods and with his sword out so maybe he’s, trying to find her and siri is, you know, being deceived. I think siri standing by this tree and looking really freaked out, maybe is when that happens. We see her look up, so maybe something got the jump on her here. Siri is in the white outfit that she arrives at carl morgen wearing. She looks to be in the armory of carr moorhen she’s, looking around at a lot of swords with their inscriptions, their you know, magical inscriptions, runes. Also, you may notice that we had a sneak peek of these swords in the earlier promo and they’re.

Actually, in the background of the shot, i thought that was really cool here. Siri has tears in her eyes and then we go to a red tinted, vision or dream, since that usually is how they show siri having a nightmare or a vision. I’M, guessing she’s woken up from that nightmare and she’s reliving some bad things that happened at sintra and with the the sack of central fall of sintra. Geralt gets really pissed off about this, so i’m going to love. If this is a father, daughter, ish sort of moment now to go back to siri standing against the tree and saying maybe that’s when she’s being attacked by monsters or the crones or whatever here, we obviously see her at carmorgen and she’s. Doing the witcher obstacle course, which is called the killer, because it’s just so much fun. This is a continuation of her running the obstacle course and it looks like she is encountering someone i’m going to guess. This is when tris and siri meet each other. I honestly think this scene is siri coming to a very important location for the elves and something they left in ruins after they left. It is a very important spot, historically for elves, so i’m kind of excited to see siri going there and the lessons that people that haven’t read the books get to learn about the history lessons in this season, because we’re definitely focusing a lot more on elves in Season two, which makes sense because elves and their dissatisfaction with humans becomes a big deal.

Siri’S touching more tools: i’m, assuming at the witcher, keep it seems like she’s doing a lot of exploring, which makes sense. She wants to kind of figure out what’s going on and who these people exactly are this guy got up like he had a really really really bad day, and if this is a beloved’s character, well, blubs for me, i’m gon na be super sad. Also, if you enjoy brutal killing season, two is going to be the thing for you, there’s, going to be a lot of intense fights and monsters. We get some more shots of siri training. Her training at carmorgen is a very big deal, it’s, something that kind of gives her the abilities to defend herself in later events, without going too spoilery. This shot right here is for all the people that were nonstop about the nilfgaardian armor in season one now they are gon na. Have the garbage bag looking armor as people call it in the beginning of season two but they’re going gon na transition to this armor and we’ve been told that their armor is going to be upgraded and advanced as the seasons go on. So, even if you don’t like this new armor, it it’ll change for season three. So don’t worry. I didn’t really mind the nilfgaardian armor in season one, but i heard from enough of you that yeah you thought it sucked hardcore. So if it makes you guys happier, it makes me happier as long as what makes you happy isn’t like maiming and killing and that’s.

You know kind of not okay, the last shot we see siri eckhart, morgan she’s, looking out, probably at more training tools. It’S kind of weird i saved this for the last part, because i know this is going to sound kind of off. Siri looks so much older here than she did at the end of season. One and i understand it’s, just the age of series, actress and freya aging how she did but it’s wow. She doesn’t look like a little kid anymore at all, and i don’t know if they’re going to address that and make the time a little bit more exaggerated to explain it. Like perhaps geralt took a lot longer to get to card morehead, or some things happened, because the age difference is very intense and unfortunately, sometimes you can get away with that with actors where they age up a couple years and you’re like all right, it’s, it’s, fine, But she definitely like matured quite a bit to not say it in a crude way. I’Ll leave that for the rest of the internet. Now, as of making this video, they haven’t released the yennefer teaser yet uh by the time i edit this and release it, they may have so, unfortunately, i’m – probably going to do the jennifer teaser separate from this video. I’M. I’M. Really sorry, i just was too excited to talk about these witcher teasers and i i couldn’t wait. I i kept trying to push it off push it off, push it off and finally, i broke so that was my completely uh healthy and every single way breakdown of the witcher season.

2 teasers, you can. Let me know what you thought of the images, whether you agree or disagree with certain parts, what your thoughts theories predictions are like subscribe and seriously.