It should look like this. You did you envisioned this when you were a kid, i i i just thought that’s how how you should fly to space after nearly two decades of hard work and tragedy. Branson is about to launch to the edge of space on a ship, dubbed unity first carried by a mothership named after his own mother eve, so your ship drops from the bottom of that wing. You light the rocket fire fire and then you’re off to the races. Three and a half thousand miles an hour in eight seconds, so straight up, that’s, all three thousand and eight yeah that’s, easy it’s, easy it’s going to be quite a ride. Branson has wanted to go to space since watching the apollo 11 moon landing after building his virgin empire. He started virgin galactic with the dream of taking everyday civilians, 50 miles high to the edge of space for a weightless experience and a once in a lifetime view gorgeous. At that moment, we will have become astronauts uh. I will pinch myself and pinch myself again and again you can’t wait. I can’t wait it’s taken 17 years to get here in 2014, a tragedy struck when a test pilot was killed in a horrific accident. Now, after redesigns and safety delays, all systems are go for. A sunday launch for years, seventy year old branson, has been strenuously training, i’ve managed to build some muscles so that my space they realize that you’re bursting at the seams here they’re gon na, have to get me a bigger, spacesuit and there’s bragging rights.

Another billionaire jeff bezos and his space company blue origin are also about to launch when bezos announced he would fly on july 20th. Changes your relationship with this planet with humanity virgin quickly announced branson would fly on the 11th beating bezos by nine days. Is there a little competition with bezos? I know nobody will believe me when i say it, but honestly, honestly, there isn’t. In fact he says the world needs both space tourism companies. Already 700 people have signed up to ride on branson’s ship, some paying 250 000, including big names like tom, hanks, justin, bieber and lady gaga joining branson on this passenger test flight. Three other virgin employees. Now all four are in their final training sessions for launch. I did the spinning cuffs at disney world. Is that good enough to prepare me for this? You look very fit very healthy and uh. We would love to have you on board one day, oh really, how soon because i’m up for it? If i was you, i would just just just stow away, i mean i, i i’ve always i’ve, always dreamt of stowing away on something and uh, especially nobody’s ever tried a spaceship. Yet so branson is inviting me to stowaway on his spaceship. I don’t think my wife would go for it. Bottom line. Faa has approved virgin galactic for commercial passenger flights, that’s going to start in 2022 they’re going to lift off on sunday, 7 a.m. Mountain time, guys it’ll be a lot of fun back to you, i mean it really is remarkable tom.

It was hard to tell who was more excited. You were sir richard branson here’s the thing if this is just the start, that 250 000 price tag is that gon na come down asking for a friend, so yeah exactly he says, listen it could it could go up and down. Ultimately, they would like it to come down because he says we really would like this to be something you give your kid who graduates from high school or college, or maybe you give it to a spouse as a gift. They think it does have to come down. Not yet, though, they got a lot of bills to pay off. This has been a long project rolling out by the way virgin galactic. Its stock has just soared with this branson bezos competition. All right and 700 people have signed up huh uh. If you still wait tom best of luck to you, buddy i’ll see you later. Would you go um? I don’t, i don’t think i’d have the nerve to do yeah um. I would if i had the money. Okay, really! Oh i’d! Go my wife wouldn’t! Let me but yeah it’s a funny story with sir richard branson. My father in law was about 10 years ago in an elevator with him, just the two of them. Okay and my father in law is known to be a little awkward with conversation. So he looks at him.