. Our vision is millions of people living and working in space. One’s got to fantasize and dream about these things.. If we’re gon na continue to make progress and make sure that our descendants have better lives than us, we need to go to space. It’s, not optional., Laura Jeff, Bezos, the founder of Blue Origin and Richard Branson. The founder of Virgin Galactic are in a head to head race to travel to the edge of space.. In June, Bezos announced his plans to travel to space on July 20th, along with his brother as inaugural passengers on Blue Origin’s, New Shepard spacecraft.. I really want you to come with me.. Would you Are you serious? I am, I think it would be. Meaningful. Have my brother there. Laura Weeks after Bezos’s announcement, Branson unveiled plans to travel on Virgin Galactic’s. Fourth, crude space flight on July 11th, just nine days before the Blue Origin trip. This July, our dream will become a reality., exciting music. The important thing about having both the founders go up is it’s, just the validation. Laura, So two billionaire founders, two trips into suborbital space, just days apart., But the two companies and their missions have big differences. Let’s begin with the spacecrafts and their flight. Plans. Galactic is much more akin to you know. Going up in a commercial airliner., Blue Origin’s. New Shepherd rocket is much more. You know the typical view of what a space rocket looks. Like., Laura Virgin Galactic’s planned flight begins near Truth or Consequences.

New Mexico, where this mothership called the VMS Eve, will take off with a spaceship attached called the VSS Unity. At an altitude of almost 45000 feet. The airplane will release the spacecraft, whose pilot will rocket the vessel into suborbital space, eventually reaching over 50 miles high.. This is the altitude that NASA defines as the edge of space. The flight will carry two pilots and four mission specialists in the cabin, but no paying passengers. And the approximately 90 minute trip will end after the craft of glides to Earth, making a runway landing back. In New Mexico. Now onto Blue Origin, whose New Shepard spacecraft is slated to launch from West Texas on its first crude flight., The vessel, which can travel at three times, the speed of sound, includes a rocket and a fully autonomous six person. Capsule. Approximately three minutes after takeoff, the capsule and the rocket will separate.. The rocket will then return to Earth deploying drag breaks to reduce speeds by half while the capsule travels briefly above the Karman Line.. This is an imaginary boundary 62 miles above sea level. That is commonly defined as the beginning of space. It’s, approximately 12 miles beyond the high point for the Virgin Galactic flight., Practically there’s, absolutely no difference between 50 miles or 62 miles, or indeed the surface of the moon. Humans. Couldn’T survive in any three of these. There’s. A little bit of bragging rights, but officially you’re an astronaut. If you go past 50 miles.

Laura The Blue Origin, capsule will float back to Earth via parachute landing in the West. Texas desert approximately 10 minutes after launch. At the top of that arc is where the passengers will actually be weightless. And it’s. Just gon na be for two or three minutes. Now from the companies. They both say passengers will be allowed to unbuckle the seatbelts and float around the cabin for those two or three minutes., Because these flights are suborbital they’re, regulated differently than commercial air. Travel. Congress agreed in 2004 to let the space tourism industry self regulate to speed its preparations for passenger flights.. A spokesperson from the Federal Aviation Administration said its jurisdiction is limited to protecting public safety and the environment during launches and re entry. With Virgin Galactic. The FAA has to inspect and approve both the mother ship and the rocket ship and it licenses. The pilots. Blue Origin is different, that it’s a more traditional space rocket.. The FAA’s oversight of rockets is actually very different and evolving it’s more self regulation, but it doesn’t actually need formal approval.. The formal approval it needs just like Virgin Galactic is to carry paying passengers. Laura The FAA, granted approval for Virgin Galactic’s full commercial space launch license., And the company says it hopes to launch commercial service. Next year. Blue Origin has applied for similar approval from the FAA, which it expects to receive by July. 20Th., Aside from Branson passengers on Virgin Galactic’s flight include Beth Moses, the company’s chief astronaut instructor and Sirisha Bandla, a vice president focused on government affairs and research.

. The company has yet to disclose prices for its future commercial service., But executives have said, trips could cost less than 500000.. The passengers on the Blue Origin trip will be Bezos. His brother Mark Wally, Funk and 82 year old pilot with space training.. It was the best thing that ever happened to me: Bezos laughing Laura And the winner of a charity auction who bid 28 million for a seat. Sold 28 million. quizzical music, Laura As the missions themselves vary. So too do the milestones these flights achieve.. If all goes as planned, Branson will be the first of the two founders to go into space, while Bezos’s Blue Origin will be the first of the two companies to carry out a space flight with a paying passenger. Virgin. Galactic is basically a pure play: space terrorism. Business., If it’s safe enough for the charismatic and well known founder to go up and come down safely, then you know that will certainly help the brand. Countdown Two one. rockets blast With Bezos and Blue Origin, slightly different motivations, the validation that they’ve managed to put someone Or in this case, four people to the edge of space just helps the broader Blue Origin, business which isn’t just space, tourism, it’s government contracts and military contracts., So for both companies it’s a huge validation that they’ve arrived and that they can.