I’M. Sure all of you by now have definitely lost hope too. I mean i don’t know what else to think or say to that clip besides tick tock is just becoming a train wreck, never mind. I take that back tick. Tock has always been a train wreck and it’s been known for that. For the two years it’s been up but yeah, what a warm welcome to the video i can’t believe what a great start we had to the video but yeah. If you enjoy my videos, just subscribe. Just do it, but yeah let’s jump into the video for today. So there are a few videos going around on tiktok that are very questionable. That is the most monetizer friendly way. I can put it, and these videos involve people getting harassed and one of these videos – or it was a trend, apparently can get you a prison sentence. I mean who doesn’t love that a prison sentence, so the first video we have for today. There was this man just vibing on a bench. Of course, i mean that’s how it starts. Somebody is just minding their own business and some idiot comes up to them and makes some dumb tick, tock and you’re gon na remember the mindset of these people on tick tock they’re sitting there, like oh yeah, if i jump on somebody in the middle of a Subway i will go viral and since their iq is basically below room temperature, they don’t think of the consequences whatsoever and that’s.

What leads to these videos? Sorry, i kind of went on a tangent there, but yeah in this scenario right here right in front of her eyes. This girl that looks to be about like 14 or 15 years old, went up to this guy at a park bench. She went up to him and said: would you rate me one out of ten and then right after that she said: would you smash i’m too old, no you’re, not too young. You passed the test and, of course, this guy clearly wanted nothing to do with it. But of course she wanted to go along with the prank for that spicy clout and i will not lie. I get it. Clout is very nice people just take it way too far. They go to too far of an extent to try and get the clout like. You need to build a fan base of supporters like that’s. How you do it you don’t go out and do some random prank hope it blows up. And then, what are you gon na? Do next, like you’re, just gon na absolutely blow up on one video and then the next one’s gon na get like two views like there’s no direction with that whatsoever. Sure it may be easy as hell to blow up on tick tock, but the algorithm is just so inconsistent and i don’t know how she didn’t expect to get like backlash for this trying to like paint this guy as a creep.

Even though my boy here was clearly trying to dodge the bullet like, he clearly did not want any smoke alright, but then again, tiktok never fails to amaze me, especially with videos like this wow. What a great video honestly and also the guy had no clue what the word smash meant like he looks like he’s in his 60s he’s, in that he’s gon na have no idea what the word smash means and, of course, he’s. Not gon na know. Of course not like, if i was an old man, let’s, say then i’m in the year 2060 right like definitely. The first thing, on my mind, would not be oh: yeah let’s see what the new trends are all about. Like obviously, i’m, not gon na care, i’m gon na have to take care of more important. In conclusion, this is just awful. I don’t know why she would go up to him and try to like paint him as a creep for a tick, tock prank – and i know there’s gon na – be that one kid in the comments this time i know he’s gon na, be there he’s gon na, Be there, i i, i know who you are and you’re probably gon na sit there and type. But what do you mean tag? Swag is just a prank bro. What what are you talking about? But if the prank involves something like this, like it’s, just horrible like and it’s, not a prank, a prank is supposed to make you laugh after it’s, not supposed to put you in like a situation like that, and now it just gets worse.

I mean i don’t really even know where to start with this one but there’s this tick tocker out there that started this trend where they go on a subway and they just decided. Well, it i’m just gon na jump on top of somebody, and this tick tocker happens to be female and why that’s important is well what if the roles were reversed. Now i really do hate to be that guy but i’m, just saying like if a guy just jumped on top of random girls on a subway train, his ass would be in handcuffs i’m telling you this trend started months ago, and i was even reading the comments And some of them even said bro, he was so lucky man. I just wish that was me or ah he probably wanted it like you, can’t assume that, like maybe he didn’t want anybody on top of his nuts bro like what is wrong with these people. I don’t even know dude but yeah that’s, tick, tock for you, the tick tock comments are just awful and they really don’t help the situation whatsoever. They only make it 10 times worse. I don’t know why she hasn’t gone to jail yet like and just is able to upload this content with no no consequences whatsoever. She just got away scot free, like it just makes me heated that somebody could just upload this kind of stuff post it and somehow get a bunch of likes when a crime is being committed in the video.

Not only is this lady getting up in this man’s personal space she’s also posting this to the internet, which is probably gon na embarrass him, and if he has a girlfriend, he’s gon na have to explain what the happened on that subway, like my boy, is gon Na have to go into a whole darman backstory like so you see like this crazy lady that wanted tick, tock clout jumped on me, even though i did not want her to jump on me and yes, she posted this to tick, tock and now we’re. Here today, like there’s a whole darman backstory behind it at this point, so that first example was pretty bad right. Well, guess what she did this prank a couple more times and here’s how it went Music, you don’t, give that look. He was obviously gon na reject you, yes, guys. This is how love works. Okay, if you just jump on somebody random on the subway you’ll instantly get a girlfriend boyfriend, whatever i don’t know, it’s that easy guys, it really is like. I have a three step tutorial that i can show you right now, step one you can’t forget the camera. You have to record this amazing moment step two. You have to acquire your target all right. You have to find who you’re gon na jump on and who you’re gon na make scared and miserable for the rest of the day and step three make the move and boom instantly in love.

Look at that and wow just like that. You found your true love and oh everything’s going great and no no and then the next clip right here. She made this guy almost cry Music. He was probably so scared of you being a dumbass or whatever the hell. You were doing that he just started crying like, i feel bad for all the poor souls that had to go through the pain of being a victim of this tick. Tock trend, like i have another question: how the did this become a trend? How did so many people decide yeah? We should definitely assault a male for a tick tock trend. Apparently this is another russian thing: i’m, not sure what it is with russian tick tockers, but they just do the craziest ever i’m, not sure if this is staged or not, but it looks staged. But all i got to say to that is still still it’s horrible people actually go out there and do it thinking it’s real and then that ends up with people getting arrested, wow. What a lovely sight to see somebody getting a prison sentence for performing a god tier tick, tock prank, but yeah that’s the internet in 2021. I really want to go back to 2016. A more simpler time for the landscape was much different and i mean there were still idiots on the internet, but at least there weren’t this much but yeah that’s about it for more 2021 stupidity.

But i don’t know how, but somehow the internet in 2021 just gets worse every single day but yeah. This is where i’m going to wrap up the video dude like i seriously need a drink after this one, a drink of soda, of course, because youtube is watching, but yeah that’s about it for the video, if you guys enjoyed be sure to like subscribe and turn On notifications, if you don’t want to miss an upload, but yeah tick, tock will continue to get stupider every day, although it’s really dumb.