Now, did you use bubbles? Well, of course, cody yeah? What kind of bubbles mom you didn’t use that crappy off brand spongebob stuff did you? It gave me a rash last time: um um; no, no, no it’s, the mr bubble kind, okay, good mom! I just i really want you to come home because i already got you cheese and crackers ready cheese and what be specific, mom. Oh i’m. Sorry, you’re cheesing quackers, yes, your cheese and quackers and all oh look who’s raising a commotion. He really wants to talk to you is: is it gerald mom? Yes, it’s your little duck, buddy gerald yeah put gerald on the phone mom. So here you go. What the hell do you want gerald your naughty little ducky, you yeah you’re, just asking for it aren’t you yeah! Well, you wait till i get home later i’m gon na rub a dub dub all in that tub yeah. All right now give the phone back to my mom just come home whenever you can: okay, cody, okay, mom! I love you. I i i love you too mom kisses. Okay, kisses bye. What was that cody yeah dude put your little mama’s boy. You got ta! Give your mommy little kisses. Were you a little bitty baby, yeah yeah, you love your mommy so much. I don’t even have a mom yeah, my mom’s dead, dude yeah. She was making a bath for me a bath a bubble bath yeah.

What are you, five years old? You still take baths. You don’t take a shower like an adult. Oh, i think you have like little bubbles in your bag and duckies well, yeah. They go with my cheese and quackers cheese and quackers yeah. You call quackers like crackers because, like like ducky quack, yeah that’s, the joke – oh my god, you’re such a loser, cody we’re about to watch ice age, the meltdown we’re all losing no you’re, the biggest loser cody like look at all those pimples on your face. You take so many baths, but you don’t stay clean young pimples, savage, yes, wait, and why are you wearing overalls? Are you a hillbilly or something oh savage, and why do you wear glasses? Are you like ray charles, like you need his glasses? Oh savage, ray charles? Was blind, yeah that’s? Why you need glasses because you’re blind? Well what about your bib huh? Why? Why are you wearing a belt all the time? What are you like, like a baby or something? Well, when i eat cody, i don’t want to make a mess. I don’t want to get a stain on my shirt, so i wear bibs, so i don’t get a stain on it: yeah dude, that’s, so unsavage yeah, so unsavaged, oh guys, guys guys guys what is it little t i’m doing a huge party at night. You guys got to be there: a huge party, yeah, yeah, there’s gon na be girls.

There look hi, hi, oh hi. Ladies, oh joseph look, there’s gon na be girls that we have to go yeah. You know i like girls, dude, oh there’s, gon na be way more girls there guys oh don’t don’t worry little t we’re all gon na be at that party. Wait, wait! Wait! One thing you can’t invite cody. Why can’t we invite cody! Look that nigga’s, weird! Okay! Just look at him: oh ken you’re, so sexy yeah, that’s true, i see what you’re talking about so make sure cody doesn’t show it to the party. I don’t want him to ruin. It don’t worry what i can tell cody about the party. I don’t want to lose a chance with those beautiful. Ladies hey, yeah, they’re, hot dude, okay, we’ll see you at your party, okay, dude don’t. Leave me hanging with the beautiful ladies. Oh we won’t don’t worry all right, joseph. We have to break the news to cody. You have to break the news to cody, i can’t do it? Okay, you can, with your rock hard abs, i’m gon na try to be polite. Good luck, dude! Oh hey, guys, what’s! All the hoopla about see that’s. Why he’s not invited shh, so cody little t just invited us to his big party ooh a party that sounds fun. I just hope my social anxiety will allow me to go without wheezing uncontrollably, it’s already starting well, if you’re too sick to go code, you don’t have to go.

No, no it’s fine! I can go i’ll just call my mom and tell her to bring my inhaler and some pull ups in case i pee myself, oh no, no, that won’t be necessary. Cody see little t want me to tell you that uh he has a strict, no bow tie policy, so you can’t go that’s. Okay, i’ll just take the bow tie off uh. He also said there’s a strict, no overalls policy, so you can’t go well just take those off too well. He also said there’s a no glasses policy, so you can’t go oh that’s, okay. I have some contact lenses uh. He said there’s a no brown shoes policy. So you can’t go: oh that’s, fine! I have a pair of black shoes. I can wear. He also said um. You can’t, wear blue shorts that that blue shorts aren’t allowed you can’t go. Oh i i have some green shorts. Those will work. You just can’t go you’re, not invited, not invited. Why? Because you’re a nerd, you’re weird you wear glasses, you stink, you don’t, have really any friends besides us and you hang out with this stupid doll all the time. I’M cool. No joseph was right. All those things about your true you’re, just uncool, and you talk to ken all the time which is also uncool but but ken’s cool he’s, a lawyer astronaut doctor scientist for the nba huh that that is true, i mean. Actually, i don’t think little t said that ken wasn’t invited he just said: you’re not invited, so king can actually go well ken you wouldn’t go without me.

Would you oh screw off ken that’s? So me, joseph and kayla gon na go to the party you’re, just not invited cody. Oh, come on i’m cool. Oh no! Just learn to be cool cody. What uh learn to be cool i’m cool i’m, the coolest kid ever i’ll show you how cool? I am right after my bubble bath and my cheese and crackers – oh man, joseph that was the coolest party. Ever i know dude. I think king got drunk on all the root beer. Oh yeah he’s wasting he’s out yeah, oh man that was so cool. You saw the girls around me, yeah dude. Did you get their numbers? Oh, i got all the girls numbers. Oh, let me see it. Let me see him uh. My phone died, so i can’t show you, oh, that sucks yeah. If my phone wasn’t dead i’ll show you all the numbers, but you know it’s dead, wait what’s, that noise yeah. What was that such cody yeah that’s, my name, don’t, wear it out, whoa you’re, so cool yeah. Damn right, i am well cody where’d! You get that! What my schlong, yeah, god gave it to me it’s a little too big, but i don’t mind no no i’m! Talking about the motorcycle! Oh my crotch rocket! I built it myself in my dad’s garage. You know how to build a motorcycle yeah. You want to hear me rev it really loud for no reason what no not really oh, don’t, hear the red stop, what that’s loud whatever, but you do look really really cool yeah.

I get that a lot whoa. Who is she? Oh it’s, just my girl stacy. She was face down in a pillow about an hour ago now she’s dead to me she’s, so hot, maybe to you she’s a solid six but i’m getting tens every night. Oh wait: cool you’re, the coolest ever you’re, so cool you’re, the coolest man all right. All! Right everybody shut the hell up. I got ta jam for a second with jam. All right check this out dude. He knows how to play the guitar he’s so good at it. Ah yeah, that was my song lonely summer, it’s by my new band, lizard guts with a capital z at the end, oh you’re, so cool cody. Can we join your band leather, guts? Yeah? Please, please, please nah nah man you’re, just not cool enough! Oh! Is there any words in that song? Can you play it again? Hell yeah there’s words check it out. Lonely summer it’s summer and i’m lonely yeah that’s, pretty much it, but it’s gon na be a hit. Oh yeah. I believe you it’s such a catchy song yeah. I, like it oh cody, you’re, just so cool you’re, the coolest kid hey. You fat, face. What me yeah, you you get any gilgate uh downstairs in the refrigerator hell yeah, oh joseph he’s, so cool. I know hey dr p, where’s. The goats bro wait. What are you talking about? Do i have to spell it out for you the go gurt loser.

Where is it it’s in the refrigerator like it’s always been we’ll have to it bro? Well, you can get it yourself, cody, my name’s, not cody anymore, it’s, blizzard snake. Wait blizzard snake well cody. You just said upstairs that your name is cody and not to wear it out. Well, you wore it out. Oh savage, look i’ll, get your stupid! Go girl, okay, blizzard, snake blizzard snake! You have to teach us to be that cool, not a chance. Does anybody have any grease for my hair that’s, a pretty good goog, but blizzard snake? That was my last gogurt yeah? Well, what blizzard snake wants blizzard snake gets? Speaking of gets where’s my root beer broseph. Here he is ah thanks: brusif whoa dude, even the way he opens real beer is so cool. I know you’re the coolest kid ever yeah yeah wait. So you want to watch ice age, the meltdown ice age, the meltdown that’s child’s play. I only watched the original ice age, but i don’t have the original ice age. Then what am i doing here? Well, no, no, no! No! No don’t totally leave i’ll go rent. The original ice age i’ll rent it, okay, whatever wait um my blizzard snake, are you and ken still dating ugh. We don’t talk about him anymore, okay, he was just holding me back all right. Joseph let’s go in the kitchen and think of a plan to get uh cody back to normal, okay, okay, dude let’s.

Do it. I can’t i can’t handle back like this anymore. All right, joseph cody is just too cool, dude he’s, so cool he’s, the coolest kid ever god. I want to be him when i grow up. I want to be just like him. Oh okay, we have to stop cody from being so cool. How do you stop someone from being that cool dude? I have no idea. Oh dude, do you have those girl’s number from the party? Still oh, but yeah? Of course, i do it’s on my phone that’s dead, dude call one of them up and tell them to tell cody he’s, not cool anymore it’ll ruin his confidence, uh yeah, but my phone’s dead. I just don’t, have the numbers you didn’t get. The number did you? No, i was too afraid to ask the girls but look i’ll run back to the party and i’ll grab, one of the girls. Okay, all right i’ll get one of the girls to tell cody he’s, not cool okay. So what are we doing again? All right, heidi i’m, paying you five dollars to tell my friend cody, that he’s not cool and that he’s ugly, okay, okay, all right come with me: hey cody ahem! I mean blizzard snake that’s better meet my friend heidi. What do you think of her yeah i’ve? Seen better in family photo albums what heidi tell them the thing whoa you’re cool, tell me something i don’t know no you’re supposed to tell me: he’s, not cool, say the thing whoa.

You are really cool whatever you want to see something cool that’s, my crotch rocket over there. Oh you have a motorcycle yeah. Sometimes i like to drive it around on rainy days and just think about life, where’s, no, no, no! No hold on hold on. Let me speak to heidi for a second you’re supposed to say: he’s, not cool, but he’s, so cool. I know he is but you’re supposed to say: he’s, not cool holy summer it’s summer and i’m lonely yeah. You can have me, wait! No! No! No! No! No! No, all right, listen! Cody! You can have the coolness all right you i know somewhere in that deep chiseled abs of yours and that amazing haircut, that the real cody is in there somewhere nah man that cody’s dead, i’m blizzard snake now cody’s dead. I miss cody where’s, the real cody, oh man, what what happened? Dude? Oh, the girl, ended up liking cody, so the plan failed. Oh, so we get to think of another plan joseph. What are you doing i’m trying to get this reese’s dude? I’M, hungry that’s. My reason you can have some after you help me think of another plan: okay, um ooh. I know oh cody loves ken right. So what if i grab ken and make it look like ken likes me, then cody will get jealous and he’ll stop being cool. Whatever lets me get this freezes dude, yeah, i’m gon na try that and then this one time i did a wheelie on my crotch rocket that’s, so scary yeah, but i didn’t care and then this other time i fell off some monkey bars and broke my arm.

I still complain about it every now and then wow yeah, but it’s, no big d, with a lowercase d, hey cody, guess who decided to come over yeah what’s he doing here. I don’t know he called me and said he wanted to hang out that’s weird. Why are you talking to a doll, yeah, that’s, weird you’re, weird what’s, that ah ken likes me, that’s, weird yeah, junior you’re being super weird right now? Well, you don’t care. If ken has a crush on me, no, i don’t care. Why would i care what what’s that? Can you want me to rub your abs, ew yeah junior, take your weird stuff somewhere else. Oh man, his abs are so rock hard gross. Well, i mean, i know they’re rock hard, but, like i don’t care anything what’s that can. Oh, you want me to kiss you go ahead. I don’t care. Wait, wait you don’t care. If i kiss ken no kiss him, i don’t care. Why would i care all right? Let me give him a kiss Music yuck, yeah, yuck, yeah, that’s, right you’re, being weird: oh man. What what’s that i’m a better kisser than cody he wouldn’t, say that! Well, he is saying that he wants me to kiss him again. Oh man, i’m, a better kisser than cody you’ve. Never liked cody, like you like me, well, even if he did say that i wouldn’t care what what what’s that you want me to unbutton your pants, all right, all right! Everybody stop babe get out of here.

He called me babe junior, give me in can a minute alone, please, but i think get lost okay, ken, what the hell you doing here! No ken! This is the new me i’m blizzard snake. Now you know they didn’t like me. So when people don’t like you, sometimes you just have to change to fit in and and now they think, i’m cool and that’s. All that all that matters – and i am cool you know – i i’ve – got a crotch rocket and and i’ve got a guitar i’m learning. How to play – and i mean i don’t – really play it – logan just kind of plays background music and i just kind of hold it, but you know it’s i’m learning, you know, it’s still cool, you know, and people like me, oh ken, come on don’t be like That i mean we can still be friends. Ken don’t. Give me that look. I it’s not like i care about you or anything. Oh ken. You know i can’t say no to you come here, you i like being uncool. I want to be uncool forever with you, ken i, like being a dork look joseph.