But if you haven’t subscribed, we are super close to 5 million subscribers, so huge. Thank you to these random subscribers we’re, desperate, okay, but probably the biggest change of today’s surprise update was a completely new poi on the map. We were promised crazy map changes and we’re. Finally, starting to get them and starting with holly hedges, which has been completely invaded by alien trespassers, like i said earlier, holly hedges is actually called holly hatchery and has a completely new theme. The aliens really did a home makeover on this one, but by far the biggest addition to holly was that big freaking cube thing in the middle and, if you’re wondering what that is, so, were we so hopped in the game? Real quick and went to go play around with it ourselves all right, let’s go check it out. I think we’ve uh cleared it out. What about our car like driving a car in this thing, it’s like whoa, okay, we’re, like yeah, let’s, see what happens when you ramp it up. Okay, now all right, let’s see what happens if we put a launch pad down. In this thing, i bet that’s gon na be like freaking, weird, alright let’s see what happens. Yeah honestly, do not put a launch pad down ollie’s, actually pretty cool to land. On now i kind of love it but that’s, not all because, according to leakers, this no gravity zone is actually going to be expanding over the week.

So things are going to start getting crazy, but to take that anti gravity shield anywhere, you want you’re going to want to know about the alien nanites. So, yes, we actually get a brand new item in the loop pool today and it is absolutely game changing. There are so many ways to use this thing and secrets that no one knows about too. Like i said, this is the alien nani grenade and it’s shaped very weirdly, but what it does is even cooler if you throw it down anywhere, it temporarily spawns that same no gravity zone that you could find in holly hatchery, while at first glance it seems like That’S all this thing does don’t write it off just yet. If you have any weapons, you can actually use the alien nanite to side grade them into alien technology. So if you use it on an ar you get a pulse rifle or an smg will be seigrated into a chimera raygun and, of course the sniper rifle will get turned into a railgun, now that’s pretty cool, but it also has just unlocked a secret which is About a break fortnite, these nanite grenades are actually in competitive modes, which means you could use them to side grade your snipers into railguns and by the way, railguns are actually banning competitive right now, so use it. While you can now the most annoying part of these nanites is that you can find them around the map sure, but they’re really hard to find.

So. Instead, you have way higher chances of getting them on both abductors and in the mothership. Well, that’s, pretty cool epic! Actually vaulted the mothership today and it’s, not a bug. Apparently the abductors will come and go randomly throughout the season which sucks, because you know – hey epic it’s, not like we’re trying to do our challenges or anything but there’s. Even more massive map changes with the believer beach party, if you remember the past few weeks, epic have been celebrating the cosmic summer event with a huge party over at believer’s beach. There was a massive stage, a dance floor. Speakers and more is pretty cool, but unfortunately the party is now gone as cosmic summer has also come to an end. It’S a bummer they’ve also left an absolute mess behind the entire poi feels kind of empty. Now i was shocked when i saw it. Alright let’s go check out the party man, no it’s, all gone, it’s all gone, it’s all gone. No, we got ta help clean up, geez, filthy pigs, believers, beach, 2021, 2021, rest in peace gone, but never forgotten. You know about softies. You know about these these nuts, but on the bright side, we’ll actually be able to hear enemies at believers beach. Now, so you know no more super loud music. I guess if only the welcome party was an actual concert, but hey in other news. This update has also brought back the zigging choppy characters.

Yep singing choppy ever turned as an npc on the map, but you could find them over at hydro 16 kind of just minding their own business, but now they’re a little more useful than before, because they actually drop a brand new mythic weapon. Once you eliminate them. It’S, the mythic camaro ray gun, and this thing looks like it could be insane for lasering people. It even has a completely different color to the other ray gun. It kind of looks pretty cool and another cool thing about zing and choppy is that they actually walk around hydro 16 and create the alien parasites. So you know watch out for those when you go fight them, but be aware if you want to get a guaranteed mythic ray gun every game, you might drop at hydro 16 and be surprised that zig is not there, and this is because soon they’re gon na Be moving all around the map appearing at different spots. I have no idea how we found this, but this is the map of where they’re gon na go so eventually you’ll find zig and choppy at weeping. Then they’ll do like a little road trip all over the island. The more you know, i guess, but if you’re intrigued about what other insane stuff will be getting in fortnite, then look no further than the bad news weapon it’s, a pretty weird name right. Well, it also sounds like it’s gon na be an even weirder weapon.

Apparently bad news is the code name for a gun that’s going to be coming very soon to fortnight, and we mentioned that the nani grenade side grades or items and alien guns right well soon. You’Ll also be able to use it to side grade your pistol into you, guessed it, the bad news gun, and so we don’t have to speculate much about what this weapon will actually do here. Are these sounds for it, Music, so yeah? This is going to be a pistol that actually zaps you and leakers have found that you’ll also be able to apparently zap yourself. So maybe it does like splash damage like a call of duty, ray gun or something who knows, but it sounds cool and for a leaked item that we know a lot more about and could be coming in the next week we have the new gravy goblin gun. So if you thought the bad news gun had a weird name, but wait until you hear about the gravy goblin it’s. Apparently the code name for the upcoming gravity gun that rick sanchez will sell as an exotic, and you can see this exact gun in the season. 7 battle pass trailer, it’s, the one that rick uses to throw a car at a gas pump. Now, originally, we thought that this gravy goblin gun was called decalinator, but according to leakers, that might not be the case either way. They’Ve also found strings, which will tell us all kinds of things that this gravity gun will actually do for starters, it’s powered by air and has to recharge, which is probably just a fancy term for an infinite ammo cooldown.

But we’ve also learned that this will not work on other players or any living things like the wildlife on the island and that kind of sucks. I would have loved to pick up a chicken where shark and just throw it at someone, but it looks like you’ll. Only be able to pick up objects like cars, props, probably anything a ufo can pick up, and yet this isn’t even the most exciting thing to come out of today’s update by far the biggest leak of them all is the lebron james confirmed, icon skin. So after he was first leaked in a court document during epic vs apple lebron, james has actually received a release date and our first look at what the skin will look like if you’re not caught up recently, people have been paying a lot of attention to a Mysterious mural over in chicago a random painting, appeared on a wall with the fortnite logo, a crown and a pair of wings, and then the most important part a release date, the 14th of july. Now, originally, all of us thought that this was actually a young midas. Teaser, based on the crown and stuff but leakers, have since dropped a huge bomb. Yes, lebron james would be the next icon series, outfit and he’s coming soon and the strings that were leaked actually revealed that fortnite is going to call lebron the king and, if you’re still not convinced, here’s a little secret. We discovered, if you go into your web browser and type fn.

gg lebron. It actually takes you to an unpublished, blog, post and yeah. Epic is literally days away from announcing him, so he’s actually confirmed, and it won’t just be a blog post either because, according to leakers, the mural you could find in chicago right now will also appear on the walls of the believer beach, basketball, court, pretty cool stuff, Can’T wait to see lebron, but the leaks get juicier as we talk about all the new upcoming guns. So there are a few upcoming items and weapons that are in the files right now and ready to drop at any moment, they’re pretty much complete and we’re. Just waiting for epic to release them, so here we go. The first of these is a prop gun and no not the problematic from creative mode it’s, a brand new alien version that we’ll be able to use in battle royale. It will tell all enemies nearby that someone is hiding as a prop and you’ll have unlimited ammo on. It sounds like a real game, changer and then another insane sounding item is the inflatable, which will be a backpack. You could wear that gives you cow, like abilities, yeah, according to the description, you’ll, be able to roll down hills, bounce off of walls and literally become fireproof. I kind of need the side of my life right now, but this update has also brought us something very valuable. Our first look at the future, so there have been some amazing map changes in this update that foreshadow the whole future of season.

Seven. So right now, at the aftermath, the imagine order are investigating the crater with new cars and equipment in the area, and things get crazy. When you look at one of the screens in the ios headquarters, it shows a flipped version of the fortnite map and when you flip it back and look at it, it could be telling us exactly what map changes are gon na happen in season seven. You can see several new islands, the bunker in the southwest is exposed as well as parts of the rig reappearing. It also kind of looks like the rivers are all dry, but we don’t know about that. One and the biggest change of all the abduction of coral castle. We know from leakers that the mother ship will eventually move over to coral and completely abduct it leaving a huge hole in the ground. It’Ll be happening in the next few weeks. So i cannot wait for it, but that is everything we’ve learned again from this week’s fortnite content update thanks so much for watching guys.