How are you doing still here? Still at large well actually um, rather than a rather than a ta da. I can do this Laughter, something different now uh, coming up in this episode, we are going to um announce a little bit of good news, uh, something that might have slipped under the radar. A bit but uh we’re going to talk about it, speaking of not slipping under the radar, unidentified aerial phenomena, the pentagon’s released its report into these incredible sightings that somebody asked us about a few weeks ago and we gave our personal opinions of them. Well now there are official opinions of them, so we’ll talk about that it’s. Quite an unusual story as as you’d be aware, but um uh have they got answers. Well, no uh we’re also going to look at 2 000 stars all of them individually, one at a time today, and these are stars where, if there are intelligent beings, they could probably see us hi, uh and we’ll answer some uh questions actually we’re going to revisit Something we talked about last week. We we for the cover of our episode, episode: 258 podcast. We put up a photo taken by airline pilot mark snelson of noctilucent clouds, and i did suggest that uh in the photos, you could see the curvature of the earth and fred um. You know put that one to bed well mark’s, actually challenging that so we’re going to revisit it. Uh and we’ve also got uh 5 000 questions from ashley in the united states um.

Well, you know it’s it’s, one massive question broken down into five parts plus he’s got an idea for something we should put in the space nuts shop so we’ll investigate that as well, but um. First fred. I wanted to let you know i’m stuck at home at the moment, because sydney’s had a bit of a covert outbreak and basically has been locked down. So i assume you’re stuck at home i’m stuck at home too, even though i don’t live in sydney, because i was there on the date of the cut off of the covered lockdown. So, even though i’m now home, i have to lock down as well so i’m doing. My radio show from home i’m doing the podcast from home i’m doing my other job from home, with the salvation army it’s just um yeah, like we’re back to where we were over a year ago. It just feels so strange um. Let me just put that in context andrew, because yesterday i had an email from a friend and colleague, very very famous astronomer, brian gensler, who is the director of the david dunlap institute in toronto, and he told me that they have just come out of seven months Of lockdown in toronto – and he was saying, he’s been working from home since march 2020. He hasn’t been into the office at all uh, so um, you know, we’re doing pretty well. We’Ve got a fortnight locked down. I could put up with that yeah we are.

We are my two boys in sydney fred have been working from home for over a year. They were just starting to go back into the office a couple of days a week and now back to back to working from home. It is so fortunate that they’ve got jobs where they’re able to do that, though uh so many people have lost their jobs and uh it’s been very, very hard on on some individuals, so uh certainly um, not counting our um. You know not not dismissing that. It’S it’s a pretty serious situation but uh we uh yeah once again ran out of toilet paper. I don’t. What is it i don’t understand, what’s going on with that, but anyway, um that’s, the situation i i’ll be here i’ll, be here till uh early next week, and then i, unless things change, i should be able to get back out into one some sort of normality. So it’s, not a not a massive lock down this one fingers crossed just depends on how the numbers go, i suppose, in in sydney in terms of infection rate, but yeah. It just shows you how nasty this um delta variant is the way it’s um it’s, it’s uh it’s been described as being able to spread fleetingly, and i think they actually got on film um two people walking past each other and one infected the other and they Weren’T, even within a meter and a half of each other, which is just extraordinary, um and terrifying all at the same time now, uh fred, let’s, move on you’ve got some good news uh about the square kilometer array.

Indeed, i have yes, the um a couple of days ago yesterday, actually uh 29th of june uh 2021. The ska observatory announced that it had officially approved the start of telescope construction in australia and south africa and outlined its 10 year funding schedule so remember the ska is what will be the world’s biggest telescope? The mid frequency dishes will be in south africa uh. The low frequency antennas, which look like christmas trees are in western australia uh, but there are many countries involved at the moment there are. There are seven nations uh that have that that the current members of the sk observatory, but a further nine countries are expecting to uh to participate and on the ground. Construction uh here in australia is expected to begin early next year, so it’s it’s it’s big news, uh i’m, going to illustrate it as well uh andrew um. Anyone who happens to be watching us on youtube because i’m holding up um a lego, ska antenna that was given to me by the then director of the project, brian boyle, back here, it’s, probably 10 years ago. Now the final thing doesn’t look anything like this lego antenna, but it does say on it. I think it says ska on it somewhere um. Indeed, it does ska and that’s what it was meant to be isn’t, it dinky a lego. Everybody should have one. It is. Oh and it moves uh but yeah, but as you say, they they’ve redesigned them.

They don’t they’re not like that. Not even the um. The mid frequency dishes in uh in south africa look like that. They are a different design all together from this, but they are dishes, whereas the ones in australia are christmas. Tree 131, 000 of them antennae, it’s extraordinary, yeah, well, that’s, great news and uh yeah it’ll be a slow sort of a slow burn in terms of the project being finalized, but it’ll be worth it when we are able to uh solve all the mysteries of the Universe in you know five seconds once they switch right, albeit yeah, right let’s, move on to this other fascinating story which has received so much traction in the media, and i i i think it is worth talking about again the unidentified aerial phenomena report from the pentagon. Now this this is to do with um the sighting of 144 aerial vehicles of some kind over a period of years. These have been spotted by civilian airline, pilots and aircraft, pilots and passengers and military, and it was so uh impossible to ignore the pentagon has uh. Has has been investigating this and they’ve now released a report into it, which i suppose most of the media, and rightly so, have said. Well, you know: what are you telling us, because you haven’t actually haven’t haven’t, actually answered the question as to what these are, but they probably can’t they they don’t absolutely know. Do they they don’t um.

There has been some really good commentary on on this. Actually, in the in the media there’s a few websites that have really taken a uh, i think a pretty intelligent view of um of what this is all about and uh, and what the us government is trying to do so. Just to clarify those 144 reports are all from u.s government sources, so most of them are a lot of them. Are military aircraft. In fact, i think a lot of them are actually navy aircraft um of those 144 80 involved observation with multiple sensors, so that’s interesting. Most of them most of the reports described unidentified aerial phenomena as objects that interrupted pre, planning, training or other military activity, uh so it’s, you know it’s it’s, really serious stuff. This it’s not um. This is not based on hearsay or anything like that. These are genuine observations, um. I was really interested to see um that the report uh, which, by the way, is simply titled preliminary assessment, unidentified aerial phenomena from the office of the director of national intelligence in the usa. The report includes a section describing um the difficulties with reporting this sort of thing because um you know the the the normally you can imagine a a jet fighter pilot coming back saying. You should see what i saw today. Everybody just pour scorn on it and there’s one of the sentences. I thought was very interesting. Narratives from aviators in the operational community and analysts from the military and intelligence community describe disparagement associated with observing unidentified aerial phenomena, reporting it or attempting to discuss it with colleagues and it’s.

A really interesting point that they actually highlight that um. Why has the name change from ufos to uap um but it’s a that’s, a good question too, and maybe party part of it is to do with what i’ve just said. You know, as soon as you mentioned, you don’t think you’ve lost your marbles whereas, but a more you know, perhaps a more serious aspect is that some of these things are not necessarily objects. The unidentified flying objects could be other things, and that leads me to the the classifications that the report actually goes into: five different classif classic sorry classes of of uap’s, unidentified aerial phenomena, starting with airborne clutter as they call it. These objects include birds, balloons, recreational unmanned aerial vehicles or airborne debris like plastic bags that muddle a scene and affect an operator’s ability to identify true targets such as enemy aircraft. In fact, they’ve they’ve only highlighted one that has been proved as that sort of airborne clutter, and it was a deflating weather, balloon uh that that they mentioned in the report so that’s. The first classification second, is natural. Atmospheric phenomena includes ice, crystals, moisture thermal fluctuations. That may register on some infrared and radar systems interesting stuff. Then there is us government or industry, developmental programs. Uap observations could be attributable to developments and classified programs by u.s entities. We were unable to confirm, however, that these systems accounted for any of the uap reports. We collected so you know they’ve asked around: are you doing anything top secret? No, no, no, no, no, nothing, nothing to see and then uh classification.

Four is really interesting for foreign adversary systems. Some uap may be technologies deployed by china, russian russia, another nation or a non governmental entity um. However, um later in the report, they kind of play that down because um, the and it’s. Certainly true, you know if there were these things that were capable of matt, 500 acceleration, uh or sorry 500g acceleration. I beg your pardon and very high speeds. Well above this, this the speed, the sound uh speed of sound. They also the reports of things that travel faster than the speed of sound without leaving a sonic boom. That sort of technology takes decades to to develop and there is nothing in the intelligence community that suggests that any other nation is doing this and they also say, and even if they were. Why would they you know? Was it around um military training places, which is where a lot of these things have occurred and been seen? That might be. That could just be uh a coincidence, but but it’s it’s more likely to be the fact that um, you know around military training bases. There are lots, there’s lots of air traffic movement and that gives rise to lots of reports, um, so yeah a really interesting idea and then finally, the final classification is other, although and what they say is, although most of the uap described in our data set, probably Remain unidentified due to limited data or challenges to collection, processing or analysis, we may require additional scientific knowledge to suspect to successfully collect on and analyze and characterize some of them.

We would group such objects in this category, pending scientific advances that allow us to better understand them. The uap, the ua ptf that’s. The task force intends to focus additional analysis on the small number of cases where a uap appeared to display unusual flight characteristics or signature management. I love that signature management um disappearing. I guess that means so yeah really. You know a really good attempt to classify all these things to categorize them and uh, and a a worthwhile report, something that’s worth um, actually worth having a look at it’s very easy to find on the web. The primary reassessment of uaps it is, i should mention as well uh, basically a redacted version of a much longer report that went to congress, which was secret so that there is more stuff. But this is the that’ll that’ll get the conspiracy theorists going, but it’s, probably not that much more. I mean they’ve told it like it is in this and i think it’s i think, it’s a good thing to do. Yeah and like you and i discussed before, we both were of the belief and – and they have pointed out that it’s very, very, very unlikely that we’re being visited by aliens uh it’s more likely to be some human creation, and it could be multiple different as they’ve Categorized them could be any combination or a natural phenomenon or phenomena. My belief is that, with these extraordinary craft and the maneuvers they’ve described, it’s it’s it’s been made by humans and perhaps uh the us military itself has developed uh some kind of technology that um you know they haven’t let out of the bag, not even to their Own people yet it’s, i think, that’s very possible but and yeah it could be a foreign entity which is also somewhat disturbing, but um look we’ll have to wait and see this there’s uh they can’t, keep it hidden forever would be my uh feeling on it, but Who knows really who knows yeah it’s, yeah, um, that’s right? I i, i think, that’s right you’re, probably right, um that’s, a fairly likely explanation.

I think um we we wait and see i mean what’s encouraging – is that this task force is, is going to keep going with their research and hopefully they’ll find something out yep. Well, your fingers crossed they’ve got 143 of them. They haven’t been able to identify, so that in itself is, is staggering and that’s only in recent years. This isn’t go this. You know we’re talking what, since um yeah, this has all happened in the 2000s and beyond so um it’s, not something we’re, not going back to the 50s, not going back to roswell uh, no that’s right. This is all new um yeah, the most. In fact, most of them are recent, so um, the take home points are, first of all, unidentified aerial phenomena, probably lack a single explanation which we’ve gone into. There are five categories, but they also make the point that they threaten flight safety and possibly national security, and you know that’s a pretty big statement to make uh with a public document like this. They say explaining. Uap will require analytic collection and resource investment, so they want more money, that’s, fair enough um and you know that’s that’s. Basically the bottom line they need to continue. The work will do yeah um, i i suppose, i’m being a little bit uh flippant here, but uh once again the photographs of these things. Even you know, despite the fact that we have such high resolution high tech cameras, these days are still too fuzzy to identify anything, but this speed might have something to do with that, and you know the ones that we’ve seen those four videos.

I think that were released by the pentagon of things that can’t be explained. Um, they look fuzzy because they’re uh, i think, they’re infrared images which often you know be because you’re measuring the heat from an object. Often the object itself is heating up the region around. It um so they are from the fuzzy, but some people have described that as an aura, which is um a step too far, uh because it’s, just you know, it’s the kind of characteristic thing that you might get with mid range, infrared detection, all right. We uh. We watch and wait with interest and hope that uh some answers will be forthcoming. You’Re listening to the space nuts podcast with andrew dunkley and fred watson, Music available at apple podcasts, google, podcasts, spotify iheartradio or your favorite podcast player. You can also stream on demand at