The super bowl event is on rocky sorry, i’m, so excited. If you want to watch my other video for details, um, i will like put the link in the comments or you can just scroll um like through my youtube channel it’s a couple of videos: there’s only there’s, only two on the challenges yeah so for the player. So for the gridiron guru, you have to um play five matches in the gridiron game mode. During the super bowl celebration event for the nfl wheels, you have to win three matches in the gridiron game mode during the super bowl celebration event. I almost ran out of breaths and when 10 all my matches also repeatable, you could get 20 xp by the way. Repeatable means you could do it as much time as you want until the event ends, and also this is a new weekly challenge, as you can see up there it’s the same thing as the challenge in here, but it’s 20 on my matches. Yeah i’m losing my breath by the way carter’s also here with us. So and you know you and you know how excited i am because i, if you don’t know if you don’t, watch my response yeah, i love football. I even talk about it. Sometimes in dominic streams and videos – yes, so we’re, just gon na play the new gridiron mode and yeah three two one let’s see how it looks. Yeah! Oh, oh that’s, sick! Look at the ball! Oh my god! Look at that it’s like an actual football field.

Bro. This is sick. I cannot wait, wait, look, look. This is there’s a there’s flags of every little team logo really yeah, look up top doesn’t, really work; seahawks, green bay, packers texans and jaguars Music Music, oh my god, yeah and basically you could watch my other video for details. Oh we got three points every time. Oh, you have the rule dominick, oh damn, oh i was trying to block for you. I think people can keep on forgetting that you can’t double jump. I got it. No, they took it. I got it. I got. Oh, my god. This is so fun. I keep on cutting it. He’S scoring my own goal. Oh number, one yeah. They keep on forgetting you can’t double jump. Oh, this is actually sick, bro it’s, an actual american football off the field goal pulse that is no good well and that animation shirt is so sick. I’M gon na, oh, no it’s, okay, it’s, so good. I double down wait! That’S out of bounds, that’s sick, oh yeah, you can’t go past that blue thing. Oh yeah, you can’t go past that blue stick. You could go on the wall, but you can’t go on you, oh nope, that guy trucker does tucker. Does oh let’s go nice blocks? Oh, they got it, they got it come on. Oh he double jumped. I got it come on. Oh my god. That was a long run. That was a long run. I come on juking everybody, your dog that’s, the line you’re talking about yeah it’s because they said on the arena wall.

They did yeah. They said you just told me: there was a lie and you didn’t say it: oh, my god, okay he’s, coming back, get him get him. Oh he fumbled that. How is he not bubbling? Oh sorry, oh, oh my god come on again, oh, never mind. I would be receiving it, it wasn’t called get him get him. I fumbled him. I found him push him out. I pushed him out. Oh no, he hit me all right team got it our team. Has it oh damn it? Why did he stay still, and i and i hit it? No, we lost change. Oh i want to keep applying this let’s keep on playing this. Are we able to rematch i’m going to party? I want to hurry up with these guys. These guys are good. Oh, my god, should we party up with them i’m going back well um, yeah that’ll, be it for today’s video. We have the new super bowl event make sure to watch my other video for all the details about this event. I know this video is like a little short well, i don’t know if it’s going to be short or not but yeah. I might just like grind out these challenges and stuff, because i really want these wheels but um yeah that’ll, be it for today’s.