Before i could reach him dancing was gone. I would mourn later, but first hello out there folks it’s dave here from dave station vr and today we finally get to talk about sniper elite vr for playstation vr, coming to us from rebellion, great game studio. Um obviously have the sniper elite series zombie army, they’ve, done all kinds of good stuff and um it’s gon na be 29.99 out this thursday it’s gon na be kind of a preview video. I can only talk about the first six missions here um, but what we can talk about is a lot of fun to talk about so let’s dive into it just to get the raw facts out of the way. First uh. This game supports the aim: controller, the dualshock 4 and the move controllers um. It is obviously a sniping game, but there’s, two distinct styles of gameplay and some you’re going to be in a sniper’s nest where you kind of take different angles from above, and you know, set up your shots that way and you’re pretty much stationary within a certain Location, um and then the other mode is more of a like traversing levels: keeping quiet staying stealthy as you progress through a mission um some combine the two styles, which is pretty cool but um for the most part, you’ll be playing one or the other. Now i said i can only talk about the first six levels, but there are 18 levels in the game um, so lots of content here and lots of replayability too.

There are three stars for challenges on each level and at a certain point, you actually do have to go back and complete a lot of those because to progress in the campaign. You’Re gon na need those stars, so the game sort of encourages you to go back and do those challenges and uh. You know you know push yourself a little bit to do better. Now, of course, i know people also want to know about options. This has all the options you want. Oh disregard, that footage of me blowing myself up with a grenade, okay, anyways um, so it’s got all the stuff. You would want um. You could do full locomotion, smooth turning turn off the vignette. All that stuff you can follow. The bullet cam all the way into some guy’s head watch. His nuts explode. If you want to and right up close and that stuff is, is all great um and if you want click turning and teleport that’s also there for you, the only thing you can’t turn off is when there’s an explosion nearby. It gives you a vignette, and sometimes when you’re sneaking it gives you a vignette as well, but those things aren’t too big of a deal in the overall scheme of things. Now i know you guys have eyes and you can obviously see the graphics here for yourself, but it’s always a little different in the headset. So as far as graphics go, i wasn’t like totally blown away here but um.

I do think that things look great through the scope, even at a really long distance. You know so, even if it’s kind of fuzzy off in the distance as soon as you pop that scope up it looks crystal clear and it’s really really well done. One of the best scopes i’ve seen in vr – and you know the environments – do kind of evoke that world war ii feeling i kind of feel like i’m playing medal of honor or something so they do a good job. In terms of like the enemy design and the the level design and stuff um, but you know don’t expect, like the craziest. Looking graphics in the world also be happy to note that there are lots of weapons to unlock as you go through, that have different uh abilities like there’ll, be one that you get that’s like. Oh, this sniper does extra damage to kidneys. You’Re like that sounds fun. Let me try and find a guy’s kidney from 50 yards or whatever so that’s, always cool to unlock new stuff, and then you can permanently add them to your initial loadout for any upcoming missions that you place: that’s kind of cool that’s, all the basics, i think, But overall i really really enjoyed my time with this game. I know i can only talk about the first six missions and i will say those are a little bit slow to get started. Um the first one is kind of kind of really short and uh.

The second one is just a like: a shooting range and a little bit of dialogue, so the the momentum doesn’t get going initially too quickly, but once you get settled into it um you know, as you go on, the missions definitely get more engaging. They get longer. More complex and uh, i think you guys will definitely enjoy this one. I have been enjoying the hell out of it. Um and it’s. Only 30 bucks. A lot of content here, lots of fun to be had. I did have a couple nitpicks nitpick number one is that thing i mentioned earlier about needing stars to unlock campaign levels i’m, not very good at this game folks. So that became a sticking point at a certain point, not within the first six levels, though i guess i shouldn’t say it, but you know at some point it pops its head up. Nitpick number two. This is even more nitpicky but um. The death screen is so abrupt and unceremonious and weird like when you get shot it just like bam, cut everything you died, there’s no fade out, there’s, no uh or like a guy in the radio like. Are you still there captain or whatever you’re? Just like you immediately, you don’t know who killed you there’s, no, like! Oh, you got shot with this weapon from this angle or whatever um like i’d love to see a kill cam of myself like who shot me when i died, but it just goes whoop.

You died and it’s very, very stark, like it feels like a rough edge. Super nitpick i’m, telling you it’s a nitpick, but overall, like i said, i really like this game. I think you guys will really like this game and i can’t wait until thursday, when i can talk more about the full thing, because then i’m i’m not embargoed anymore, and i can talk about the entire 18 levels. So anyways, thanks for tuning in guys um keep an eye out for this one and definitely if you are at all interested, i think if you got a name controller, you know this is one that you’re going to want to pick up the enemy kept coming. But with my friends lives in my hands, i was remorseless as always thanks again for watching guys, appreciate you so much and i will catch you next time around have a good rest.