Last time, we’re gon na hear about a phone call that benji got a couple weeks ago, yeah so i’m sitting at my desk probably doing homework, and i get the call some lady hi we’re, calling with the results of your prostate exam. Now i don’t recall, having had a prostate exam, i think i would remember such an experience. So i i said uh, are you sure yeah well, when was this? Oh two months ago i don’t think i’d. Yes, you did. Yes, you did. They said that they, no you did you did. I said i don’t think so i i just i’ve i would i said to them. I would remember if i had a prostate exam that’s, not something you forget, and then they just hung up, and then i just went okay and then i resumed doing what i was doing. What what the i think, the fact that just that makes it so funny is the yes you did, and that was so surprising to me, but they they’re just looking for people to push around well all those phones like phone calls are is this is severe uh. He is okay, don’t mind him, so what this camo does we got from the sorrow it should make enemies not hear our footsteps – oh that’s cool, which could be useful here. We combine this with this box. This should be the ultimate sneak okay. So i guess we’ll look at the map, the tanks yeah doesn’t look like he wants to show us.

I see one up here, though it’s an important business, so that’s a tank, yeah woof you piece of i’ll kill you i’ll, kill you they can’t stop you. I mean Music, you go to your left back. Music. Oh come on. Let me be i. This all went wrong, so fast, yeah it’s unfortunate get em Music. What, if i just ignore them, what are they gon na? Do i don’t know i mean they could like stab you. We need the c3 where’s there. It is many charges of c3. Do we have? Oh check will be Music. Music Music reminds me of uh mgs5. We try and get as many gathered as possible. Oh and then just run them through yeah. I hit him with the cigar. Nice put them right on out bleach yeah pour bleach into the wound, step one i you know, i recently saw a picture of the. I think it was the it the japanese mountain leech. Oh, i don’t like that name. I imagine it doesn’t look very like you want on your body, it’s, very large and the way it was like. I think i think i don’t know how i got on this, but i was thinking about those um, the wasps, the japanese wasps, that are like super super um nasty. I was like, oh, what are the what are like the deadliest animals in japan right and it was like. A couple of them were like the top two were bears like different different asiatic bears um, but then the like the last one of the list was this giant leech, and it said something about them like flipping towards people or like rolling towards people and how they’d, Like sit in trees to get a better way to, like vantage point, to drop onto prey wow a little bit intense for a leech it’s, big it’s, like you know like like the classic like like those black leeches, are like you know, like an inch inch or Two long right, it’s, like from the picture it looked like it, was like four or five inches long and like at the thickest point, like maybe around an inch or just under an inch thick i’m, a terrifying looking creature, but leeches are interesting, so i’ll.

Let it slide really. I i can’t, i won’t forgive the leeches. They do nothing, but leech literally that’s what they do. They are that yup that’s, what that’s, what they are well, you know, have you ever seen, um, never seen a lamp ray Music. Are you familiar with them lamprey eel or just the lit lamprey, and are you thinking of more eels? Maybe more yells are like the black ones kind of underbite. The lamprey is the big circle mouth yeah suckers, not now? Okay, i guess we’re talking now hello we’ve been trying to reach you about your car’s extended. How are things going on your end? I just finished planning going great until you called me one more time: okay, i’ll be waiting. Are you ignoring my calls? I’M busy? I’M planting explosives – i can’t remember where the other two tanks are: hmm all right: let’s go with the gun at the end of this whole walkway Music, here a box, a box here, a box here here, a box. Why box? Why boxing? Why do you ever wonder? What’S in the box, maybe you shouldn’t it’s a it’s, a japanese mountain leech, oh, but there’s that guy who’s that you i’ll kill you. I will kill you. Where are the other c3? Is there one up here, Music? Possibly at least we can get a vantage point and see them. Where are the other spots, we need to find explosives. Oh there’s, one back there we didn’t play it and then there’s one we completely walked by it.

Can you drop down here, yeah and next time? We’Ll plant, some more c3 hope you enjoyed bye.