I finally got to visit the beach well, her beach don’t worry. I didn’t come all this way for the sightseeing. Your beloved vb has a serious issue. You may recall me explaining that these incubators connect bbs via the cairo network to their still mothers back at hq bridge. Babies are quite literally bridges between this world and the other side. Their place is not here with us, nor with the bts over there. They belong precisely in between with no greater affinity for one world or the other, but bb 28 here has been leaning further and further towards the world of the living towards use that’s, because we’re partners, partners, sam a bb’s, a tool, not a human being bridge. Yes, baby. No, so tell me what the problem is this tool, this weapon is transforming into a living being it’s gaining weight. It’S brain activity is increasing it’s accumulating memories. Bb 28 is becoming self aware becoming an actual child. Doesn’T sound like a problem to me. It’S hardware, sam manufactured for a purpose, a purpose that cannot fulfill outside the pot. There is a 70 risk of catastrophic failure, simply in removing it, which hardly matters, because at this point, it’ll cease functioning within a couple of days. This is functioning that’s right. Not even the pot will be enough, it’ll be bricked. What do we do? We reset it you’ll have to leave it with me. Of course, i’ll cut the cord that links the two of you and then perform an operation that reconnects it to the other side.

Think of it as a little tug to correct its alignment, to put it back where it belongs right between the world of the living and the dead, but, like i said, you’ll have to be without it for a while you’re sure this will work. Of course, one catch, though the surgery may erase its memories a race. Little forget me: relax the bb will still function as intended. You just have to trust me. Come on i’m telling you it’s like a game, just select, we try and start, and this is why i hate these things sam. I was already filthy for my trip through the beach, but now your bb has added insult to injury. Yes, no one can spy on us in here it’s, just you and me, no audio records of what we say. No video for live reading analysis get closer die hard. Men cannot know of this understood, i’ve been doing some digging into the first bp experiments. Officially, they were suspended by the government following a void out which claimed the life of the then acting. President documents were shredded. Maybe technology banned? Yes, but obviously the experiments continued in secret on the direct orders of president strand bridget Music. The bbs were essential to solving the mystery of the death stranding. Oh, she had big plans. They weren’t designed just to be bt detectors. She wanted to incorporate them into a cairo network to facilitate travel to the beach, but none of her plans ever came to fruition and now bb tech has fallen into terrorist hands.

What’S die hardman’s, pardon us i’m afraid to find out. I don’t know how long he was working for strand i don’t even know his real name or his face. I thought you might sense. You two go further back. He was already wearing a mask when i met him, something about burning his face. Ryan. Sorry anything that we have from back then, is classified at the highest level. As far as i know, the director is the only one with clearance, but the cairo network presents a new opportunity by compiling fragmented data in the public domain from all across the country. I might be able to piece together a little more of the puzzle, be careful sam they’re, watching well, sam you’re, a good sport i’ll, give you that still it’s a fine way to get out of doing the laundry just fix bb all right! Oh no! You’Ll be doing the fixing i’d never manage without your help check the delivery terminal upstairs for the details when you’re ready, of course, oh beginning scan scanning bridges, id verifying id clear weapons detected, all weapons will be locked until departure. All clear.