At a view, uh conference center and resort i’m doing a test with my gopro hero, uh nine black in my dji pocket too i’ve got the gopro hero 9 black in my left and my right hand and i’ve got my dji pocket too, and my left hand I’M, recording 4k 60 frames per second in both cameras, i’ve got the gopro set on linear field of view and i’ve got the. I got the gopro set on linear field of view with horizon leveling and i’ve got my dji uh just recording the norm. It only has one field of view, which is 93 degree field of view and i’ve got uh. The gopro hero 9 said it uh on the gopro color. The normal color and i’ve also got my dji pocket 2 said it normal cover normal color and the set the uh the raw files in both cameras or the brown. If you were going to shoot raw with the gopro hero, 9 black, you would shoot flat and if i was going to shoot raw or cinematic with you know raw cinematic same thing. If i was going to shoot raw in my dji pocket too, it would be cause it’s called d cinelike, which means cinematic, which is basically a flat profile, raw, basically flat. That would not, when you shoot flat uh, you have more room to color grade your footage, but right now, i’m shooting the regular color. So if you shoot the with the gopro color or the dji normal color mode, uh, both both uh cameras to me straight out of the cameras, the footage looks good.

The colors it’s going to do i’m just going to do like a little five minute, a walk. Trying to hold the cameras pretty much in the same direction. Uh you can’t mount the it’d be hard to mount the dji pocket to and the gopro hero 9 to a board, because the pocket toe is about like a little snickers bar with the camera lens. On top with a little motor below it, it’s, basically like a small snickers bar, of course, the gopro hero 9 is a little bit bigger than the gopro hero 8 black, but it’s a lot better camera the gopro hero 9 has better colors. This is back towards the over the hedges back towards the meadow viewers, uh conference center and resort and we’ll walk out here in place of me going back towards the resort. I mean the conference center resort and the meadowview resort uh the meadowview conference center resort. We will walk back towards the main road, which is the meta view parkway now i’m, just going to make this a five minute video and we only got about one minute and 20 seconds left across the street. Is the eastern credit union. Like i said this. Is the this road is the uh meadowview parkway? If you go out right here and hang a left, this is interstate 26.. You can go right and go 26 east go left. You can go right. You go back towards huh weber, city.

If you go left on that on the interstate right here, if you go left, you go to johnson city great, see right there there’s a sign. So if you get on that interstate, where the bridge is go left you go to, of course, you’re going through the little part of what’s left of kingsport, you go into gray and boone creek, and all that then you’re going to johnson city. If you go right, you go down to stone, drive and go towards weber. City we’ve got like 20 seconds left and i’m going to turn the cameras off. Let me turn it around. On my face real quick, how does it look? How does it sound? This will conclude my test of the gopro hero9 black in the d, yet dji pocket. Two thanks for watching.