51 seconds to 100 meters and dan collins Get this radical lotus, 88 twin chassis, grand prix car under the 52nd mark Applause, Music, Music, series, Music: this is my dark horse and he’s been driving with jordan with his own young gundam he’s been training in this new chevron, which is very evocative indeed. From from the chevrons of the past, but anthony reid has been quick up here, as you know: crofty and williams, cars and btcc cars – and this is the chevron gt3, what a fabulous machine well, this man has raced so many different types of car, japanese, f3s raced In sports cars, a gt as well, not so much a dark horse, but a lovely, lovely car in the hands of a really experienced driver and he’s eight tenths up going through the first sector got very, very close to the flint wall. I’M. Amazed at the wing mirror actually stayed on there, but look at this. This is electric pace 1.3 seconds up now. He could knock two seconds off the pace of bartels here and he has you know: Applause, Music, Applause, uh, Music, Applause, Music Applause. Yes, here we go. Ladies and gentlemen, is sebastian leaving the line at the goodwood festival of speed already he’s up into fourth gear, as he rambles into the first corner 875 horsepower. Ladies and gentlemen, he cuts the corner on the inside he’s rocketing past. The house and he’ll be touching 145 miles an hour Music.

Look at this he’s three seconds, underneath at the first intermediate split he’s 109 miles an hour into malcolm corner. Yesterday, sebastian loeb did 46.45 miles an hour already he’s gone through the flint wall, he’s seven seconds, underneath the quickest time at the moment, a 46.45 he did yesterday. The time of 54.12 will be shattered Music. This is bound to be equipped to climb molly hancock in the cosworth, the crp1, the late 70s grand prix car brainchild of charlie purley, the uh and designed by mike hilby. The hill climb king holly hancock hasn’t driven this car before but he’s inside the early target. By some margin, yep olly qualified this car. What 20 about 20th? I think in the order here he comes. This is looking good he’s chasing 57 63 he’s going to do that very easily ferocious acceleration of the gobstopper holly clark winner here last year. Four tenths up on kenny brack’s marker at the thing don’t take your eyes off the screen. Ladies and gentlemen, if you’re watching it here live or following on the live stream, this is it it is all or nothing for ollie clark. Up to the first intermediate split 22 seconds, he’s gon na beat it’s close he’s point. Nine of a second underneath he’s got point nine of a second in his pocket and now, with 860 horsepower charges up towards the flint wall. The commitment through here is nothing short of mighty next split 35.3. 0.

7. Underneath this is it he’s got to beat a 47 07 who is going to win goodwood in 2016? Will it be bragg or would it be? This is just in law in the jaguar xjr 12d. This is going to be spectacular, two cars to go and they were within one 100th of a second of each other, both in the 46s justin law of 46.69 jeremy smith at 46.68, justin law, varsity experience, he’s, always in the running in the shootout here at the Festival of speed in the big bud like group c car half a second up as he turns into the left, hander of malcolm now, climbing the hill in this wonderful jaguar flying past the bales. You see how close he got to the bales on the right hand, side 1.3 seconds up now. This is going to be the benchmark. This is going to be what they are going to have to beat justin law up across the line to europe, and here he is sitting on the start line. The indianapolis yard of bricks that are set into the road are already being crossed by romantic mass. The first 100 meters amazingly fast, half a second quicker than the best time so far, so he is on the money and he is quicker in that first intermediate so 44.32 to beat. Is he going to be able to do it? Here comes welcome corner. He turns the car through that left he’s up at the next split as well.

So roman dumar is looking good here, he’s quicker in the first two splits. He is by a full second at malcolm already, he’s past the flint wall, the frenchman, trying hard with the volkswagen he’s .83 of a second up, as he goes towards the top of the hill one more corner to go 44.32 seconds to beat four dumas and he’s Done it because the road is drying, roman duma blasts away from the line, storms down towards the first corner, really we’re, looking at the time of 41.6 to beat and straight away, he’s quicker than anybody in the first intermediate decent. First split, then for roman dumar. In this all, electric volkswagen idr making his way a long park straight, and he arrives at malcolm corner so fast stamps on the brakes, tucks it into the left, hander and back on the power. What is this split going to be, as he comes up towards the flint wall, he did a 29.46 after the uh secretary of ‘.9 off the second plate yesterday. This is looking good for dumas as he comes towards the line, but will it be a record? The question is, can he go quicker than 41.