Thank you very much in this edition, i’ll be exploring a new uh product that i recently purchased the dji pocket 2.. I know there’s been a ton of videos on that product and a lot of uh influencers are already given their take, etc, etc. I’M going to talk about some uh, just some small items that i found uh that were lacking in a lot of other videos: i’m. Going to talk about a small case that i found for the pocket too, i’m also going to talk about close focus, the issue of close focus and i’m going to be doing a test with a little sculpture that i bought in oaxaca it’s called an alebrije it’s. A mexican folk, uh, sculpture, okay and then finally, i’m gon na be talking about a little bracket that i found that works with the pocket too and uh, and some workarounds that make it work really really really good. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me about these products at any time again, my contact information is way way way way below in the description don’t forget to like subscribe and share, and if you have any time, leave some kind and super friendly comments. Uh below the description i’ve been starting to promote my patreon page that’s, patreon, jmm and i’m, trying to get some uh bucks here and there to support my efforts in uh producing these youtube videos, if you are so kind and are able to i’d appreciate participation in My patreon program, thank you very much.

Let’S start the videos off right now. Yes, i really like my dji pocket 2 camera it’s working out pretty good. The only problems i ever have are with sound uh. I think the sound is a bit uh, not as high quality, as i expected, but it’s okay, so in about 20 seconds here, i’m going to start using my tripod i’m going to get ever closer and closer and closer and closer right now we’re at about. I estimate 18 inches away. Don’T forget this is a wide angle lens, and this is an allergy again, a sculpture made in mexico. They were originally from mexico city. They were made out of paper mache, then eventually, the folks in oaxaca, the indigenous community. A lot of folks down there, the mestiza started, making them out of wood and carving them. I have a little series on it. So i’m, slowly trying to uh get a little bit closer right here, i’m about six inches away. It looks pretty sharp. In my humble opinion, looks pretty sharp, but what do you think i’ll stay here for a few seconds and then i’ll get a little bit closer now, i’m out, i estimate four and a half four inches away again. This is a test to see how sharp you can get in a close up, that’s very important to me, especially i like to get close ups of things, and this was with the standard lenses not with a wide angle adapter.

So here i am about three inches away: it’s, a little bit fuzzy. You can still see the fin, which is a little bit further away, but the uh, the flowers are not so i’m gon na move it back to about three and a half inches and now it’s a lot crisper. But what do you think again? This was just a test uh i noticed online. There were no folks out there doing uh this sort of uh examination of the dji pocket two’s capabilities. This is only being eliminated. Uh from my kitchen window, uh it’s, a nice sunny day in uh fort worth texas it’s a it’s a nice day, so i’ll stay with the shot, so you can look at it and examine it hope you have a good, monitor and again i’m measuring here and I’M double checking yes, it’s about three and a half inches in fact, i’m triple checking don’t forget to leave your kind in super friendly comments below the description. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me i’ll be more than happy to answer any of your questions about the dji pocket 2 in my experiences and how it’s working out for me at this time in fort worth, texas, i’m, primarily going to use this. For my rvian uh, you know my rv channel, where i do some reviews of rvs, motorhomes and stuff like that. So i bought a new max cam case fits everything nicely and neatly in there.

This is the stuff i’m gon na shove in there. I really like it again: it’s pretty solid it’s, not this. You know aluminum case or a steel case, it’s just a regular case. This is typically where i put my uh. You know camera without its uh. Do everything handle i just put it in there and it fits in perfectly. I stick in the tripod right about here and that works out pretty good that’s. What it’s designed for next, i put in the wireless microphone with wind muff right there here’s one of the accessories that allows you to uh move the gimbal left right down, that’s right there. They have other openings there for filters and stuff, but right now i don’t have any of that stuff. I need to get some uh. You know filters and stuff, especially nd filters. This is where you put the little bottom accessory that covers the bottom in case you’re. Not using the do everything handle and this little cover for the accessory port on the right there. I have some items i’m going to shove in that little uh pouch there lens clean tissue. I rarely use lens cleaning tissue, but i have it and there’s a spare bottom and then i have my micro sd cards and my micro sd sd adapter, currently i’m, using the sandisk uh 72 what’s that 64 man, 64 gigabyte uh cards and extreme cards and extreme Pluses worked out pretty good. That was a little rock that i found on a beach somewhere.

Let me close it up. Yes, it does close up very nicely and there it is standing up the max cam camera accessories case for the dji pocket. 2.. What do you think now? I bought uh something uh from cinema mount and it’s a little all metal. This is as solid as a rock. Basically, you put your uh know your smartphone and a vise and it’s never going to go anywhere. Some people noted that the camera might fall down the you know the pocket tube, but i loop it around the extension there and if it does fall, it’s only going to fall, you know four or five inches it’s, definitely not going to fall on the ground unless You’Re doing something absolutely insane again. This is a not designed for action, photography, it’s designed for just vlogging and doing some product reviews. I use it for product reviews of my rvs that i review and odds and ends here in my travel videos. I only had it for about a week, so i haven’t shot too many videos there. I am adjusting the vice mechanism very nice, again, i’m in my kitchen and it’s only illuminated by the kitchen window right there down. There is uh where you can have an arca swiss. You know mount it mounts, it has a built in arca swiss plate and on top it has a coal shoe. You can’t complain about that. Thanks for checking out my video, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me, you can go below in the description there’s my contact information or you just go to my website jmmgartha.

com. Thank you very much. Don’T forget to like subscribe and share. I would greatly appreciate it. This is a small channel i’m just trying to grow it i’m, not a big time influencer but i’m working at it dare to dream. And of course you can go to my website and i have all my contact information there. Please leave your kind and super friendly comments below the description and check out my patreon page at jmm.