Contenders and the best actor races, both drama and comedy musical kicking things off on the drama side, there’s no other name to be able to be spoken about in more passion with more passion or anything that we’ve seen this season other than chadwick boseman and ma rainey’s Black bodies, i got a friend, come on lily. You rehearse, like everybody else, i’m gon na get me a bed and make me some records. I knows how to play real music it’s. Everything that chadwick ever would do could do in film laid out uh on our screens at home because that’s, where most people are watching it right now, he plays levy which is famous character from an august wilson play, which is what the film is based on and Chadwick is just incredible in it. He will be the first posthumous uh. You know contender that we’ve had in quite some time just losing him this year. This and you, you watch the film with that context now, and it just opens things up in a new way. He will have to stave off some tough competition from the likes of anthony hopkins, for the father. Laura has come around will help you, i don’t need her or anyone else. I can manage very well on my own everything all right. Who are you based on the stage play by florian zeller, who adapted the screen version with christopher hampton i’m, a huge huge fan of this movie? It really takes you inside the mind of someone whose mind and memory are deteriorating.

I think that it could be a stealth contender all across the board, but definitely anthony hoffman’s performance. It’S, no faint praise to say i think, it’s the best performance he’s ever given those are two great uh names and presences in the season. But this is an embarrassment of riches and it goes even deeper, with delroy lindow in the five bloods being back here. It is not easy plain, uh character. His name is paul, who suffers from ptsd uh following uh the vietnam war directed by spike lee it’s, their reunion 25 years after clockers and and uh and malcolm x, and i mean listen. Delray lindo has been a force in this industry for nearly four decades delivering outstanding performances, and it is his moment to get some notoriety and it arguably could be. You know the performance of the year, and i think everyone would just is falling in love with it. And it’s remembered it considering it came out last june and doing very well in the critics circuit, but also doing well in the critical circle is, is an act for the movie i’ve made. No secret is one of my favorites of the year riz ahmed and sound of metal. I can’t hear you: do you understand playing a heavy metal drummer who loses his hearing and goes to learn to adapt to a new life on a commune? Rhys ahmed is a fantastic actor that’s no secret from nightcrawler to four lions.

To the night of you know which he won the me4, and this is just a transformative performance both physically and emotionally. I i can’t say enough great things about it: he’s someone who’s been up and coming in this industry for such a long time and will make a bit of history. He would be probably the first muslim actor ever nominated in the lead category. To that end, another up and coming space, and i would say up and coming because he blazed out in 2018, with black klansmen john david washington in malcolm emery, you’re angry. No, so what? If factor hurry maureen, i believe the best description i saw was a meme that you put out janelle on your twitter, showing that your tv was on fire and had melted because their chemistry was so on fire. In this movie, my god, john david, listen he’s already had a great year in addition with tenant. This has put his mark on cinema of him being one of the great uh actors of our generation, and this is to open things up for him in a way that uh that we haven’t seen i’m so happy zendaya is getting so much praise. But i think that he is equally as good. I mean it’s a two hander and i just want to point out um, although at the time we’re recording this there’s an embargo and really going deep into the film the little things um denzel washington is in that film thing’s probably changed a lot since she left You still got to catch him right, yeah, not that much has changed.

Then right, it’d be kind of cool to see father and son nominated side by side yeah i mean listen, denzel’s, always always great and his work in the little things where he plays a cop. That is trying to solve a murder and the way that whole mystery unfolds, it’s a really great turn for denzel and you don’t get bad denzel performances they don’t exist, but moving to the comedy side. Now i don’t think you say this without knowing that sasha baron, cohen borett, subsequent movie film is right there for the taking. What do you say? No it’s, not me, people may recognize my face. I would need disguises this film. Doesn’T just deserve all the film awards. It deserves a nobel peace prize i’m, a huge huge fan of the movie really like the first one, but i just think borah at subsequent movie, film is superior in every way and i would love to see father daughter. I was going to say showing up on a red carpet, but there are no red carpets, maybe there’ll be a virtual. Maybe you never know, but listen. Sacha. Baron cohen won the golden globe uh for his first outing as borat, and you know a second time around. You know it isn’t, out of the question: they’ll have some big competition uh, most notably probably from dev patel in the personal history of david copperfield, but this narrative is far more than mere fiction. It is in fact written memory, and you have quite the ride on the way just charming film, charming adaptation.

Dev patel is just a star and his own right previously nominated for a lion and in this film, where it really leans heavy into european themes and the hollywood foreign press association. Just you know, this is something that they will just naturally want to check off on their on their ballots. It’S, a really fun delightful film, as is palm springs good day so far today, tomorrow, it’s all the same you what is going on hey, get out of the water. Guess you followed me. We all know that it’s a fun comedy, but this might actually elevate it to an awards play and andy sandberg, of course, perfectly cast in it as a man caught in a time loop. Talking about you know stars, and you know bringing that mega a list. People to their show jamie dornan in wild mountain time, these green fields and there’s us whatever that is. It holds me here: Music, opposite emily, blunt, two of the most attractive people living on the planet. At the moment they are just exquisitely cast in this film about two star crossed lovers that just can’t figure it out, but at the end of the movie you walk away with just the charm of them, both winning you over. So i would expect jimmy jordan to be in the mix and he’s saying so that should get him that extra bump from the comedy musical category, speaking of musicals um eligible here, will be hamilton.

Found a father without a father got a lot farther by working a lot harder by being a lot smarter, so leslie, odom, jr who’s, also in the supporting race for one night in miami uh, could see a repeat of his tony win and, of course, lin manuel Miranda could find him to be dominated here. Leslie odom jr is going to be a threat all across the board with those two films, and he also has music, which is cs directorial, debut that’s, also going to be in this category too, oh and then, and then ending here, which i think i’m just going To pave the way for you will ferrell eurovision all right everyone i am lars. This is sigrid. We are fire saga who wants to hear our eurovision zone previous nominee at the globes twice for stranger than fiction, which is fantastic performance and the producers, so they they really do. Love will, and eurovision is just him doing everything that he does there’s plenty more people. We could talk about, but i think we’ve, given you a good taste uh, be sure to tune in next time. We’Ll actually be breaking down best picture. Thank you.