I love a lot more than i ever did. Maybe there was no way of saving metal, not but south, not still here because of me and you Music. What happened to you by the time i realized what higgs was planning. The nuke was already at the city gates. I followed the delivery truck and somehow managed to carry the bomb to safety, but higgs had been on to me from the start. He caught me red handed outside the gates, nuke still cradled in my arms like a child, so as punishment, he strips me down to nothing and then he makes it rain. Listen up fragile. I got a proposition for you. Do you want to live out your days as damaged goods, or would you rather take damage for the guts get to the point? All right, if all you want is to save yourself, you just have to jump. However, if you want to see this altruistic streak of yours through then you’ll have to carry my nuke to the bottomless pit and toss it in. Oh sure, you’ll be the city’s savior, but you will have to walk naked through time fall to do it. Trade. A lot of your time for a little bit of the cities hell seems like a fair exchange to me. You see the truth. Is i don’t much care for my face? It’S? Why? I hide it? Oh, but you? Oh you just love! Yours don’t, you! I bet daddy was real, proud, don’t worry, i will mess it up see.

I want your face to be a kind of testament yeah. Why did you do it? Why did you betray me because i found someone who completes me, someone who doesn’t need me to wear a mask? Oh Music, word to the wise. Even if you do save south knot, you’ll always be the nut. Job who blew up and it’ll not and that pretty face of yours will always be remembered as the face of a terrorist they’ll. Never stop hunting. You believe me, i know: well, they can slap a sticker on you, but you’re still gon na break in transit, so what’s it gon na be i’ll, take the damage and the goods. I don’t break that easy. Oh well! Good! Luck with that! I’Ll take the damage in the goods. I don’t break that easy Music, because i’m fragile but i’m, not that fragile Music Applause. Uh, Music, uh, Music, um, Music, uh. Well, there it is, you are a goddamn hero. He did the right thing. This belongs to you, i’m. No hero sam that choice i made i’ve regretted it ever since all i had to do was jump and i could have saved myself, but instead you saved a city and more than that, you gave people hope well now, there’s only one person left for me to Save i’m gon na make hits regret. He ever crossed me by killing him can’t he’s way more powerful now than he was before, but you could take him.

You could but promise me promise me you’ll, leave him alive, there’s, something i want to ask him to his face. I didn’t think you were capable of torture.