The legend of zelda skyward sword, hd fixes a ton of the originals problems and a new witcher game to compete with pokemon go is in the works. This is the daily fix Music after the playstation and pc versions of death, stranding legendary game designer hideo, kojima’s next game seems more and more likely to be an xbox exclusive venture beats jeff grubb, with the best hair in the business reported that kojima’s deal with microsoft. May have taken a big step forward this week, with both parties signing a letter of intent that indicates they’re moving forward on a general publishing deal. It remains to be seen exactly how involved microsoft will be in bringing kojima’s latest vision, which is still a total mystery to fruition, or if the game will end up being xbox exclusive or even going multi platform. Kojima is currently wrapping up the playstation exclusive death, stranding director’s cut, which was revealed before e3 and features some clever nods to the director’s, most iconic video game franchise metal gear. After that, though, all bets are off. Kojima was working with konami on the silent hill adjacent pt game, aka playable teaser, which was released on playstation 4 and then subsequently removed by konami following their very public divorce or falling out whatever you want to call it. So it would be awesome to see kojima return to the horror genre, possibly with xbox’s help, either way it feels like we might find out what he’s working on pretty soon, but knowing kojima’s history.

That answer will probably just lead to even more questions, but hey that’s part of the fun of all of it. The legend of zelda skyward sword has always been one of the more divisive zelda games among fans, but today nintendo revealed a suite of quality of life. Gameplay changes and updates coming to the hd nintendo switch version of the game later this month, along with the recently announced, optional motion, controls and 60 frames per second frame rate players will also be able to skip cut scenes fast forward. Dialogue limit the amount of pestering assistance. Your sidekick fee gives you throughout the game and, most importantly, get rid of the repeated item descriptions that used to happen every single time. You picked up a rupee or pretty much anything in the game now. That alone is enough to get me to replay the game personally since having to be told the entire wikipedia entry for every single item in the game. Every time you pick something up, even though you had picked up dozens of them before, and you already knew what a rupee was because, like you’ve, been playing zelda games for 30 years and you get it it’s a currency, you can trade it in for things and Get a wallet or whatever you knew all that stuff they just kept telling you anyway, all that was infuriating, so luckily that stuff’s gone it’s getting better uh. It is zelda’s 35th anniversary this year and i’m ready to celebrate by giving skyward sword another chance.

And finally, if the lovable creatures in pokemon go are a little too cute for you. Well, maybe you’ll be more interested in hunting down some wretched horrible monsters from the witcher games. Yeah cd projekt red announced today that a new witcher ar game is coming to mobile. This month i had you know that part at the end is it’s a mobile game. What do you want to do? It’S called the witcher monster slayer, and it will have players walking around the real world. Fighting nasty beasts on their phones, you’ll also have rpg style. Quests, where you talk to npcs and investigate mysteries in case you get bored of murdering monsters. The game is out on july 21st and android users can currently pre register on google play, which will give them an exclusive weapon which provides 10 more experience. Points for every monster killed, yes, it’s, definitely a mobile game. It will probably be a long long time before we get a full fledged witcher game. So maybe this will hold you over until then, and that was your daily fix, i’m bryan altano and for more news from other corners of the entertainment industry check out, our entertainment fix sister show, which is all about movies tv anime and whatever else like akeem puts In there he’s he’s great he just you know he takes parts of his brain and just puts him in the show. He has a really good time with it, uh be sure to subscribe to ign on snapchat uh upvote follow retweet share d like up up down down left right up b, a b, a select start, konami good uh for everyone.

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