If you wanted to go ahead and take a look for yourself, but having said that, let’s go ahead and get into this, so you probably know that microsoft has been pretty aggressive with acquiring studios to join the ranks. The recent huge acquisition being bethesda, this kind of led to e3’s presentation confirming starfield, is going to be an exclusive to the xbox series x, slash s and pc, leaving sony fans with nothing. Basically, this causes concern, as news has surfaced that kojima is said to be in talks with microsoft for a partnership. While we don’t know exactly what stages of like the negotiations they’re in it is said that they are likely to come to an agreement in some capacity. Basically saying it’s not gon na fall through this whole thing seems to be in relations to microsoft, trying to make their game streaming service more attractive, though we still don’t know if the game will be exclusive to that surface or not now that’s, just purely just speculation. On my part, we also have no idea what the title could possibly be, while the two are still coming to some kind of partnership agreement. We don’t know if there is even a game pitch yet that may be something still very much in the works, but we’ll have to see now. This brings us to another part or another angle of this story that i think is kind of stupid, but whatever you inform your own opinion, so, on top of all this, a petition has surfaced from some sony fanboys, presumably asking hideo kojima to abandon the partnership at The time of recording the petition has just over 500 signatures now taking a look at the petition itself, it’s it’s pretty like slapdash, you know not it’s.

It looks like it was put together in like five minutes or less. If you go to the link in the description, you can find a petition for yourself. If you just wanted to go and take a look, but reading the petition, it says in a quote: kojima is betraying his loyal fans. He has been blinded by greed. We must help him come back to the winning side. Please share this petition everywhere. Not everyone has a has good enough internet to stream games. Not everyone has enough money to buy a new console or build a pc. Please kichimo don’t leave us end quote, so i think this is um stupid. Honestly, this whole petition thing it’s, just so like okay, so i get it if so, if you’re disappointed with a partnership like you’re, primarily playing kojima games on a ps4 ps5, whatever right you’re just so used to it, and then you see the news that you know: He’S, probably going to go over to microsoft and there’s, probably going to be an exclusive there, because let’s be honest, those acquisitions are kind of you know, being ways to get people on game pass or buy an xbox series x, or s whatever like. I can understand. If you’re disappointed like that’s that’s, not it, i don’t think that’s stupid like i’d, be disappointed. If, if i was playing something on like an xbox and then oh no it’s only a sony ip now like what whatever like like in the end personally i’m gon na, be trying to get as many avenues of gaming as possible, so that’s ps5 series x.

I have my pc, primarily a pc gamer. I have the oculus quest 2 now, which is pretty cool, so i want to get as many avenues to play these games as possible, just because i like to play video games, it’s kind of primarily what i do lately, but to make a petition and he’s betraying His loyal fans – and he has been blinded by greed – i don’t know man it’s a business, you got ta make money, and if that comes with an exclusivity deal then so be it. I don’t think having an exclusive is some immoral act. You know it’s. I think the whole thing is stupid, like as far as the petition goes but hey you know. Some people are passionate that patch, like so passionate to make a petition, that’s actually kind of getting attention, not only because it’s getting signatures, but lo and behold here i am talking about it right, so hey, maybe it’s working who knows well, anyways, that’s, more or less Kind of where we’re at with this whole situation, unless something develops between the time i’m recording this and this video goes up, i don’t know anyways. Let me know what you guys think about this whole thing, whether it be the kojima talking to microsoft, about making a game for their platform or the petition. As a reaction to that, let me know what you think in the comments down below. If you liked the video hit that like button, if you disliked it, hit that dislike button, make sure you subscribe hit that bell to know when i go uh, i want to go live.

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