Now, on the tv side, the crown leads away with its nations, while shit’s creek got five on the film side. Bank leads with six nominations, which has a lot of people scratching their heads yeah. Some great news in the nominees list that, after the globes have snubbed female directors in the past three out of the five nominees for best director this year are female, so emerald fennel for promising young woman, chloe zao for nomad land and regina king for one night, Miami all extremely deserving yeah yeah, but this year the outrageous focus on the nominees for best motion picture drama here is uh taraji p henson announcing the nominees on the today show this morning. Best motion picture drama, the father bank, nomad land promising young woman, the trial of the chicago seven. Congratulations! Everybody! Congratulations! Okay! So in case you didn’t notice. No black lead film was nominated for best motion, picture drama and we’re, not talking about possible ulcerants like we’re. Talking about movies that could have won, they weren’t even nominated, so no one night in miami no ma reigns black bottom, no, the five bloods, no judas and the black messiah like this is this stands out to me big time. This is extremely odd. What do you think duane it’s disappointing? I mean obviously it’s going to be disappointing when you see that happen, especially when you look at all the cultural things that have happened in the past year, especially in the united states and it’s kind of like with spike lee.

As well, you kind of like to see him get that nod and chadwick was in that movie at such a great cast. But i look towards that director nomination for regina king right and i think that was really key, because she is really becoming a legend. Not like she already isn’t but to get behind the camera, and then i look at the post humous nomination for chadwick boseman as well, and so i don’t think we came out completely empty right, it’s, interesting because the movies were the whole system was just so wild. This year, especially the way that movies came out, but the movies you did hear about you know over and over and over again were people talking about were the five bloods, my rainey’s black bottom, especially one night in miami like, i would even say the buzziest worthy Movies, i couldn’t sit through 15 minutes of mank i’m, not saying oh it wasn’t great i’m, not saying any of that i’ll say it wasn’t the globes this year, okay, the golden globes this year and i know it’s – been it was a wonky year, but that doesn’t, So it doesn’t give them a pass on not nominating what was the best and it’s, not even in just this category. It’S like emily in paris is not a golden globe. Nominated show: okay, like it’s, not there’s. A lot of question marks all over this, but i can’t believe going into this. The amount of people that were so blown away by one night of miami that it didn’t get a nomination is, i i just i don’t understand, i’ve, never really understood the golden globes, but i now i really don’t understand the golden globes yeah, like it sticks out, Like a sore thumb that none of those movies got nominated yeah, i mean make oh my it’s, just old hollywood right.

They love old hollywood stories, but i mean that movie was so boring. I didn’t understand what the point of it was. They have such like a. I can’t even say the phrase that i want to use, but they have such an affection for movies that are about old hollywood that they that they nominated no matter what so yeah. No one was talking about make like i mean that movie came out and no one was talking about it, how it got six nominations. I have no idea, like you, said, roz my ratings black bottom, one night, miami, the five bloods. Those are the movies that people were talking about yeah and the fact that regina he did did get a best director nomination, but the movie doesn’t get nominated it’s odd and i looked up again. I knew the hollywood foreign press association was small, it’s 87 people, 87 people vote for these awards. That’S crazy, like the academy is, i don’t even know what the academy’s up. The academy is like 20 30 000 people vote uh for the oscars so and the academy has made such strides over the past couple years to diversify. Who is voting for these things? But the fact that you have 87 people determining the golden globes is just crazy. Like the amount of influence the golden globes has and it’s 87 people a bunch of old white men that are disturbing 87 women yeah. They know it’s crazy. I will say this about the golden globes.

They are consistent because this is a conversation we have every year. One way or another they’re consistent in their bizarre choices, so literally they only need like ten minorities. Then they have ten percent diversified.