So if you look back there’s the game covers and the two. So your dresses that thing and yeah, i think it’s in a case or something i don’t really know, and i don’t really know why it’s tilted, but so yeah let’s get into unboxing. Okay. I just um opened the um, the opening on the top so yeah. I might just get it out Music and boom there. It is okay, okay, this is actually kind of cool, so yeah. Of course you got the american box art and all that stuff it’s enough it’s in a in a case, it doesn’t really show the full picture. Although you can see sonic tails foil for a little bit and a botnick with those weird looking eyes – Music but and now let’s look at the figure. So this is a pretty nice figure. You got some epic details: um, okay, um, some of the um painting on the shoes are kind of sloppy and but it’s. Okay, you see you got that lining um Music. I i i don’t know how to explain um. He has the lining um on the eye. Thingy, i don’t know what to do, how to explain it. Um the eyes are kind of um weird. It looks kind of creepy because they it got little games like gamestop, exclusive and yeah, and if i and if i um, would add to this pack, i would um kind of add a a little um modified version of the tails funko pop um.

I would tell funko pop yeah um and just turn into um classic tails, just like it is in the box, art and maybe give sonic a bit of a round face. Just like that, because the picture has in the in the box see. It was like that little round face and – and he does not have the the um and he literally um doesn’t – really look identical to to the um um. What he calls like like the american sonic, because if you look here, he has that that mohawk thingy the funko project just looks like the um, the japanese art style, yeah, he’s Music, his head isn’t really round it’s like the american box, our eyes, but it’s it’s. Okay, because sometimes the japanese artwork is kind of it’s kind of cool and um yeah. This is again a gamestop exclusive. This was made for for the 30th anniversary that just passed like a week ago, um and yeah that’s pretty much it um. I hope you enjoyed this unboxing video make sure to like and subscribe and let’s focus like and subscribe hit the bell notification, so you don’t miss another video share, this video.