I go by the mr trails. Welcome to the channel. This video is one of two videos covering the dauntless 1.7.0 patch in this one we are going over. The wild thunder hunt pass the new items in the reward, cache and other cosmetic related items in the other video i go over the omni cells that will be coming out, the cell changes and heroic escalation and more consider leaving like on the video and, if you Enjoyed dauntless and are not subscribed already consider subscribing to the channel. I post dauntless content here every week and i am on twitch right now as i’m. Releasing this video stop by once you’ve finished watching the videos. Let us begin with the wild thunder hunt pass. This hunt pass is inspired by the ostian hinter wilds and has some tie ins with the upcoming thunder deep dress if you’re thinking about making any purchases this season consider using code. The mr trails make sure that the a is before the eye the hunt pass begins at level 1 with the herald of the thunder deep emote at level. Five, we have the mantle of the tenebrus glade armor skin at level 10. We have the wild braids hairstyle at level 15. We have the suggestions die at level 16. We have the rangers ensign banner sigil at level 20. We have the rangers ensign flare at level 25. We have the mask of the nocturne star at level 30. We have the briars of the hinter wilds banner fabric at level 35.

We have the torch of the salvaged soul, lantern skin at level 40. We have the wild lox hairstyle and at level 50 we have the wild thunder elite, armor set, which consists of the gesture of the even fall moon helmet, the wings of the sundown hawk armor, the embrace of the shadow tied gloves and the tracks of the stalking Spectre boots, so i don’t think everyone is going to like this hunt pass equally i’d say it’s about a middle of the road hunt pass. Some people might look at it as really good. Others might look at it. The other way. I personally don’t mind the set and i’ll probably find a look for it that i would go with at some point now. Moving on to the reward cache for the armor, we’ve got the hinterwild set, which includes the hinterwild’s, camouflage, buskins, bracers and hood. I can see the set getting a bit more attention than the hunt pass set this season for the weapons, starting with the hammer we have the rangers law. We’Ve got the rangers omen sword. We have the rangers right strikers, we’ve got the rangers reckoning, war pike. We have the crow lack, kill, shots, repeaters, we’ve got the crow, lock, kill jack’s chain blades, and we have the rangers mercy, slash, krolock, kill, cleaver axe, it has a different name in the transmog list than it does in the reward cache, and we have three things In the style section being the wild ranger title, the divination die and the oswaldo sprint emote aka, the naruto run, has come to dauntless and in the vault we have the strange horizons, hunt pass, which includes the alkamancers gear, as well as the thorn guard armor set.

Next up, we’re going to take a look at the heroic escalation crowns. Heroic escalation is going to be on a weekly rotation schedule, with one escalation being available to do per week, and each week you complete it, you gain a heroic merit. Once you have five heroic merits, you’ll be able to unlock the crown of any of the escalation bosses that you have defeated, you’ll most likely not want to go for more than one heroic escalation per week, as on the lower end of times, you’ll get about 13 Minutes, but on the usual spectrum, you’ll get about 15 to 20 minutes. Let’S. Take a look at each of the crowns that you can earn. First up, we have malcarion’s crest. Next, we have torgadoro’s crest. Next, we have the shadow crest from thrax. Next is the wreath of agaris and finally, there will be erska’s crest. Next up we have a few new rumor quests coming along nisanga’s rockstar die returns and its quest is now going to be available, which you can get by meeting a special requirement in battle. A safe assumption is that you’ll need to break the head or tail while it’s ether charged or enraged. I believe, it’s the head on this one. We also have a couple of new rumor quests for some new time weave gear. One will be for the time weave. Quad hammer transmog, for which you will be able to receive the quest from wills boarman and the other being the time weave, vam braces a new glove transmog for which you can get the quest from archon drew the first two steps of these quests.

Ask you to slay the cronivore, which you’ll actually be able to do together and since we’re talking about quests, there is a new quest called shocking developments, which is going to play into the upcoming arrival of the thunder deep dress. You can get this quest from dr priyani next up we’ve got some platinum store changes. First, we’ve got the ostian commander. General armor set next up. We’Ve got a bit of a new idea here: purchasable emoji packs. We have packs for admiral zai and wills borman. Then we have the new hinterwings glider and we have the relentless die and finally, coming to the platinum shop. Are some of the cosmetics from the previous reward cache, including the watchers sphere? Emote, the dust walker armor set and the time shifted weapon set not sure why the other armor set isn’t in there. But i would guess it would show up at some point – and i believe, it’s possible – that these might show up in the vault section of the reward cache in the future, and that is going to do it for this video. Once again, if you’re thinking of purchasing anything, this season be sure to use someone’s creator code, my creator code is the mr trails. Make sure the a is before the i. But if you don’t want to use mine just make sure to support a dauntless creator and once again head over to the twitch i’m on right now and i’m going to be playing around with builds and the new heroic escalations drop.