My name is dough, hope, you’re doing great. Today we have the wild thunder hunt pass i’ll, see what the name is when the game loads properly wild thunder i’m, not sure what i said this is the hunt pass we’re going over as far as the currencies goes, platinum rams and the uh the coins, which Are just going to be a different name and look than the last season the values you get for that are still going to be roughly the same now. The main thing i want to cover is going to be the cosmetics, mostly the armor and the emotes, and the weapons, so let’s go ahead and get into that let’s start with the reward cash reward. Cash is sick, it’s free, i think right, it’s, free and it’s wild all right. This armor is a banger. These items cost 2 000 uh austin coins, the weapons cost 1200. That is pretty much the same from last season and the weapons and the armor are dope. I’M, going to show you guys what that looks like, but wait. I almost forgot something: there’s a die, so the die looks terrible on this armor, but it’s, actually, cracked and an emote. So i may have bugged the game a little bit on the test realm. It is what it is, i guess but uh here’s, two of me by the way in case you didn’t, get the full details of one picture. I gave you two you’re welcome, so this is the armor from the reward cache, as well as the die on some of the parts, and it looks good.

I think i like it to a pretty good degree. The individual armor pieces are good on their own. One thing i don’t like is the waist. I don’t like to waste that much. It looks like lady demetrius’s hat from resident evil. That vampire lady looks like her hat on your waist. So not a fan of that. Also, this sparking nonsense. Isn’T supposed to be there. Uh it’s a bug i think, on my end, so fun stuff, also side note rip go down. Repeaters are looking kind of snazzy they’re bandaged, though, because they’re recovering from an injury of having a lack of dps, they suffered a blow to their mental and it’s unlucky. So this is going to be the level 50 armor. I think it’s, pretty cool, so a little side by side shot. I guess it’s kind of interesting, so low 50 armor is actually supposed to have the sparking bits on it, which i don’t think i like all that much. I feel like it’s a little excessive, like it’s kind of out there, and if it was a bit more subtle and actually, i guess more tailored to the armor itself, it looked cooler because, right now it just looks like they added lightning effects to the armor and Didn’T really do a whole lot else. It doesn’t look bad though, like it fits the aesthetic i just fish. It was a bit more clean, i guess, but the glow on this armor is cracked bro.

It actually looks so good if you play repeaters it’s gon na look really good in this armor just because of all the uh, the details on the armor itself and the die from the freaking reward. Cache makes this armor look so good, so good dude, but it’s a banger piece of armor. I will say it does have a little a little floppy bit though, and i’m not really a fan of these. Both of them do actually they just they just move weird. They have weird phys. Those like capes in this game have weird physics, so i understand why that lady from incredibles was like no capes now. The last armor is a variation of the initial armor. The only thing that changes is the chess piece and the headpiece and i changed the dies a little bit, but it reminds me of the little freaking water dude that was aqualad or aquaman’s buddy in teen titans it’s again not bad helmet is interesting. Chess piece is clean because it’s very slim and the gloves in the feet are the same. Now this is the armor set you get from the store. The helmet is not included. This is a different set or a part of a different set, at least and again like what is, with the effect face straight face straight donkey, don kashay. What is with the freaking explosion here? What are we accomplishing? What are we accomplishing here, that’s? What i don’t understand, like, i think the armor looks 10 times better without the explosions it’s still not bad, though, but yeah.

This is the armor you get. If you want to spin some monies be sure to use credit card, odo hashtag ad support for very much. If you use my code, you someone’s code just saying now, the weapons of this past are pretty cool. The war pike is double sided. It has a little weird part, that’s kind of missing. You wouldn’t really notice it. Unless you’re me uh, then we have the sword. I believe, which is also pretty sick – the weapons in this past. Just all look good. They they’re just slim like slim weapons. Look good, beefy weapons have to be done like really well, hammer looks good as a beef weapon. It’S got the details. It needs to look cool repeaters are all bandaged up like a little mummy, not a bad design. It’S a very interesting one. The axe is a freaking shovel. We like that it’s got a little face on it, see the little mouth the two eyes at the top yes face chain braids have the same style as repeaters, both in color and in bandage style. And then the strikers are just like hello, they’re interesting, but i don’t know they’re way bigger than i thought and in it all off. We have the emotes which are in slow motion because that’s what i did in the test server i got, kicked from it. So i couldn’t record them in normal motion, so that’s what we have to work with they’re, pretty cool, i do enjoy them.

We got the uh, lightning call and the naruto huak good stuff anyway. That’S the video y’all hope you liked it. If you did be sure to like comment and subscribe, i like good stuff. If you haven’t already check out my twitch channel at twitch.tv4 odo and check out my other youtube channel and tick tock, oh douglas, i poke f poke post apex content i’m pretty good, so it should be fun to watch and you have a beautiful day, i’ll catch.