Last episode we blasted we speeded through chemical plant in green hill zone and brought life to it back or wrestling tales and amy rose now i’m going to start the next day. Let me switch the characters back to classic sonic, now, i’m going to start the next area Music. This level first appeared in sonic, 3 and knuckles. I say that because sonic 3 and sonic and knuckles were two games, but if you put them together, you get one game, so it’s, basically the same game and that is sky sanctuary zone. I don’t remember what part of green other, which one it first appeared in Music. All right. We have these removing blocks and we uh. We have these robots too. Music looks like ow ooh. We didn’t make it outside unless you’re live there. If you want it Music come on quick, thank you, Music. I got some stuff there, all right he’s all over that we can just try to tell the ball all over the place. Well, it takes us to a different location, Music. I think they’re known as egg robots. Ah the death egg yeah sonic. No, it was actually no sonic. 2 was the first appearance of the death egg. Oh great we’ve got these Music yeah. You just need to get to the end before Music. You just need to get you need to get to the end before their platforms run out: Music, Music, oh god, Music, really, Music! I got some platforms.

I’Ll kill me Music. Ah, quick, quick! If you take like different platforms, you get like a red ring on each turn, so you need to do this level at least three times to get the red rings: Music, not Music. I know what the trophy is. All right, we’ve sold some of the sky sanctuary, but not all of it. I’Ll work three and four Music. All right, let’s right let’s do sky sanctuary, act, Music, two all right, let’s see what this one’s going to bring go away. Oh my child! Nobody likes you! What is this good reminder if you’ve been playing one? You just need a quick hint here. We go Music let’s, go this way. There’S nothing over here is that hey Music. I don’t really like to boost in sky sanctuary guys all right, here’s a safe place. Music things yeah. I do, however yeah as you can see, we are doing some 2d sections. Why would we need to do 2d if classic sonic already has that covered? Okay, i think here’s, a good place to boost yeah we’ve had some 2d sections this month, sonic. So why don’t we just 2d sonic Music we’re um, Music, 3d sonic with whoa. I have died, Music yo. Why can’t? We just have like 2d set. Why can’t we have like strictly 3d sections as models and then 2d sections as and then the 2d sections as classic sonic, Music. Ah, Music yeah, i think you got ta beat that thing i’m stuck on.

I Music swear Music. All right, no we’re, not we’re, not stuck didn’t, even mean to do that. Music there’ll be a miracle again that’s. Why i get this right Music? It was fine, yeah, i’m, already, not Music up. We go Music. All right. Have you always had trouble getting the s link on this thing, but i did it anyway. Booyah was that s? Oh? Is that rank one, or was that act, one i’m, not sure, but there we go. We spread through gree green sky sanctuary so which i’d like to see return to actually, and now we get to free another one of our good funny old, pals Music thanks for the help, not that i needed it, but it’s good to have my sanctuary back knuckles. First man in sonic 3 and made his first playable debut inside and freedom and something from knuckles. Oh here we go. Okay, then, so now that we have rescued okay, now here’s something that’s going to happen at the end of every turn. Now that we have unlocked these three now that we have unlocked now that we have uh like restored the classic area that’s, what this is known as we need to go ahead and play three levels, do three challenges: uh they can either be modern or, oh hello. Modern, or or cl you can even do it as classic sonic or modern sonic it’s. Up to you, i will i’ll be doing modern because i feel like it’s, more fun, so first ones we’re going to do the first one i’m going to do is the doppelganger race it’s as simple as it’s that well.

This is well that’s exactly what it says. You need to you’re going to face a double you’re going to be facing a double, and you just need to get to the end before him, so yeah yeah, you just want to get to the end before he does. Music, yes and we’re still going to show tutorials even in a challenge level. Don’T ask why but don’t worry there’s, no red rings. You just need to get to the end before he does Music yeah. This is gon na play something food, so yeah, you can take any path. You can. You want to doesn’t really matter what path you take. You just need to get to the end before he does and you will be ranked too Music what so yeah. The only thing you need to really worry about are getting good ranks Music. Looking for this big chopper, oh talking about yes, that poster which i did last, that was actually uh kind of like something the pose. That sonic does believe that the blocks are our sonic sonic adventure on the um Music. Oh, what was it again, the uh, the dreamcast which i’ve actually played? Yes, i have played sonic adventure. Many times like. I should have mentioned that in the first episode i didn’t. Oh, oh good, oh god, he’s gon na catch up Music don’t worry we’ll, keep speeding on the head Music yeah. We got this one in the bag, Music yeah.

Whenever you see one of them glow. It means that your cloak that some, whenever you see one of the icons glowing that means they’re closed Music, oh and we didn’t get the s rank. Well, we did it, we did it either way, and because of that we got the boss key. We need three keys: Music, oh it’s, the first cake there we go bosque, Music, yeah. You also have this little challenge. If you want to collect some some extra stuff extra goodies there, he is okay. Instead of going after another boss, key we’re actually going to do get in the chaos emerald just get ourselves in the back face face bay, if you’re watching, if you wish to have the chaos emerald, we have rival battles. There are three in the game, one in each area and to start off with we’re facing class we’re facing classic metal sonic from who first made his debut in sonic cd, where people where he captured have today news metal sonic. Here we all go he’s gon na try and boost forward just dodge him right. I think he’s weakened. He get him there we go. We got him yeah when he runs out of power or something he’ll just attack. I don’t i don’t know what the boss was like in the year Music. We got it move away. That was good bye, but i think what we’re in is actually speed highway. Now the gimmick over sonic cd was actually two cd was actually time travel.

You go to the good future, the remaining present or the bad future. I think we’re with you and we also have our first chaos. There are seven in total, we’ll get them as we go along and i think i’m going to end the episode there. So if you enjoyed the video, please share the like button subscribe, make sure i don’t miss out on the future and hit that notification bell too. Next episode we’ll be grabbing the remaining two boss keys facing the first boss of the area.