Okay, bad things will actually happen, but actually no you know what bad things will happen to you. You know why, because you miss out on an unleashed video, and do you really want to do that miss all these high production value videos. You know me talking over a black screen high production value right i’m kidding anyways cue, the goddamn intro hey. I was on leash here today and yep after that, little intro and the other intro after that i don’t even know what to call the first thing before the intros. But um obelix has a convincing thing where anyways enough daily darling. So as you ready the entire video we’re going to be talking about sonic clothes ultimate, the causes of concern, because there are definitely some cause of concern with this colors ultimate, but personally that doesn’t really that’s not going the whole experience for me. But but it definitely is going to ruin it for some other people, as we’ve already clearly seen so without any further ado. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls last discuss the causes of concern regarding sonic colors, ultimate, so starting with number one, the most controversial thing, the graphics. So as we all know, the original colors was a beautiful masterpiece of a game. Music. Okay, scratch that masterpiece bit, but it was a beautiful game, especially for a game on the wii, very very nice environments, great art style, but when sonic colors ultimate came around people were a bit iffy on it because of the disgustingly amount of bloom.

We first saw, thankfully, over time, it’s been getting better and better with them. Turning down the balloon a bit, but then going back up, i’ve been going back down a bit with them going back up. Yeah, close ultimate has been a very rocky ride so far, but i’m gon na say this right now. The graphics are definitely improving. I will say that, but that doesn’t mean it’s perfect. I still think they need to fix the lighting tropical resort. I mean, i know it is space and all, but i said i’d still want it to be an amusement park like the original. I think, honestly, i don’t think they’re going to fix that to be honest, but i think the only way to make this look good for colors ultimate well. This looks good to be honest, but i think the bases look not as bad. It is ignore. The original version just completely ignore it and it’s focused on close ultimate as its own thing, because if you do that, it actually looks really really good. I mean you’re getting 4k 60 frames per second. Does it get better than that? Even sonic forces at that resolution? That was like 1080p, this probably looks like the first one again: it’s gon na be 4k on consoles and i’m. Really looking forward to that it’s going to be beautiful, honestly right, then that’s it for the graphics and on to point number, two, the music. So we have been hearing some music from this game and that’s been a bit 50 50 for most people.

I personally, like the music hints on the like there. I don’t love the music. It sounds a bit weird at points. For example, sweet mountain act 2. I don’t know what they did to. It sounds like faded hills a bit but yeah it. It sounds really weird, like the sins from faded hills in sonic forces. The chain of the trump is to sound, like that. It has the very nice exaggerated trumpets in the original version. Also it seems like it’s. Definitely not tomorrow, italians doing the remixes, because he confirmed himself that he has not done the remixes for tropical resort or sweet mountain. He has another remix for aquarium park act, one which sounds really good. I really like the music there, but yeah. I think we’ve got some different style of music going for clothes ultimate in some stages, which it could come with something nice i don’t know i mean, in my opinion, tropical results. I was actually really good. I like that the piano makes it sound a bit. Funky and sweet mountain do sound a bit jazzy, and i do like that with the piano and trumpets the guitar. Is that completely go as you can hear in sweet mountain three, the guitar is still there. So i do like that, but i think that the whole vibe of the stage music has been changed a bit. It makes you more into the feel that is an amusement park. Right then, on to possibly one of the worst things about the game.

Sonic’S model, i don’t, know what it is about. Science model man – this is a lot of things – are wrong with it, starting off how bright he is for some reason, no matter where he is and considering the fact how light or dark is sonic just illuminates like a lava lamp. I don’t know why it’s like he has his own his separate piece of balloon compared to the rest of the stage, and it just looks so weird at some point, especially in planet wisp, though, once again with the newer screenshots, it looks like it has been getting Better, which i’m very happy about, especially in sweet mountain, it looks really good in there sonic’s model, but not perfect, though definitely not perfect, because a lot of his animations has disappeared, but kapoof gone, for example his eyes. In luck, the result screw, for example, is i supposed to face towards the screen, but and in tropical resort, to this beginning. Intro of that, his eyes was looking towards the screen like uh us, but now let’s look into position where you just look into the distance and it looks really really weird and awkward, especially when he was in the original when he was actually looking at the camera. Man, his animation, look really weird. It looks really stiff and also sonic’s color. I personally don’t mind the color of sonic, but a lot of people do, and i can’t see why, because it’s more light blue sort of the sonic forces model which a lot of people didn’t like but like i’ve said already in the past, i like to force Them at all so fight me bro one, two karate, whatever you want to do at me, i don’t know but yeah sonic’s model.

That is exactly one cause of concern for sonic colors ultimate right on to the next bit, and i find is the worst thing ever. The effects in this game, starting off with the wisps for example, let’s take rocket, for example, is atrocious man. What the hell is that it’s honestly just disgusting, it doesn’t look like a rocket there’s particles coming out of the bottom there’s. No ash flocked original version. Is this disappeared? I don’t know why what they’ve done to the effects in this game? But it looks horrible, absolutely horrible. Look what the hell man they look so cheap and i don’t know man like what have they done to the effects they look horrible and they’re. Not only for the whisper like this rocky and sweet mountain act 3. What happened to the explosion? What is that? What is that? It sounds like a disgrace. Man just look at that. What is that it’s a disgrace? They better fix that that’s. The one thing i wanted to fix fix that right now: that’s the thing that’s most booking me about this game: not the bloom, not the music, not sonic’s model that that that is honestly a disgrace right after that little rant. The next thing to talk about is the controls and not necessarily about how sonic controls on that it’s more about the button mapping. So it seems like they’re, not re mapping the controls like we all wanted them to. For example, the quick step is sum up to the analog stick, as you can clearly tell.

I know we have actually because i’ve got evidence of that, but, as you can see in some gameplay, somehow they’re messing up the quick steps which shouldn’t happen. If you got the r1 and l1 or wherever it is on xbox and all that yeah, it should be easy if you got the actual buttons, but no it’s still mapped to the analog stick which i don’t like they could have put that this little bit more Effort into getting like fully controlled, like sonic generations, so we got the boost on the square button slide circle, quick step, r1, l1 drift and r2 l2. Now that doesn’t mean that that’s, like slightly drift and quick step all the time, because i can’t see why they don’t want to do that. Because doing those actions in the original colors give score. And if you can’t just do score like the entire time you’re playing that’s going to be kind of stupid honestly, you don’t have to do that. It just leave it to the section where you can’t drift and quick set just like user l2 and r2 for it. Uh, please that’s just that isn’t that hard to implement, but the thing that’s going to be most annoying about this is square. The circle slide is square boost is circle. At the very least, i just swap those two around please. Thank you right. Then. Next thing is the epic game store. Yep epic games is a problem for sonic color’s ultimate and the reasoning behind that is for some reason.

The pc version seems, like seems like it’s gon na be exclusive to the epic game, store, which i know, isn’t really a huge problem, since there still is a pc version of the game, but it being on the epic game saw, makes it harder to mod. Also just means having another game launcher on your computer, which i don’t think a lot of people do honestly. Do you really want to give money to the people who make fortnite the worst game ever created? No, no! You don’t anyways. The final thing difficulty i don’t know why: how okay that’s, why i don’t know why and how the sonic colors was already an easy game. Arguably one of the easiest sonic games ever created and for some reason. Well, once again, i don’t know the reason behind this, but blind school entertainment are making this game ridiculously easy. For example, the tail save removal of lives and the thing that books me the most the 100 rings ring that’s such a dumb name honestly. So if you don’t know what the 100 rings ring is so stupid, basically, where it is, is it’s in the name. If you collect it, you get 100 rings already in that that’s a stupid idea. Secondly, you get scar for that. Another stupid thing, and finally, the thing that really annoys me about this: you get invincibility. That is the dumbest thing ever man. Why? Why? Whose great idea was to do that? Man like seriously some stages in sonic colors, that’s 15 seconds 15 seconds, and if you have invisibility for the entire stage, that’ll be ridiculous man.

Honestly they can keep the tail saved. Okay, i don’t want to remove lives. Please keep lives and having as an option please but get out of that. 100 rings ring man it’s a stupid idea. People are that stupid, right and let’s see that pretty much covers all the calls i’m concerned for sonic colors ultimate now just be some criticizing. The game does not mean if you are killing me in the comments. Man leave me alone. I’M. Just giving my honest criticism here, i’m, not saying that close ultimate will be a bad game or something these are genuine criticisms, nothing, nothing! Scary about that. You gucci, you got me good. I’Ll probably just make a video saying all the good things about clothes ultimate as well. Just so that’s not like fun. Races will come after me, but apart from that that’s pretty much all the concerns there is with sonic colors ultimate i’m, hoping that they can fix some of these problems. I’M, not expecting all of them, for example the music, but i don’t want them to fix some of them. For example, i think they do keep on updating the graphics, which honestly is pretty good. Just keep on doing that. I like what they’re doing taking funds feedback, at least i think they are because it looks like it is showing screenshots of different builds of the game which aren’t just really confusing and bad for marketing. So please don’t do that to show the newest build please but yeah, i think that’s about it for this video so hope you enjoy this video don’t forget to like share subscribe, especially the last one, and i hope to see you next time.